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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The choices you make now, are going to affect the rest of your life. You may not realize that your going to have to face some hard times. Your life is traveling along a path that can not change. Be patient, really take a look at what your future holds. Your a good person and you dont need to be accepted by everyone. Be an individual, stand out, even if people stop associating with you. If they wont accept you for who you are, you dont need them anyway. There is someone who loves you standing right beside you, look at her, she is the one. She will take care of you when your sick, sad, or have a hard day. She needs you as well, stay close to her, help her, she WILL make everything better. Finally, look for opertunities in every situation, continue to work hard, but dont sell out. People are going to use you to get what they want then cast you aside, but its all working toward something. So, keep your head up and your eyes open, the best is still to come.


If I could go back as a high school senior and talk to myself about college life and making the transition from high school to college, I would totally give myself plenty of advice. First of all, I would say to manage my time better because time is the most important thing that I needed to study and do my work. Second, I would tell myself to be much more organized because it really helps to know where everything is when you need it. Finally, I would say is to be prepared to write plenty of essays because this was a really big problem for me not being ready for it. This advice would have really helped me when I was making the transition from high school to college, but sometimes you have to learn the hard way and I did and somehow I managed and got through it myself.


Life is all that you make it. Follow your dreams, reach for the stars and always remember your roots. College education is very important, with all the changing technology. You can do this! If you don't understand something ask questions! You can't be helped if people don't know that you need help. Always have your "ducks in a row" and have a plan of action. Have fun, enjoy life, don't get caught up in all the partying and pay attention to your studies. In just a short time you can and will achieve your goals. Adulthood is tough and a good foundation is all that is needed to help you succeed in today's world. Have an awesome support group and surround youself with all the thing that make you happy. Never give up!!