Coe College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school is probably the name recognition. For someone who is seeking a degree in a competitive field such as medicine, it concerns me that the name will hinder my acceptence into medical schools despite my superior performance in the sciences.


Location, location, location. The area around Coe College, describable as iffy at best, screams as if dying for more community support. The local elementary school constantly needs more funding and the apartments across the street may fall down at any moment. However, this state of affairs may soon change. As unemployment in Cedar Rapids creeps up, people begin to collect themselves and rebuild what they lost to the flood of 2008. Coe students, though active in the community, may begin to do more as the economy rises and hope seems more tangible than ever.


The quality of the food at the cafeteria. I moved into a campus apartment that has it's own kitchen to avoid it.


The worst thing about Coe is probably that it is kind of expensive to go here.


The social life and school-spirit. It's a small campus and when I got there it felt like high school to me all over again.


The location isn't very great and there isn't much in the way of public transportation so if you don't have a car... goodluck! Also, the cafeteria food needs an upgrade. Seriously.


the food. it is really expensive for what you get and theirs not a lot of choices and how much it costs


Some of the housing is not the best, but living on campus is definitely the best option in this city. The surrounding (close) off campus living is really unreliable and hard to find.