Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Definitely basketball player and football players.


Most popular clubs and organizations are Greek Life and just about every club. SCREAM is our club which is at every sporting even pumping up the players and the crowd! Students are very open and welcoming, depending on which hall you're in, students leave their doors open..or unlocked and you can just go in and chill. Our athletic events are the talk of not only the entire campus but the town. I met my closest friends at Orientation and during welcome week. Go and explore the campus, don't be afraid to say "Hey" and ask where others are from. Go to club recruitment day and sign up for any club that looks fun(most of them are). We have founders day each year...we get the day off shcool and we get late night breakfast for free in our dining halls. People have fun. Some people party every night while others don't do it all. I've found a happy median and I got a 3.9 last semester. There are tons of things that don't involve drinking, like hall activities that your RA puts on.