College for Creative Studies Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I don't know any of the student but from the work that is on display it is some gifted people at The College of Creative Studies. I truly look forward to learning new ideas and mastering my craft.


My classmates were very interesting I learned a lot from not only watching them work, but also from engaging them in conversation; I feel like I made some lifelong friends there.


As art students, my classmates aren't afraid to critque objectively to help others in imporving their work and they also don't mind tutoring others when they need help.


My classmates are wonderful, hardworking people.


A very unique, diverse group of individuals from all sorts of different backgrounds, states, and countries.


SCAD is basically an entire school of all the weird, artsy kids from high school. So if that sounds like you, you'll have no trouble making friends. But that's just the majority. There are a lot of different types of people here. If you like going out every night and drinking until you throw up, you'll definitely find that, too.


The scad environment is very friendly. Everyone is accepted for who they are and you meet great people here. Everyone who attends SCAD all come from different backgrounds, places, cultures, etc. So we have a good blend of diversity. You'll make friends and connections based off your interests, major, personality, etc. Some colleges may have their frat/sorority groups, jock buds, etc. But at scad, it's really easy to meet someone and connect on a more personal level because nothing is deemed "uncool" or "weird", or "wrong". etc. Basically, you make friends based off of your own interests and ideas and people will accept you for who you are.


Creative, intelligant and kind


Classmates are artistic and fun people who like to think outside the box.


Very diverse backgrounds coming from all over the world.


they are motivated and creative people who aim for the best.


Creative, passionate, helpful. Supportive. Critical.


very compatitive


My classmates are all very artistic students (I go to an art school). Many of them are very friendly but dont really approach people and arent outgoing when it comes to meeting new people. On the downside they do give off a sense of depression, mabye from the work load and price of tuition the school demands.


My classmates are all ridiculous. There are lots of very unique and creative minds. They might be the quiet sort, but their art always has a chance to show another side of themselves, and others might be loud and crazy, but then their art may show a certain sensitivity and lightness. I am never bored with the people around me.


Goal oriented, ready to learn as much as possiable. Friendly and helpful. And being at an art school we all share very similar goals, ideals and morals.