Colorado School of Mines Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Go with your gut. Go to the school that you have your heart set on, you know yourself better then anyone else. Chosing the school that your parents want you to go to is a bad idea, its you attending it not your parents. Don't stress the little things, as long as you work hard and don't make any major mistakes the rest will work itself out. Don't go to college with a boyfriend, you have been given a chance to find out who you are, its hard to do that when you woory about what someone else will think of you. Do activities you have never done before with people you just met, don't worry about whether or not its fun. Make sure to quickly find the routine that works for you when it comes to studying and completeing the requirements for classes. Remember that you don't have to decide now what you want to be, just go with the flow and you will decide what you want to do. If you don't enjoy doing it in highschool more then likely you will not enjoy it in college, i.e phyics!


My advice to myself would be to keep organized. Organization is key to success. Also, I would tell myself to put homework and studying above eveything else. These two things must be done before taking part in social activities. Money is another key. Getting a job early and learning to save may have helped me in the long run. Other than the money problems (that every student has), I'm happy with my college experience so far. I'm not sure I would have changed a thing, just for fear that things would not have turned out as they have now. You should never regret what you've done in the past, just learn from the mistakes. Without making mistakes, how would you truly learn?


Dear Matthew, College is very different from what your thinking right now. You are imagining that because of how well you did in High School, and how easy it was that you will find the classes as college equally simple. This is not true. You will be spending hours trying to figure out just one solutiontion to a problem, just to have the proffesor do the problem in five minutes during the next class period. In AP Chemistry last year, you experianced some of this, only that was one class. In college, all of you classes will be that difficult, that time demanding, and that exciting. You will learn more in you first year than you are thinking you will in all four years. Get to know people before you get to campus as well. Make a real effort to form the group of friends that will help you study, and always look to any upper classmen in your dorm. They will be the ones who can help you more than any other individual on campus. Matthew, the best years are ahaid of you. Get scholarship, do well, don't stress as much. Sincerely, ~Matt


My advice to parents in helping make the college decision would be to ask their child questions about what they might want to do with the rest of their lives, if they are unsure then suggest schools that offer broader areas of study. I highly suggest not making the decision for your children, and do not second guess their choice if they truly want to attend a certain college. Once they are at school, let them know you miss them but also encourage them to make new friends and really get involved on campus. As for students, I would say you want to live on campus for at least your freshman year if you have the choice to live at home or off campus. Once you're at school, make the most of the experience. Make new friends and take advantage of the different extracurriculars offered. Also, you're paying a lot to go to school so dont skip classes just because you can. Study hard so you don't have to retake any classes. Its hard, but find a good balance between fun and studying and you'll have a great time!


When deciding on a campus it is important to choose on that has a major that you are interested in. If you are unsure, or have doubts about what you want to do, choose a univeristy that has a range of majors to choose from in case the one you had in mind doesnt work out. It is also important to visit the campus' that you are considering. Seeing it in real life is completly different than browsing through photograhs. If you are able to, try and visit while there shool is in session, it will give you a better feel of how the campus runs and how life is while they are in class and also on breaks. Location is another important aspect, you have to consider the distance you want to be from home (and dont right away say "as far as possible"). Choosing a far distance right off the bat might make for a hard adjustment to living on your own and could affect your academics. If you are going to play sports try and talk to members of the team and get an honest opinion of the coach, and also have them answer any other questions.


Choosing the right college is very important, as it is a huge factor in the happiness and success of the student. When deciding between colleges, i found it helpful to visit each campus. They may all seem very similar, but picking up on the overall mood of the students can help with the decicsion. Communicating with a current student can also make the choice easier as they will tell you more about campus life than any administrator. Once the college is chosen, getting the most out of the experience is also omportant. I have found that the secret to accomplishing this is balance. Without parental influence, the student is able to decide how to spend his/her time. Finding a balcne betwween studying and socializing is vital to being successful. In addition, joining clubs and intramural sports can gelp with finding freinds and providing a release. All in all, college can be a great experience, however, care must to be taken to make sure that this time is not wasted.


Spend a lot of time looking at all the options available to you for each of the colleges that you are interested in, including courses of study offered, student activity groups, sports programs, and student demographics. Make a decision based on what school best fits the interest that you already have. Don't worry if you don't know what you want to major in! Most people don't and you still have plenty of time to decide. Have the finances well planned in advance so you don't have to worry about paying for schooling. Instead you can enjoy the college experience and you only have to worry about everyday things and how well you are doing in your classes. Never be the loner! Join a student organization or club. Being a part of an organization or club helps you stay connected to your school and the world outside of your schoolwork. Plus there is probably at least one person in that organization or club that has the same classes that you are taking so you can study together. And it never hurts to have lots of friends on campus!


Finding the "right" college isn't as important as most think it is. Yes the size of the school or it's location are important, but as long as the school a student chooses to attend has majors that they feel interested in, they will find people with similar interests as them. Choosing a college is not as important as putting yourself out there when the time comes to get to know future friends and current professors. Making the most of a college experience is as simple as showing who you really are to the people around you and making friends with those who like that person. College is a place that students gain knowledge for their career preference and knowledge about their own desires, values, and goals. Making the most of college isn't about choosing the right one, it's about finding yourself by helping others find themselves.


Dont go to a school just because other people think its best for you, go to a school that you will appreciate where your going and will enjoy living there for 4 years of your precious early life.


Take a deep breath, because college is a whole different world than what you are used to. So strap yourself in and take full advantage of your college experience.


Two things are important when choosing a college. The first is knowing what kind of career a person wants when they graduate. Without this in mind, a quality education will be difficult to attain. The second is visiting the college, getting a good look at the campus, talking to current students and looking at the work load are important to know before attending.


