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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i was a high school senior now, I would take more duel-credit courses. I would of finished my education faster.


I would have told myself to get ready for a big change. Not just to look at catalogs and see what college might suit me best but actually start making decisions on how I'm going to get the money to attend, where am I going to live, where am I going to work. I already had it thought out to attend college with out a doubt I was going, even if it wasn't for another thirty years. Therefore I had to also decide when I was going. I would have also told myself to not be afraid of writing essays for scholarships, that after all I was going to have to write many essays as I attend college. If I couldn't write and essay for money to go to college then why think about going. Because essays are only the beginning. As a senior I had the best grades I had ever had in all of my years in school but grades aren't always what scholarships are looking for, therefore I would have told myself to get more active, get into clubs at school, be in sports, and even volenteer while I still had the chance.


Just try hard harder on acheiving the goals and deciding in would i acheived in better