Colorado Mesa University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A close minded person who is not willing to grow as a human, should not join this school or any school but an abroad one in a third world country to show them just how lucky they have it. Sometimes people who can't see past themselves should be put in the situation where they have to push their limits. Vibes spread fast whether they are good or bad. I think if you are not open enough to spread the good then you shouldn't come here.


If someone does not like the great outdoors, or smaller campus, and smaller classes, this is not the school for them. Mesa is not in a large or well known athletic conference, so there is not the ability to have national championship type team.


It is hard to imagine that any person wouldn't like this school, but a person who is fonder of a larger campus with less personalized attention in classes and large class sizes would be as well suited for attending Mesa State College.


One that is focused and goal oriented with the ability to balance a social and academic life.


Any person who does not fully intend on committing to sucess should not attend Mesa State College. We share a great learning experience and make many friends along they way, anyone who does not share our common goal should not chose to go to school here. I find the majority of my classmates and teachers get along great and have good attitudes. We work together towards our goals and those who do not feel the same way only distract us from our dreams.