Colorado College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


anyone who thinks they will succeed and has a lot of focus and drive!


The ideal Colorado College student needs only to be passionate--passionate about their studies, passionate about their play, passionate about free time. The Block Plan is extremely intense, so it's not for everyone, but if one is ready to dedicate themselves fully to their subjects (one month at a time), there really is no better way to learn.


Anyone who wants a degree to better themselves.


Students who are motivated and do not mind staying in class for eight hours a day in some classes. Colorado College is unique in that it functions on the block plan. We take one class at a time and depending on the class in questions, it may be very academically challenging. However, the college offers countless opportunities to get outdoors or get involved in something that you are passionate about. There is always a fun activity going on, sometimes too many activities. Anyone who really wants to have an incredibly unconventional experience should go here.


A very liberal person that enjoys the outdoors and is intolerant of conservatives.


Liberal skiiers