College of Southern Nevada Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The college of southern nevada is a very organized school.


I would describe the school as unique and diverse.


The melting pot for high school graduates all around Nevada and Las Vegas to gather and seek a higher education.


It's small but the people are friendly and you will get a wonderful college experience whether you live on campus or not.


My school is a open campus. The school accepts all students including international students. The school is not pricey, is public, and it's non-profit.


There are so many cultures here, it's innevitable to not meet new people every day!


I would describe my school as a talent-filled place to be. =)


Comfortable, and yet changing to the mind.


Lower cost community college looking to help students with educational needs in the greater Las Vegas Area.


The way to describe my school is serious because everyone there is there for one reason and that is to better themselves.


A school with individuals from all ages striving to get their chance in life and do what they want in life by taking the first step. Not being able to attend a four year college doesn't stop the individuals at CSN everyone strives to move forward together and it is a very warm and comfortable environment. Many of the students were not able to get into a four year school and this is their chance at being the first to go and graduate college in their families. So it is a school that will never stop striving for greatness.


A place of epic proportion, where the people who's confused, delusional, and down right just do not know what to do with themselves; discovers a domain where they can find each other fitting in, seeing what they actually want to become over the course of the years, a place called CSN.


Well I lived in South Lake Tahoe so this is my first year in Las Vegas attending the College of Southern Nevada. I know there are three different campuses the henderson campus, west charleston and cheyenne. I attent the west charleston campus and to tell you the truth no lie I really like it I love the people there they are so friendly and you can always count of someone helping you out if its financial aid or counseling they are always there for you.


csn is exhilerating and frustrating


My school is always busy, active, and interesting with never a dull moment when someone is not laughing so hard that they are about to cry.


My school allows individuals to pursue education at a lower cost, and it allows them to take classes at a general level if they are still trying to decide where they want to study and what they want to major in.


College of Southern Nevada is one of the best colleges I have attended you are more than just a number you are a person and they treat you like a human being I wish I would have moved to Nevada sooner.


In one sentence: This school will exceed your expectations by truly giving you a place where you can belong, find your place and voice, and get an education that will enhance your life.


The College of Southern Nevada is diverse, interesting, personal with the small classes, has very willing and helpful teachers, is perfect for students that work well in class or online, and an inexpensive jump-start to launching your education.