Colorado Mesa University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the faculty. They are the most unfriendly, unkind, unhelpful people I have ever met. My school has a sister branch it is smaller and everyone is so much nicer that it is unbelievable. If a smaller branch can be friendly as well as the people who work at Chik Fil A, than I think the people who are glad to take our money could show a bit more kindness to help us understand and navigate through our minor education mishaps. I understand that everybody has something going on in their lives but smiling an trying to help really doesn't hurt any bystanders.


The only thing bad abut this college is that there is not a lot of classes for Computer Science majors. am able to take 4 Computer Science classes per semester, but I am not able to pick what language i learn. I Also wish there was more majors, like a Japanese major.


The social functions, they are never planned ahead. They do not post the dates of the events in enough time to actually attend the event, or it is planned at times that are inconventent.


With brand new dorms and rennovations of different builindgs and so much more, Mesa has become a beautiful campus and everyone there seems to enjoy it. In all honesty, from what I've gathered on my several visits, friends who attend there, and orientation I see nothing at all wrong with Mesa and believe that it has so much to offer for every kind of student. I look forward to attending CMU in just nine short days!


I don't like that we have to take unnecessary classes. For example, I am an athletic training major, but I have to take a fine arts class. I don't really understand the point in taking so many general education classes.


Need more evening classes offered.


The teaching styles are not very desirable. Many, but not all, of the teachers provide the information,but go no further. I once had a Calculus One teacher tell me that class is not a time for questions.


The worst thing about my school is the cliques within the student body. Walking around campus or looking around in the cafeteria, you can see that all of the hawaiians, or the sports groups sit together. If students are in a specifc club or sport, they don't sit with anyone but their members. It's a bad thing because it takes away from everyone coming together as a community.


The worst thing about my school is that it is growing. This means there is always construction going on, but that does not bother me. It is the fact that tuition cost are unstable, and are steadly inclining as it just became a university.


Mesa State, at the time I attended, did not provide adequate academic advising. Because of bad advise, I was required to attend an extra year to graduate.


The same thing that's the worst in any school, which would be the pretentious attitude of young people in their post-adolescent intellectual phase. Once they get older that starts to smooth out, though. It can also be sort of difficult to make new friends if you aren't overtly social, but again, that's the case with a lot of new places.


It is a state college and they accept pretty much anybody so a lot of times you can be placed in a class that is completely below your knowledge level.


I think the worst thing is probably the parking. It's a small campus and there isn't much room for parking lots, but most people walk or ride their bikes to school when the weather's nice which eases it up.


The worst thing would be the limited parking space. It is hard to find a open space near the building you're going to. I have been forced to avoid the problem through riding a bicycle my first year.


The worst thing about my school are some of the employees in the business department. They can be very impatient and unhappy..


The wost part about my school is the community it is in. Grand Junction is not very welcoming to college co ed. In The summer it is fun to go float the river or hike on the Colorado National Monuement but the majoity of the school year is spent looking for something ,out side of academics, to do.


Dining hall food, and constant remodeling.




The worst thing about my school are the students because alot of them aren't so open to meeting new people and are " stuck in their own groups."


The worst thing about the school right now is all the construction that is going on.


financial aid is not very accomidating to those whose parents do not help with their school.