College of Southern Idaho Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Like many schools accros the country they will tell you to set your morals aside at work for fear that we will not treat those we disagree with. We will always run into people who's way of life we disagree with and we will often have days where we are upset with someone. However, as people they deserve to be treated. But if their is an exam that in itself goes against a persons dignity, should l we really just go along with it even if the state or federal government says to? The government is not always perfect.


This is hard for me to answer because I feel that my school accommodates my needs, by offering class that fit my schudule. The class that I've participated in were relevent to the pursuit of my degree. Everyone from the professors to the conselors have been helpful in assisting me in planning out my future.


Although I really enjoy a smaller college, I would have to say that occasionally I feel that I am missing out on the aspects of a larger college, such as the big games, more school spirit, and alot more people.


The worst thing about my school is that College of Western Idaho is not a four year college. The college offers a great education at a reasonable price for students that do not come from a wealthy family, but could market themselves better if they offered Bachelor Degree's. I am 31 years old and am just now going back to school and find it even more stressful to have to transfer to another school to complete my goals.


There isn't very much to do. The school is under-funded and it shows.


One challenge faced by those living away from the main campus of the College of Southern Idaho is the limited options of classes available at distance learning centers. I found myself unable to take certain classes that were not offered on the campus in my community or having to commute to the Twin Falls main campus.


Honestly, I've only gone there for two semesters and only been on campus for one semester so I haven't really found anything yet that I don't like. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. They are so willing to help you with anything you need, whenever you need it. I love going to school because of the environment that have created for their students.


I would say the only disappointing thing about CSI is that it is a two-year school, so for those of us looking to get more than an associates degree, finding a college to transfer to can become a hassle.