College of the Canyons Top Questions

Describe a typical weekend.


Typically my weekend consists of long hours at work because I don't usually allow myself to have a day off. In fact, I am very disappointed on my days off because I know I'm not making money sitting at home. However, I use my time wisely at home during the day by getting done necessary laundry, meal prepping my food in the kitchen, then cleaning up the kitchen, organizing random drawers or closets or pantries in the house, and studying for upcoming tests or working on homework projects. At night once all my work is done, which is usually pretty late, I allow myself to watch an hour or two of Netflix and then get some much needed sleep. The next day I am off to work, hopefully, and when I get home I make myself dinner and then head up to my room to work on my studies and check in with any updates on my school site or any grade changes.