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we are located close to the beach and the class sizes are small


Compared to other schools I considered going to, this school by far has the nicest campus. It is in a beautiful area and close to the beach. I also picked this school because as a marine science major, the school owns part of an island to do on sight research which I thought was incredible.


There is many things that are unique about Coastal Carolina University. This college provides an amazing Hotel Resort Tourism program, which happens to be my major. With saying that it created a big oppurtunity for me because in order to graduate with that as my major I have to do three internships before I graduate. That provides me with three huge experiences that I might not have had the chance to take if I went to another school. These internships will help me create my future and let me meet people who have good connections with the hospitality industry.


What's unique about my school is that we have a large number of out of state students which helps make us more diverse and a better univerity overall.


Whats unique about Coastal Carolina is the location. Being only 15 minutes from Myrtle Beach there is a ton of things to do whether it be go to a show or a dozen of amazing seafood resteraunts or of course go to the beach.


Although a rather smaller university, CCU demonstrates the academic excellence of a larger university but with smaller one on one student-teacher relationship. There is always something to do around campus and plus only 10 miles from the ocean is a plus as well.


The uique thing about my school is that it is consitantly building new facitlities to acomidate the ever increasing number of students attemding the university.


As I briefly stated above, the attentiveness of the faculty to the students is one of Coastal Carolina's best features. Unlike many larger universities, all of my teachers knew my name and many took the time to get to know me and ensure I was satisfied with my learning environment. Coastal even offers free dinner to students when they meet with their teacher to further discuss the materiel and obtain a more direct and detailed explanation of topics covered in class. Coastal personalizes the learning environment to meet the needs of students.


Our mascot. The Chanticleer ­– a proud and fierce rooster – is the unique moniker for Coastal Carolina University’s mascot and athletics teams. The Chanticleer is derived from the crafty quick-thinking rooster in Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, specifically, The Nun's Priest Tale.


It's a wonderful location. I live locally and it's right next to the Beach. I'm constantly surrounded by friends and people I know. No matter where I go I always feel welcomed. The "University Culture" here is astounding. You feel like you're a part of something big and that you are actually going somewhere in life. The professor's do everything they can to make sure you succeed.


The unique part about Coastal Carolina is the location and school spirit. The campus is only 9 miles away from the beautiful Myrtle Beach and has the prettiest campus I have ever seen, with plam trees and fountains everwhere. The school spirit is amazing at this school, everyone takes so much pride in Coastal and it makes me enjoy going here. The beautiful campus and wonderful atmosphere is what made me choose Coastal over any other school.


The first college I attended was the College of Charleston. The art classes I attended there are the foundation of all of my skill today, but the teachers never gave instructional demonstrations. CofC's methods are based on trial and error where students are given prompts but are largely self taught. While this method often breeds creativity, it takes students longer to understand basics that could be taught very quickly by a teacher. At CCU, teachers often paint, draw, and create in front of students conveying basic and essential skills quickly, and in an easy to understand manner.


I have attended multiple schools. This is because I have struggled finding a university that best fit my needs. Coastal Carolina University was an extremely welcoming campus and atmosphere. My first month at school they had something fun for students to do every day! My program was created so I was active on campus and quickly made friends! (Something I struggled with since I don't live on campus.) I am striving with great grades, great friends and excellent professors! I can honestly say they made my campus life experience easy and home like.


The school is always adding new things that in return supplement higher education. Instead of using money for things that do not help all of the students attending the University, Coastal Carolina Univeristy insure every student can gain something from everything they do.


Coastal Carolina University has a very small campus which makes it easy to navigate when you live on campus . The classes are also small so that there is more one on one time between intructors and students.


Coastal is unique because the students and staff are all concerned about every individual's well being.


The atmosphere was the first consideration. Since my divroce I really had to reset just to start enjoying my life again. My father was stationed here in before the Air Force base was closed down, and I find myself thinking about all the talks and times we spent while we were here for the three years here. Second was the cost for the quality of eduation. My goal was to go to Clemson but I lived there while married so I wanted to do something for myself without going too far into debt.


The campus thrives on student involvement. Student input is highly valued and the University provides many oppotunities for community and campus involvement.


Being that Coastal is not a very large school, the students are close. The students are also there to cheer the sports team on, or even lend a helping hand when classes are tough.


Compared to the other schools that I applied to Coastal Carolina wasa the school that made me feel most comfortable. When I came to visit I got the feeling that I would always feel as if this would be home and that it was very secure. I also picked Coastal Carolina because of the school spirit. I personally love going to support different school teams and I immediatley got the feeling that the school sees themselves as one and that everyone supported everyone.


It is a medium sized school with small class sizes that allow for personal contact and friendly relationships with class mates and professors. They are very determined to see the students succeed unlike bigger colleges where the professors dont even know your name.


The art studios were brand new my sophmore year. The studio classes were small, less than 15 students per class and long hours that gave us a lot of time to work in class with our teachers.


The spirit of the professors here surpasses all other colleges I've visited. They know what they are talking about and don't just teach for the paycheck. They enjoy what they are teaching and they make sure that you understand the content by constantly keeping in touch with you. Another thing unique about this school is the campus. I refer to it as the "bell" because of its bell shape on the map. The "bell" is a great campus for walking. When I walk across campus, it is almost impossible for me to not be amazed.


