Clearwater Christian College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This school is a Christian college so most people are Christian. Also, this school is expensive so you have to have a desire to do well and want a job in the future. It helps to have a rich family but scholarships are avaailable to some degree. This school is also small, so teachers get to know their students and is willing to help them; you have to be able to ask for help and know that teachers will push you to do your best. Also, students should never give up no matter the circumstances. Finally, beleive in yourself.


A person who is willing to put up with rules that better help the run of the campus. Also a person who is focused on academics but also enjoys some social activites. We also have a great intercollegiate sports program for those who are athletic. Also, someone who enjoys being around people and wants to build life long friendships.


People who care about having a Christ-centered, Bible-based education. People who love small classes and one-on-one attention from the professors. People with a more conservative background, or at least ones who won't mind attending a conservative school.


Any and every type of person should attend our school. We accept every person without discriminating based on race or religion. We believe that for every student's major, each one should gain a well rounded education no matter what they believe or want to focus.


A person that is ready for aggressive learning in a fantastic environment should attend CCC! Clearwater Christian College offers students an accredited degree for an affordable price-all within a Christian atmosphere. The opportunities for campus involvement, community service, and local attractions all make Clearwater an excellent school to attend for any person that wants a solid education.




The person that should attend Clearwater Christian College is somebody that loves their Lord Jesus Christ or somebody that wants to get closer to the Lord.


A person who wants to use their education as a service to the Lord.


Someone who is willing to be dedicated and will continue to stay focus through a high level of academics


Anyone looking for a liberal arts college founded on Christian principles should attend this college, specifically those who can cope with a tighter set of rules to adhere to. One raised in private school his whole life may not find the experience dificult, but a public school student may find some of the rules and regulations tought to swallow. All in all, however, the ballance of Christian ethics, excellent education, involved faculty, athletics, fine arts, and socializing WILL apeal to anyone seeking a place where a liberal arts degree and the potential for incredible spiritual growth are both available.


There are many types of people who can attend my school, but mostly people who are Christians attend Clearwater Christian College. It is a place where people can share their religious views and be able to understand the Bible more fully. It is a place where people can enjoy the company of others without being criticized for their beliefs.


Clearwater is definitely geared for conservative Baptist Christians; yet, as a Mennonite I have never felt ostracized or unwanted. In fact, people have gone out of their way to encourage me and thank me for being unique. However, the school definitely has conservative guidelines, that one should be prepared for.


A christian student who is looking to get a spiritual focus along with whatever career they are majoring in. A person who is looking for a family orriented college will fit right in here.


Clearwater Christian College is for students who are looking for a great liberal arts education taught from a Christian perspective. It is perfect for those who want to attend a small private school in order to get to know people. Clearwater Chritian runs between 600 and 800 students so it is easy to get conected on campus with fellow students so it is good for students who may be overwhelmed with a large university. The small class size also fosters learning for those who learn on a more personable level.


Someone who enjoys people, working hard but being involved in his/her school.


I personally feel that anyone seeking after Christ should attend this college; even if you are unsure who Christ really is and you want to find out more about him. Then this is the college for you. The students, staff/faculty will help encourage you with your personal walk with Christ. I know that they have been impacted my life tremendously. I am so thankful for such a great academic and spiritual college, a safe place, a special love given from the people there. When life becomes challenging I know I have plenty of people whom I can turn towards.


Someone who is willing to learn, wants to help people, likes to help people and enjoys spending time with other students.


The person who does not mind a school that has a lot of rules (i.e. dress code). The person who likes to get a great education and shares most of the same views as the college that does not cost as much as some other private schools .


A born again believer who wants an excellent education and wants to grow spiritually. A person who wants to interact and get to know teachers personally and make friends in a small, family-like college atmosphere.


People interested in a good education in a good christian environment.


Anyone who wants a good education with a Christ centered background.


Somebody who wants to get a good liberal arts education with a strong Christian backround. Plus the location is beautiful.


All kinds of persons, preferably ones who love Jesus.


A conservative Christian who desires a family, smaller atmosphere. Someone who is willng to work hard for their grades.


Christians should attend Clearwater Christian college. There needs to be fellow believers here to uplift their friends, and also have the desire to serve God. They should be seeking to find a career that they feel led to go for in which Christ is recieving the glory. I believe that is what will make this college stronger.


Someone who is a Christian. Students at this school need to be disciplined to follow the rules. You can also have fun here.


Someone who wants to grow in the Lord as well as academics would do well at this school. A flexible attitude that respects authority and looks for the good in others and their circumstances would carry someone a long way here. If you want to seek God's will for your life and develop personal relationships with great people that have similiar standards, convictions, and backgrounds as you do, it's a great place. The professors know what they're talking about and there are no teacher's aides teaching classes, which is a bonus.


Anyone who wants to learn well, grow in their relationship with Christ, be impacted and impact other people with Christ's love, develop great friendships with students and faculty/staff alike, learn how to be a servant-minded spiritual leader both at school and for the rest of their life. Clearwater is in the business of discipleship.


Anyone can attend this school. Mostly Christians, Presbyterians, Protestants, and other religious groups attend more so than non religious people. It is more of a private school.


Clearwater Chrisitan College is a great place to learn and grow in your faith, but I think it would be most beneficial to someone who is secure in their faith and who are able to submit to authorities.


A Conservative, Christian student with the desire to earn an accredited liberal arts degree should attend this school. If you plan to major in the fine arts, do not come here! The facilities are paltry to say the least. However, education, business, and science majors will appreciate the variety of opportunities awaiting them at Clearwater Christian College.


A person who is looking for a small, conservative liberal arts college should look to Clearwater.