College for Creative Studies Top Questions

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Well we are art focused, so everything is completley different from what you'd expect at a normal college. Instead of papers we are being graded on what we create. The experience is like nothing I've ever had before, and everyone is so like minded.


The reputation is amazing. If you mention to someone that you go to College for Creative Studies they will ask to see you portfolio.


The College for Creative Studies is the Kettering of the art world. An education here is difficult and time consuming - during finals week students rarely sleep - but the resulting portfolios are beautiful, the best of the best. Employers come directly to the school to hire, and internships, scholarship opportunities, and competition money can be found all over. There really is no comparison to any other school, the College for Creative Studies is in a league of it's own when it comes to artistic education.


First, it's in the top ten art schools in the world, and offers the program exactly for what I want, not the degree that closest, the exact one.


The College for Creative Studies is unique to other schools because of the excellent staff and the professional experience of the staff, as well as the emmense quality of the facilities.


What is so unique about College For Creative Studies is that it is all about delveoping your art and broadening your horizon on the world of art. Plus it is in my hometown so I already knew my surroundings so there was not a awkward adjusting period to the city or the campus.


Extreme focus on art. Encouragement to create groups that are sponsored by the school. Access to lots of eqpuipment and resources and great career services to help with internships, resumes etc.