College of Charleston Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There are no Spanish departmental scholarships.


One of the frustrating things about my school is that people assume that everyone who goes here drinks vast amounts of alcohol, and that it is necessary to do so in order to have fun. It is known as a party school, and that comes with a bit of a stigma, but it is important to know that not everyone gets completely drunk every weekend. There are many other things to do in and around the city for fun that do not include binge drinking.


COFC happens to be a tourist haven so the cost for housing off campus is outrageous. A person will pay more for food and other items here as a result. Parking can be a bit of a challenge.


The most frustrating aspect is when the professors change their minds on books; I can adjust but it is a slight financial crisis to change over books you have already purchased to buy new ones.


I have a hard time thinking of anything that I don't like about the College of Charleston, who wouldn't want to shop on King Street. It is a bit noisy and parking is hard to find, other than that, the College of Charleston is the best place to go.


The most frustrating thing about the College of Charleston is trying to get in touch with the financial aid office. That is the only place that I have had an unsatisfying experience.


The only frustrating thing about the College of Charleston is the large number of priveliged kids who do not appreciate their education and opportunities.


I do not find anything to be frustrating with the College of Charleston.


I don't find anything to be really frustrating about this school, except sometimes living downtown is noisy and there is a lot of traffic.


The most frustrating thing at our school is parking. Parking services has no payment plans and there is very little room to park on campus.


There is not that much school spirit. I believe this is due to the fact we do not have a football team, and the other sports people are not very interested in. I wish that there was something about the school that pulled everybody together to support the school.


hard to figure out how to get credits from other colleges transfered and accepted


The most frustrating thing about the College of Charleston is access to parking and off campus housing. Charleston is rather small, and there are few affordable off campus apartments nearby. Parking is miniscule and expensive.


Attempting to balance a heavy course load with an active social environment. CofC is located in historic Charleston, a city possessing rich culture and boisterous night life; while the coursework is hardly as leisurely as the nearby beaches.


The traffic that passes through campus.


I was an adult student who lived off campus. Therefore, the most frustrating thing for me was driving to class everyday which was about 20 miles.


I would enjoy having more time to spend learning guitar, being with friends and reading my bible. I feel I am so weighed down with homework at times, I have to cut out fellowshiping with loved ones and learning things I am passionate about. I would rather look back on life and remember fun times I spent with friends and family than alone with my nose in a book. This sometimes makes me feel I am not making the most out of my life.


The most fustrating thing about my school is probably the lack of financial aid available to students that really need assistance.


I am most frustrated by the size- we're all over the city of Charleston and although you can walk anywhere, you have to deal with downtown traffic.