College for Creative Studies Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Fashion Design


My school is best known for auto/transporation design and illustration. Currently, the illustration department is the biggest department at our school. There are more than 200 hundred freshmens that came to CCS in Fall 2009, including myself. I also think that the school is best known for the hard yet fun assignments the teachers assign to the students. Each assignment is beneficial and learn many techniques to create the artwork.




My school is best known for it's art and creative study works. The best out of the field would be transportation design as it is one of the nation's leading top schools for transportation design. Next to transportation design my school would probably be known for its animation design.


CCS is best known for our transportation design program. The Entertainment Arts program, which I am in, is starting to gain attention from the entertainment industry.


Its industrial design program. It is world renowned.