Colorado Mesa University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Colorado Mesa University is passionate about their students and wants them to succeed.


Coastal Carolina is the best home away from home i could have asked for


Colorado Mesa University is a very understanding and school, and all the administration is here for the students not the money.


Mesa State was a small college offering a nice variety of programs for students.


Mesa State College is not only an opportunity to gain an incredible education and learn real life skills, but to develop yourself as a person and find the aspects of life that inspire you and keep you going every day.


Mesa state is friendly, receptive, and goal oriented.


I have heard some good things and not so good things about Mesa, it's all subjective I suppose.


My school is a laid back place to be that offers exciting opportunity and new challenges if one were to apply themselves.


My college is very focused on academics. The teachers are very focused on the students seceding in the field that they are interested in. There are so many resources here that help you better yourself. There are also so many opportunities to get involved with an activity, whether it is kayaking or just taking a moon light hike there is everything here.


A small, but growing, community of students and professors striving to make a healthy and active learning environment.


Right now Mesa State is going through major construction, but usually it's fairly small with little obstructions in the way. The classrooms are small and the teachers are able to help the students more often than a bigger school. They have a great tutoring place that's free for students, it's done by other students who have passed the class and have a great understanding for the subject they tutor; they even help with teachers that have thier own language.


Mesa State College is a beautiful, small , community-based school with high academic goals and and amazing professors and major areas.


A very fun school, where you get out everything that you put into it.


Mesa State College is the best college in Colorado.


Mesa State is a small community college, where the teachers are more able to have one on one conversations with students and able to help them with thier problems.