Coastal Carolina University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I talk to my friends about Coastal, I always brag that I am only twenty minutes away from Myrtle Beach. My campus is so beautiful year round and we recieve wonderful weather. I also brag about the diversity at my school. There are people here from multiple states, including multiple countries! I get to meet new people everyday and learn about differt cultures. Lastly, I brag about the various Study Abroad programs. We have programs from Italy, to China, to Australia! I am absolutely in love with my beautiful and diver campus.


I often brag about our recent athletic success in football and basketball. CCU football Was ranked #1 in the 2014 season and was a great oppurtunity to brag to my friends at other schools. The athletic program is fairly small, but is steadily growing. I feel that in years to come I will be able to brag more about the program.


The campus is beautiful. The teachers are engaging. The classes are both interesting and challenging. There is plenty of academic help in the way of teacher led study sessions, tutoring centers, and an extensive online library. Campus life is full and enjoyable, with a variety of clubs, activities, and sports. The classes tend to be very small and personal, emphasizing both group and individual student learning. There is a lot of focus on the students physical and mental health and the school puts a lot of effort in maintaining both.


I brag about the fact that I love the school colors, the professors, and the overall friendly atomosphere of Coastal. Coastal has so much to offer in facilities.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag about the nice weather compared to their colder climates. I brag about the small class sizes which I enjoy and the size of our campus which makes it easy to find everything and is very accessible. I also like to brag about the nice dorms that I reside in.


I love the professor to student ratio.


When I talk about Coastal Carolina University, I brag about the community building atmosphere. You truly feel at home here at Coastal Carolina University. I also brag about the things I encounter and learn that I would never have learned otherwise if I never came here.


The school environment and how proud I am to be part of it!


It is a great size campus because its large enough that there are many types of people but class sizes are still small.


I brag about how great their education program is. I also brag about how gorgeous my school looks and the weather throughout the year. I also brag about the teachers and students.


I have a wonderful job on campus as a computer lab monitor. It is a second job and is laid back enough to allow me to complete homework assignments while helping students in the lab as well as monitoring the equitment. My primary job is as a server, 20- 40 hours a week, so my time in the lab is essential, as the only substantial time I spend at home is meals and sleep. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to make money at school while aiding my studies.


I often find myself bragging about how pretty my campus is. They school provides many areas for students to do homework and study outside. The buildings are beautiful and they go to great extents when it comes to planting plants around campus. I constatnly see people out working in their gardens.


Coastal Carolina University is diversed with many people and it's a great experience to be around them. The staff here is helpful and friendly and the education here is important to all the students.


I love the community and the looks of the campus. It is warm and welcoming. During the holidays the buildings or specific areas are decorated. These things give a home touch to the campus.


When I moved to Myrtle Beach SC from La Plata MD, my favorite things to brag about CCU was the teachers. I loved that the teachers really get invovled with their students and make us excited to learn. The community college that I went to before CCU lacked the enthusiasm to make students motivated to learn.


I don’t brag much, I don’t have time for it. What I love most about attending this college is that’s close by where I live, and it has a variety of academic opportunities.


I'd have to say I couldn't settle on one thing to brag the most about. I love very many things about Coastal. I always talk about how happy I am that I can go to class barefoot because the school is that relaxed. The growing athletics especially the football and cheerleading programs are some of my favorite things to brag about. The way that my professors, especially those in my major are so helpful and friendly and willing to work with you to help you get what you want, and the beautiful campus right by the beach.


What I brag about most about Coastal Carolina University is the smaller classroom size and the location of the school.


The thing I brag about the most about my college is only being fifteen minutes away from the beach and also it is just a beautiful campus.


How rapidly it is growing!


I mostly brag about our weather. Since we are located by the beach we have tropical weather.


I brag about the overall effect Coastal Carolina University has. When I walk around campus, I feel giddy. I have made a new life with new friends and family here. I succeed in my work, enjoy my teachers and the classwork. The teachers make it so the students can enjoy class. They give us interesting assignments, such as an critique essay that sparks a variety of emotions, to art class where we learned about the soccer ball program in Africa and crafted our own. Every teacher has a story, every student too, I love it.


I brag about the heart the faculty have for te students, and the way they are always here to help.


Coastal Caroilna is by the beach, so you have the chance to study on the beach.


We are actually musch better than the reputation we are given here at CCU. The cmpus is beautiful, and the people are always friendly and helpful.


When I brag to other people about my university I brag about being close to the beach and the hot weather. I love telling everyone that after I am finished with my school work I can go stright to the pool or the beach. Also I brag about how nice the facilities are such as the new gym and library.