When I was looking at colleges during my high school years, I considered Coastal Carolina University but never ended up applying. I became introduced to Coastal on vacation in Myrtle Beach, I thought it would be awesome to study there but never ended up applying. During my freshman year I ended up hating the college I was attending, so I made a list of everything that I was really looking for in a school. I wanted a school around 10,000 students, somewhere warm, and somewhere with a good Early Childhood Education program, Coastal has all of that and more!


Coastal Carolina has a beautiful campus, an excellent undergraduate program for my major (Marine Science), and a very diverse student body. In addition, Coastal also has a large number of programs and activities for students to get involved in.


Location was a huge deal breaker for me during my college search and I went on multiple college tours and hated so many campuses in the process until I stepped foot on Coastal Carolina's campus; I knew instantly that as long as I was accepted into their University that I would proudly get to call this campus my home because of the unique aspects like Coastal's friendly environment and beach town vibe that I did not find on any other college campus.


Unlike most universities where the campus buildings are intermingled within the public city, this campus is tucked away from public traffic. This gives a really nice sense of being "home". The campus is small but very beautiful.


The part thats unique about my school is that when classes first begain they have this event call the first 54. Which is the first 54 days of college they events plan for everyone to help get to know each other an you would be able to feel confortable with the campus.


Coastal is only 20 minutes away from the Atlantic Coast. There is a melding of many different types of people from all different backgrounds, lifestyles, and upbringings. It is a very eclectic campus that is interesting to be at every day.


Coastal Carolina does not have it's name for the fun of it. This school is literally on the coast of South Carolina minutes away from the greatest beach in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach. Aside from the beach, there are numerous activities to do if you want to have fun like water parks, helicopter rides, malls, outlets, and plenty of seafood restaurants.


Class size averages around 25 people. All the professors usually know you by name, and it is way more helpful when your professor knows exactly where you stand with your grade. They can help you out more specifically, know your flaws compared to the other students.


What makes my school is unique is that it is my local town college, that as child everyone has dreams of going to in there future. When ever you enter the campus not only do leave with a feeling of warmth and invitment but, also knowing that on this campus you will meet about five life long friends. What makes my school so unique is that am proud to be called a Chanticleer.


Our school is at the beach. That's what makes it really unique. Also, our school is known for its Marine Biology. People come from across the country just to study at my school.


I can complete all of my classes and tests online. Many other schools offer online classes, but the student must go to a physical campus for lab work and tests, which is not practical for my situation.


The most unique part about Coastal Carolina has to be the location. Living twenty minutes from the beach is probably the most enticing reason I chose Coastal Carolina. Not many schools can offer the beach to it's students. But along with the beach comes all sorts of possibilites. Tourist towns like Myrtle Beach also offer a lot of extra-curricular activities and job opportunites for college students.


Coastal Carolina University is only 5 minutes away from Mrytle Beach. This is unique becuase there are a few schools in the United States with a beach nearby. There are so many activities envolved with the beach and so many diverse cultures of friendly people that come there.


Having everything I need relatively close and being able to work.


Love the amount of clubs I can be involved in. Close to the beach (20 minutes). Provides internships in your field of study.


It is a little community.


A major uniqueness about Coastal is the diversity of culture and people. This is extremely important in a college or university because it is our world today in which we are preparing for. The schools I was considering have a dominant race, not purposely but, the students go were they feel comfortable.


CCU offers Marine Science as a Major and is located minutes from Mrytle Beach.


Everyone on campus feels like a friend, I am still waiting to meet a stranger. The entire staff and students are willing to help and make you feel at home. There are wonderful clubs, organizations, to be involve with and many options. The best thing about Coastal is everyone wants everyone to succeed no one is left behind.


It is right by the beach and a major tourist destination, great for business majors and for those who want to feel like they are away on vacation all year round at school


It is located very close to the beach. Also, i have family close by.


Coastal Carolina University is one of the smaller schools that I considered. The classes are small, so professors are more likely to help students one-on-one. The professors here also take the time to learn all of their students' names and make connections with them. Since the school is so close to the beach, students can easily drive there when the weather is nice.


I love Coastal Carolina University so much because I was isntantly accepted and made so many friends. This school has so many things to do on-campus and off of campus. I am involved in many clubs and take part in alot of the activities that go on for Coastal students. I am also on the dance team here and I consider all of my fellow dancers as my family away from home. The teachers and the upper classmen are so helpful when it comes to getting around the school and getting used to things.


The atmosphere of my school seemed more welcoming and friendly than any other schools that I considered. All of the students seemed to love Coastal and everyone seemed to know each other. The faculty also seemed like they wanted to help everyone succeed and find a good job after graduation. The classroom sizes are smaller, so I knew that I would be able to learn better. It made me feel like Coastal was actually a big family. I also love that the campus is beautiful and is only five minutes from the beach.


I do not think there is anythong unique about the school other than it's closeness to the ocean.


Living in Myrtle Beach, you can find most of the Coastal Students chilling on the beach when the weekend comes. We enjoy beach days and fun nights. We know our priorities when it comes to studying and time management. Our sporting events get intense and our 9am tailgates rock the campus. By far the greatest school on the Southeast Coast.


The classroom size is smaller and the student to professor ratio makes it a better environment to learn in.