Colorado College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Colorado College offers high quality education in intimate classroom setting. CC also provides great opportunities for abroad studies and field study experiences.


How helpful and friendly the faculty are. They make an effort to be available and want you to suceed.


Good, Convienent school to go to.


The atmosphere is great.


The size of the school is the best thing about it. Because it's a small liberal arts school the class sizes are never more than 32 people. This allows for field trips (yes field trips) and a personal relationship with your class and your professor. Unlike at large university, your teachers aren't just lecturing at you. They are conversing with you. There is a much smaller chance that you will get lost in the system.


The Block Plan & Block Breaks. Students, instead of taking say 4 classes at a time per semester, take one class at a time for 3 and half weeks (essentially one class a month) After every class or "block" students have a 3 day break to recoup, explore, have fun, the options are endless. Not to mention the faculty here rivals all the other faculties of top liberal arts/ universities in the country and they pay close attention to detail and have a strong commitment to their students.


The Block Plan is the the best thing because it allows students to devote all efforts to each class they take. It is intensive and rewarding. It also allows for the possibility of field trips and extended travel for hands-on learning experiences. CC has a satellite campus in the San Luis Valley just for that purpose. The Plan also makes it easier to build lasting relationships with peers who share your common interests.


The community. Students have passion as to what they are studying. Lots of ambition.


The best thing about CC is the location and the students it attracts. They are very laid back and open minded. Also the learning style is very different from most colleges sign the school is on the block plan which a lot of students like.


The availability of financial aid and study abroad opportunities.


Block breaks. Learn everything you need in 3.5 weeks, then 4 days off to play in the mountains.


mountains because they are abundant and plentiful and wonderfully covered in snow on which one could ski, snowboard or snowshoe. Everyone is just so friendly and when you're nice here, you're cool, so be nice and you'll have lots of friends. Love exudes from most souls, though definitely not all. And of course, the block plan is just such a perfect way to learn (personality dependent).


The Block Plan at Colorado College let's you take any class intensively for 3 1/2 weeks, which makes it easier to get involved in extra-curriculars, go on field trips, and get to know your professor.