I tell them it's very big, very clean, that all of the teachers and staff are friendly, and they have a wide selection of classes and majors.


When my friends ask me "How's Coastal"? I tell them that Coastal gives students the highest priority towards education and that the Chanticleers have the best sports programs in the country.


I brag mostly about the style of my professor's teaching. This university has professors that care about the passing rate of their students.


How close to the beach, and social life the campus is. The weather is very nice all year, and it is nice to be able to sit outside on campus. Everyone that goes to the school is very easy to get along with, and they are all pretty laid back. When it comes time to study, everyone gets the job done for the most part.


I always brag that Coastal Carolina University is right by the beach. I always tell them that there's always something going on at Prince Lawn. I make sure to tell them that the people are wonderful and that they'll either meet their best friend or the love of their life!


When bragging about my school i always tell people about the intimate learning environment that coastal provides. The teacher to student ratio is small and each student really gets the individual attention they deserves. Also the teachers at coastal care about each student and really want them to succeed.


When bragging about my school, often times, I boast about the student to teacher ratio in each of my classes. Being 1:19, students are given a chance to establish a relationship with the professor not only via email, but face to face. In my classes at Coastal Carolina University, I feel like more than just a student I.D. number or a name on a roster. When interacting with the students and the professor, they call me by my name.


The Marine Science program and the beach. This school is 10 miles away from Myrtle Beach, SC so i brag about that and then the Marine Science program is very well here.


That we are not another school who is just about sports. We are also about academics.


The amount of time I have to study, how fun the campus is itself, and my social life.


I brag about how beautiful the campus is and how great it is to walk around a look at. I also brag to my friends about my school, about how many different programs of study there is to choose from so no one should have a problem figuring out what it is they want to major in. And how the school is right next to Myrtle Beach which is a big plus.


I would brag most about how nice the campus is and how nice the people are.


Housing, how the campus is not too big or too small, and how close it is to the beach.


When my friends hear about my school, the main two things i brag about is that it is mainly warm in Coastal and that it is near infamous Myrtle Beach so i can go to the beach anytime i want and visit the many malls that Myrtle Beach has to offer.


When talking to my friends I brag about the fact that Coastal Carolina University is much more than what people make it out to be. Coastal Carolina University is an accredited institute that takes academics seriously just like any other college or university. Many people think that it is a "party school" but it honestly is not. Its what ever you make of it.


One of the things about Coastal Carolina University that I often find myself bragging about to friends from home is the dorm rooms. I have found that the dorm rooms here, especially where I reside, University Place, are very nice compared to dorms which i see my friends living in at other schools. I like having nice appartment sytle dorms as a freshman becuase it made me feel more at home because the enviornment here feels more like a home, than a group of students.


i would have to say that i brag about not just all the events going on at the school, but the events/and places that are off campus as well. You have the mall, the movies, the beach, fishing and gambling boats, loads of high end restuarants to eat at, plenty of clubs and nice bars and the list goes on and on. You would just have to come see for yourself how much there is to do at Coastal Carolina as well as off campus.


The campus is absolutely beautiful. The wide, open yards filled with trees and the Greco-Roman archetecture is unlike anything that I've ever seen in the schools I've seen over the years. There's an amazing lake filled with life (complete with a great view from the bridge). The campus is beautiful all throughout the year, something that I wish I could say about most schools.


The professors are awesome, they are willing to help you with school and the classes your in. There is a very close relationship between the students and professors. The marine science classes are interesting and you get plenty opportunities to get involved and further your knowlegde in the field of marine sciene.


The amazing students and faculty. It seems like there are always great student activities with awesome participations. My favorite thing about CCU is the willingness of the instructors and faculty to do whatever it takes to help the student succeed, as long as they are willing to put in the work.


The class sizes are kept small, so professor get to know your name. The campus is in a beautiful and quiet area. Plus the campus is small enough to easily walk around and enjoy.


Coastal Carolina University has such a high reputation in our area that just telling my friends that I am attending the university is bragging.


i brag about how much activities my school have and how easy it is to meet people all around. I also tell them about my how pretty my campus is and how much that I like that it is not a huge school but its a good enough size school. I really brag about the environment my school is in. There is always something to do at my school and everything around is helpful.


I tell my friends that this school has a lot to offer and that they make transitioning from high school to college very easy and fun. I also brag about the beautiful campus and all the activities they offer here. The staff at Coastal Carolina University makes it easy to ask for assistance if needed and easier to learn in a comfortable enviroment.