College of Southern Nevada Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who wants to save money and time!


The College of Southern Nevada is a great school. It is a school for students right out of high school, parents, or full-time workers. I love this college because there are classes that accomdate any students schedule not just the typical student. The teachers are very knowledgable and challenging but also very fair. The tuition isn't as expensive as others in the area, which is very appealing to someone who has to pay for college on their own.


I am usually one of the oldest in any of my classes being 30. I always feel like I am at a high is not a bad thing, but the atmosphere is like that. I work full time to pay for my schooling, and work very hard for my GPA. I am proud to say our school has one of the best science programs on the west coast, and we have very high standards for our science and medical programs. People with dedication should come here, this school is way underrated by the attendees.


I do not want to sterotype anybody and say who should and shouldn't attend this school. It is not my place to judge anyone who wants to better themselves. I feel like it is up to the person who wants to attend to say whether or not they want to go back.


CSN students, as well as any other college students, take their education important. A CSN student is a smart person who is willing to invest time and effort to get into their respective career. As eonomic times have made it difficult for students to attend college, a CSN student can work and go to school during flexible hours, making it convenient for work and school at the same time. A CSN student is dedicated and know what they want in life. Anybody who sees a bright future ahead of them, knows that CSN is the place to start.


What kind of person that should attend this establishment is a student who is serious about their future prospects. This school is not for people who could not get into a better university out of state or in state, it is for people who are trying to persue an education and to better themselves in such a way that they get the best education that they can receive.


Honestly, any person can attended this school with or without prior education. CSN has an open door policy making it possible for all applicants to be accepted. If one is looking for cheap tuition, an associates degree, or just a pursuit of knowledge they should enroll. CSN has programs that enable students to transfer to four year universities, and it has a bachelors program in dental hygiene. Finally, CSN is well known for its culinary arts program so those interested in that field can benefit from it. In short, CSN is open to all seeking an education.


A motivated and dedicated individual should attend this school. People who loose track of priorities and motivation should learn how to keep thier focus on success to succeed at this school.


This school is great for anyone looking to gain their associates degree without the high prices. The College of Southern Nevada is just as good as a four year school, but they do not offer but a few degrees beyond the Associates. It is a good starter school.


A community college is there for anyone's use. It's very flexible in that it offers courses around the city with affiliates and high schools. If a person lives on the west-side of town and has to take a course on the east-side, there is a guaranteed location they can utilize for their benefit.


A person who is trying to save money on there first few years of college and plans to transfer to a University should attend this college. Also people who have waited a few years should attend for the smaller class sizes.


Any person who wants to either change their career, just starting in college to move on to a 4 year school for a BA or someone who is looking for a certain 2 year college skill set. Although the school has an enrollment of about 40k every semster, I do not feel lost in the shuffle.


People who should attend this school are people looking to complete their core credits before moving on to a university, people who do not have the funds to go straight to a university, and people who are only part time students.


If you do not have the money currently to attend a university and are trying to get your core classes completed for less, you would be perfect to attend the College of Southern Nevada. It is also great for returning to school for degrees or even for simple refresher courses.