Clearwater Christian College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The teachers are the best part of Clearwater Christian College. All of them are understanding and approachable, willing to help not only students asigned to them according to their major, but other students as well.


The friendly enviorment and the helpfulness of the others students and the professors.


The best thing about my school is that the faculty really care about your personal life along with your academic life. They are there to help you and guide you. They spend time with students and get to know them and try to help the best way possible.


The small family atmosphere. Focus on Christ.


The best thing about CCC is the opportunity you get to further your relationship with the Lord.


academics and location


I love it's great Christian environment


The best thing about my school is that it is Christ based with high expectations for success and the professors care about the students.


The best thing about my college is that not only did the facutly and staff make the enrolling process easy, but they helped me step by step in deciding what classes I needed to help me reach my goals of success. When I first started looking for colleges I didn't know what to expect, but upon entering Clearwater Christian I knew I was receiving a premium education by professors who really cared about me and my education. Clearwater Christian has proved to be the best college decision that I could have made.


Since the school is small, the student to teacher ratio is low. Therefore each professor gets to know the students on a more personal level, building a relationship and better understanding each student to help them with their individual needs.


This college is EVERYTHING I am looking for in a school. It is small enough so that the teachers can get to know you personally. The professors are genuinely interested in you getting a quality education. It is large enough to offer degrees in many different fields of education. The students are very friendly and supportive of their fellow classmates. The school offers just the right amount of activities that you have something to do, but not too many that you are overwhelmed or distracted from attaining good grades.


It is very student oriented. The professors are genuinly concerned for the students and look out for them. It's great to have a support group in classes, especially when it is a difficult class- the Profs are willing to spend literally hours helping a studnet accomplish a grade goal.


The focus on volunteer work is one positive aspect about this college because it cases you to get involved in your community. The faculty and staff are another great aspect of this college, they are extremely friendly and there to help students through personal and academic difficulties.


The sports at the school.


There are so many ways to get involved at Clearwater. There are all the sports teams, the greeks and other extra-curricular activities. I am personally invoved with two sports as well as a greek officer.


The small student population because it really creates a family atmosphere. Every one knows just about everyone else on campus so it makes it easy to get to know more people on a more personal level than, say, attending a school with a large student population.


Clearwater Christian College provides an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and applying the truths that are taught in the classroom. The campus is relatively free of distraction and the students and teachers all seem to have a common goal: to learn and apply knowledge. While there are extracurricular activities, they are not overpowering or distracting. This school is learning centered and focused.


The faculty and staff care about you and your success as a student. Also, I know that I am getting an excellent education the is grounding me in God's Word and effectively preparing me for my future.


The teachers genuinely want to see you succeed and are very helpful.


Its personal atmosphere allows me to excell not just socially but mentally as well. Very friendly atmosphere.


The best thing about my school is definately the family atmosphere. I do not have a professor that teaches just to hear himself talk. I have teachers and administrators that ask how I am doing in my spiritiual, academic, and physical life. I love being around people who want me to succeed.


Very friendly, great atmosphere to live in.


I think the best thing about my school is that it is religiously a nondenominational school. It is a good, smaller size. It is located at a convenient location.


The best part about my school is the teachers. They work so hard to get to know each and everyone of their students. They will work with them so that the student can learn the material being taught so that they can really know it and then later excell in their major.


The best thing about my schools is the size. It's a relatively small school so there's a nice teacher to student ratio. We're able to form close relationships with our professors.


The warm, family atmosphere. All of the faculty and staff make everyone feel so welcome.


I really like the Christian atmosphere at CCC. It's great to have so many faculty and staff members who really care about both your physical and spiritual lives.


The fact that I get to leanr more about my God daily. We have chapel almost every day where we are exposed to God's Word. We also have Bible classes a couple days a week, unit devotions several nights a week, and are surrounded by students and faculty who care about us and who care about God. It is so encouraging to be surrounded by people who care about you not only physically, but spiritually as well. That is something I could not get at a secular college.


I love the Godly mentors and friends that can be found here. They encourage you and challenge you to become better every day.


The best thing is the atmosphere and the people. I like the smallness and there are a lot of thing sto o around off campus.


It is small college that has a very good staff that is educated in teaching the students. I really like it because they are willing to help you in any way and they try to get to know the students. Also, it is not a party school so students are able to stay focus and not get caught up with the social groups. It is great school acadmically and socially for any person that decides to attend.


Most of the teachers are down to earth with us. They care about us, but for the most part, its just the teachers.


Christian atmosphere and encouragement


The whole campus because they treat you like family. The faculty enjoy talking to students and help them whether it be school work or about life. It is true that when you go to college, you will meet your friends for life. The school is friendly and they care about you.