College of Southern Nevada Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They're out going. They're helpful and seem to show affection to everyone including disable and autistic students. It is a diverse school and there are always people to help you in challenging situations.


very diverse, i love the atmosphere


My classmates come from all different areas because Las Vegas is very diverse as people constantly travel in and out. My classmates are eager to learn so they may be more productive citizens in their respective disciplines.


Typically working class people who are motivated to further themselves as well as people fresh out of highschool who are attending with the desire to transfer to another unviersity after completing some undergraduate classes.


Some are not very socaiably or helpful at times. Some of the students seem stuck up and haven't the time of day. But I do met nice students sometimes who will sit and chat after class. I try to take into consideration that many sstudents work and my have a buzy life and donot have a lot of time to socailize. But kindess is always important:)


They are driven and very eager to learn.


They are all strangers except for my husband, classes for the spring semester start today!


Working students trying to balance classes and work load


My classmates are highly determined students who strive to accel in this world.


My classmates range from class to class. Overall its a great varity and the people there are great. You can always find someone willing to help you.


My classmates are funny, fun, intellgent, career- driven, optimistic, energizing, silly, and determine to reach thier goals.


In one sentence: The classmates are truly passionate people who are at the college because they want to be, and are people that vary greatly in age and background providing a truly amazing educational experience that goes beyond what is taught from books.


My classmates are hardworking people trying to continue and/or restarting their education.


They are awesome and very welcoming; I am very encouraged by them.


Different age groups.


My classmates are relatively decent, but a handful of my classmates can be mouthy during class.