Clearwater Christian College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing I brag about most is how great the music program is and how willing the teachers are to help you if you have a questio or if you're having trouble. I also brag about the great location of the school.


I love the fact that we're so close to the beach! It makes getting away on the weekends easy and there's never anything lacking to do for fun!


Of course, I brag about my school being in Florida. With the beaches nearby and accessible all year round, I can sunbathe while my friends freeze. I am also proud of our accreditation status. Our degree is as valuable as one from USF, Florida, or FSU. It makes a huge difference.


I'd say, you are getting an awesome Christian Education, and you are only a few minutes from the beach! Plus we are accredited, so the credits are transferable. Also the professors are so nice and helpful, everyone on staff seems willing to help out in whatever way they can.


What I brag about most regarding my school is our smaller class sizes and the hands-on teaching our professors provide for us students. The learning environment the professors create is easy to understand while still maintaining a level of difficulty that helps equips us students for real life experiences and the tools that we will need to overcome them. I have never been under better professors. I highly recommend Clearwater Christian School to any student who wants hands-on training in a positive and effective learning environment.


We had some very good teachers that cared deeply about their students.


Clearwater is a Bible college, so a great education is available while everything done is still based on the Word of God. It is an awesome junction of spiritual integrity and a satisfying college experience! We have intercollegiate sports, a diverse set of denominations represented in the student body, and a ROTC program that cross-enrolls cadets at USF, all of which and more make the college very extroverted and open to the world we live in, unlike some other fundamental Bible colleges. There is SO much more, but I am only allowed 100 words in this description!


That it is located in Florida which has nice weather year round and also that it is a twenty minute drive to the beach. The teachers and the rest of the staff are very friendly and compared to other Christian colleges, the rules are not bad at all.


The sport I play.


Well, I definately brag about my school being in Clearwater Florida where there is nice weather all year round and there is a beach nearby. Now, I'm a biology major so I don't get to the beach a ton, but I do love the warmer weather during the wintertime. (I'm from Pensylvania). The other thing that I love is that I go to a smaller school where all of my teachers know me as a person and help and explain things to me as many times as I need until I understand.


The professors at Clearwater Christian College are some of the best people and therefore Professors around which makes them the thing I would brag about to my friends. They have the students' best interests in mind and always have an open door policy. If you are having problems with a certain assignment they are more than happy to claritfy things. But this generosity extends beyond class work, they have also taken the time to sit down with me and give me guidance when looking into career and intership opportunities.


My school compared to other schools that my friends attend is conservative, but it has rules that are manageable. The rules are strict, but they are also needed in order for the students to focus on academics. I also love that my school has sports. The also promote intermural sports which helps students to get involved.


Our volleyball and men's soccer are NCCAA national champions.


That it is relly great the students and teachers are really nice, and the class sizes are small.


I brag about my professors the most. They are always willing to take time out of their lives in order to help the students. They give students their home numbers and we can call on the weekends if we are confused or need clarification on something.


I brag about how awesome my teachers are and some of the cool things we do in class. alot fo my classes are not like normall calssess we do alot of activitites and hands on things. i also brag about the beach and being able to go all the time. Sometimes i even talk about the freedom we have here to make choices as compared to other christian schools where it seems the faculty makes all you choices for you.


Clearwater Christian College is a relitavely small school. The proffesors get to know each student individually. It is amazing to be in an atmosphere with acadamic and spiritual leaders who's main focus is on the students and there success.


How small and very family oriented we are. The fact that it is such a small school makes it easier for people to get to know everyone and it more personal. The small class sizes also helps with student professor relationships. Because the college is so small the students and faculty and staff care more about eachother and look out for one another.


I am in the Physical Therapy program at Clearwater Christian College and it is amazing. The professors know how to teach the advanced classes to the students understanding. There are many opportunities in this program, and many hands-on experience. The sophomore year a student starts taking Pre-Preacticum classes which is all hands-on experience and then ssigned to a sports team to help put to practice what he/she is learning in the classroom setting. I believe that it will equip me extremely well for the next college I attend.


That it is near the beach and its usualy fairly warm. The teachers are very good and the students are very friendly. It is a good place to grow and make life long friends.


The quality of the professors.


I brag about all the great activities our school has to offer.


It's close to the beach!


Clearwater has amazing professors and small classes which allows students to interact with teachers and also allows for class discussions. Classes are academically challenging and the faculty and staff are interested in students and are committed to encouraging them, especially in their relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ.


I tell them that it is great going to a smaller college because you make friends with many students and get to meet many people. You do not really get lost in the crowd. Also, the teachers are great. A good majority of the classes are small enough in order to recieve one on one attention from the professors. Everyone generally has a great attitude and it is an overall really good college to be a part of.


how i have a curfew at 10:30


I tell my firends that Clearwater is a great school that has great staff and people. It has nice weather because it is in Florida but also that they have a strong academic program and good sports programs as well. I also tell them you will have other Christian friends who will be an encouragement to you.


The location. The school is close to the beach and the weather is great here. It's a great place to play baseball.


Very good christian enviromnent on campus. Allows plenty of personal freedom while holding you to Christian standards. Also allows for ROTC program while attending a christian college.


I brag about the great friends I am making and the girls in my unit. There is also a newly designed coffee shop on campus that's really nice. I love the closeness that living in the dorms provided throughout the day for classes. Honestly, I also love to brag about my church home in the area. God provided for me to find an amazing church with incredibly loving people. They have taken me in and I feel proud to say that I attend that church because of the spirit that dwells there.


The value of the education. The professors are really great.


Its by the beach. Sports teams are good. Teachers are good. Awesome weather. Classes are good.


We have great athletics teams at my school. Our volleyball girls and soccer boys were just names National Champions this week so I've been bragging about that lately. :)


Besides the fact that it is an amazing spiritual encouragement, the school offers fun activities. I am always kept busy and am having a blast!


I brag most about my friends. You meet the most amazing people here who become the closest friends you will ever have. The size of the college is perfect to get to know your classmates and faculty members. The teachers are almost always willing to help with schoolwork.


I've learned so much and met a lot of wonderful people!


That the school cares about individually on a whole. The teachers really care about the students here.