Colorado Mesa University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The campus is constantly growing with new buildings and ressources all the time. Everyone is so nice and involved and the teachers are very approachable and helpful.


It is right on myrtle beach, somuch scholl spirit, just a great place to be


The great instruction, the small class sizes, and the individual attention professors give to students who care to learn. The dorm life allows students to get to know each other, and everyone becomes very close. There will be some lifelong bonds developed, and they will be the most incredible relationships you could ever hope to have. And if you are willing to listen, the amount of learning you will discover outside of the classroom will be even more valuable to you. At Mesa, every experience you encounter will be memorable .


Grand Junction is a beautiful place to live! Also I love all the people here and I have an excellent house! The school, and faculty are awesome!


It's cheap, you can learn a lot, and most of the professors are engaging and concerned about your academics. You have a lot of options to do what you want and be who you want to be.


The best thing about Mesa State College (Colorado Mesa University) is the fact that it is a small campus in a smaller town, but is close to many outdoor opportunities, such as skiing, hiking, and visiting tourist towns. The location is perfect.


It had the best Outdoor Program (OP)! The outdoor program went somewhere different every weekend around Colorado or Utah. For example, I've been caving, white water rafting, camping, mountain biking, repelling, you name it. Also, they program organizes a backpacking trip every Winter and every Summer. With the OP, I got to backpack through East Africa for 5 weeks, living with the Maasai Tribe, volunteering at a Preschool for Orhanges. One of the most life changing experiences that I have every done.


I brag about how new it is. A lot of the dorms have been recently built so they're very nice and have excellent living conditions. Also, the size is nice. It's not huge but it's not tiny. It's small enough to have decent sized classes but not so big that it's overwhelming.


I usually brag about how approachable my professors are. They are willing to go the extra mile to make sure their students succeed. You can visit them during specific office hours, and they are always there to talk to. They are also very good at trying to learn everyone's name, and make personal connections with their students.


When I talk to my friends about Mesa State, I always brag about how small the class sizes are, and how the teachers are always so helpful to me and my education.


The one thing that i brag about is that you can know everyone in the college. Since the college is kinda small, you see everyone on a regular bases. Its nice because by the end of the school year you will have seen everyone that went here.


I am a criminal justice major. in the criminal justice program we have created a body FARM. We study decomposition of the human body to better serve the criminal justice community. It will help agencies off all kinds better determine the time of death.


How great the professors are!


That the classes are small and friendly. Professors know me by name and it is very helpful in thr learning process because they can encourage me and help me to achieve the best.


I brag about the class sizes the most because the largest lecture hall I have had is 80 students, but most of my classes have around 30 students so you get a lot of one on one time with the professor.


Our very strong Theatre Program.


I brag about how small the classes are and the great outdoor activities that are near us. We can go hiking or snowboarding or skydiving. Its AWESOME!!!


Small class sizes and reasonable tuition.


that the proffessors here are more qualified than most believe


we have an awesome outdoor program that allows us to enjoy the great outdoors which is my favorite thing mesa state offers. we also have small classrooms so teachers really get to know most of their students