College for Creative Studies Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that they invite professionals in the industry to speak and network with students. They are industry-leading professionals in Illustration, Animation, Advertising, Game Devolpment, and Transportation Design. It gives us a huge opportunity to get our name out there and share our portfolios with these great artists. Also, we have a department called Career Services and they give us tips about inerviews, resumes, and cover letters. They are also the link between students and available jobs.


Although I have yet to actually start classes, what I realized to be the best thing about this school so far is the school's advising board is very helpful and tries hard to keep in touch with the student. I realized that their sole purpose is to help the student have an easy and enjoyable time at this school.


It is an extremely comfortable school. The classes are informal which leaves room for a lot of discussion but still are controlled well by the teachers. The amount of feedback from students and teachers is incredible. You always know where you stand academically and artistically. It is like a big happy family and everybody is invited to join along. With all of these factors it makes for a perfect environment to blossom academically.


Living in Detroit, places like College for Creative Studies is a diamond in the rough. There are so many different ethnic backgrounds that pursue art my school, for example: there are people from North Korea, Vietnam, Peru, U.S, just to name a few. You might think that it would be hard for people to find there niche here, but everyone is so inviting and anyone who desires to study art would feel right at home and comfortable. So I would have to say that the diverse yet welcoming aspect is the best thing about College for Creative Studies.


The size of the classrooms because you could get more one on one help if needed.


I'm sure that with the education I recieve from the College for Creative, I will be more successful in my field of study as well as financially once I graduate. There are also many internship opportunities throughout the school years that will get students up to date with real world experience.


I consider that the school environment including professors and assignments are the best thing about my school because I enjoy going to class to learn. The classroom and classmates have a warming welcome. Also, the classmates help and learn from each other by recieving advice when it is time to critque our artwork. Most of the classmates are very competitive so it encourages me to do my ultimate best.


I can definitly say my school is very inspiring, motivating and somewhat prepares the students for the real world. I see new art everyday that reminds me to keep doing what I love. We take very much pride in what we do, because we are here to make a living out of it. For some student art is all they know and the way how the economy is going in our society, they have to make the best out of it.


The network and faculty.


The best thing about the College for Creative Studies is how they bring in professionals to work with the students. We have lectures all the time with people working in the industry whether they are alumni of our school or people who can help us look into different areas of our field. We also have sponsered studio projects, which is when a company comes to our school and gives a project to work on for their company. The sponsered projects allow the students to network and have experience on their resume just by attending the classes.


Close community. It's a small size school so everyone knows everyone and the fact that it's located in the mid west, students are more friendlier whereas the schools in the East coast tend to be more stuck-ups.