The students need to stay in the dorms freshman year, there is so much to learn and there is a lot ofgrowing up that first year. Also realize where you want to live, that can really effect how much you like the school, certain people hate the humidity and temperature of Texas and some hate the cold of Colorado, so be aware. Also if you want to play a varsity sport look early to keep your options open so you also have more. If you cannot afford the college you want because it is out of state of private look at what you will have to do to pay for it because it is important to get a good education and most likely you will be there for 4 years so you want it to be a place that will be enjoyable.


Although selecting a college is a family decision, it is ultimately the student's decision because they will be the one taking the classes and living the college life. Find a college that fits your wants and needs best. For instance, if you are from a small town, picking a small school might be at the top of your list. This would also ensure that the student will get to know the professors on a personal basis. If money is the issue, take out student loans and do not stress about trying to find a job during college. School is tough enough. The added stress is not worth it. There is plenty of time to pay back the loans when you are out of school. As for the parents, trust your kids. As they grow up, they will know what is best for them. Your support is the most important thing a student needs from their parents. Students should stay focused, but also try and have some fun. The people you meet in college could be your life long partners and friends. Take advantages of all the opportunities.


I would tell anyone who is looking for a college to attend that it is important to find somewhere that will teach what you want to learn very well. Dont choose a school based on friends or the social scene because you will be able to find great friends anywhere you go. I would also caution incoming freshman that there is a big difference between high school and college and the transition may take awhile, but hang in there and it will all click one day. Be patient and work hard and everything else will fall into place for you.


First, make a list of the things you would consider as important in a school. That can be anything from things surrounding the school, activities to do while going to school, the existance of certain clubs, the renown of the school, the kind of students going to the school, to more technical things like the class sizes, the quality of the department you're interested in, the existance of options should you decide to change majors, the abitlity to transfer credits and so forth. Then do as much research as you can for colleges that mach your criteria and make a list of colleges you'd like to visit. And I'd strongly suggest you go visit any of the colleges that are left on your list. Even if it's just one, it's one thing to hear about it, and another to actually experiance it. I had narrowed my choices down to three before I went and visited them all, and by the time I did, it was clear to me I was a Mines student. It was just the college that connected with me the most. And I wouldn't have known if I didn't go.


Pick a college that has the fields you are interested in. Follow what you like/love to do, and dont be scared to go after it.


To find the right college I would suggest finding fields that you are interested in and what type of majors that can be used in that field. From there look for colleges that give that education. Take into account the school's reputation, proximity, campus life, extraccuricular activities, sports, and available financial aid. Once the college choices have been narrowed down to 10 or less, apply and see what happens. Upon attending college don't be afraid to meet people, try to get involved with campus activities, and look for clubs that suit your interests. College is a time not only to get an education, but to discover. It is a time to find out things you never knew and try out new stuff. Try rock climbing, surfing, racquetball, any time you have a chance, say yes.


Don't just focus on academics - get involved with groups that can help you go through hard classes but are also there for you when you need their support in life issues. Life isn't all about school, partying, drinking, doing well, etc. Good grades will come when you focus on the real stuff in life. Have positive and uplifting impact on those around you - that's all that matters.


In the end its all about the education and job, don't short change yourself on what you want to accomplish and what you believe in. If I had gone to a school that didn't require me to embrace challenge and excel I would feel that I had wasted a once in a lifetime opportunuty. Also College gave me the opportunity to move away from home and establish my own life. I strongly recommend going out of state if possible to establish this identity.


Students need to make sure they are going somewhere that will make them happy. Not their parents, not their boyfriend/girldfriend, not their sibling, but them. The student needs to make sure they have all the resources they will need at that school. They should make sure there is a club for the activity they are interested in. Students and parents shouldn't worry about them living alone. Most schools have programs to help students meet each other and get used to the school. Parents should keep in mind that they raised their child, and probably did a great job if they are going to college, and shoulnd't be worried about them moving away, no matter how far away they are. It is supposed to be a fun time, so have fun, but also remember that college is for learning, so make the most of that as well. And if you need to switch majors, it is better than doing something you hate forever. Mostly, just have a good time meeting new people you will know for the rest of your life!


Do research about the schools you are checking out, don't go to a school just because of friends or parents, be ready to commit to a school for all 4 years. Be friendly, be open to new things and ways of thinking. Don't close your dorm door, put your self out there to meet people.


Visit as many schools as possible - you won't know until you actually see the campus. If you have a friend who attends a school, try to go to a couple of classes with your friend to get a feel for the class sizes and professors. Do as much research as possible, and really look into yourself to decide if you want big or small, urban or rural. Realize that when you choose a college, you also choose a location and a culture. If you can't live without skiing, then you probably shouldn't go to UT, even if you are the biggest Longhorns fan in the country. If you need your D-I football and school spirit, make sure you look for it at every school you visit. Finding the right school takes time - devote at least a couple of years to do the search right. Transferring is a huge hassle, so don't go into the search with the attitude that a college choice could be temporary. Try to do it right the first time, and not waste credits that might not transfer and tons of lost tuition.


Do your research. Don't be afraid to visit schools that you know little about. just because a school is small, or not well known, doesn't mean that it's not the right school for you. Also, don't attend college for the atmosphere, because it may be fun for four years, but you may end up regretting later on down the road. Really look into the programs that interest you.


look into many different schools and work hard


To the students out there. Do not go to college becuase society says you should. Taking on the debt of college should be something that you want, for a reason that you want. There is no shame in changing your major several times or spending extra years in college. However, you will spend many years paying off the debt, so please be sure that you choose to spend the money on a career that you will enjoy working for a long period of time! If you have to wait a few years to save some money or figure out what you are interested in, do it! The societal view that college is just what comes after high school should be throughly evaluated. College is a major financial comittment and many young people are easily persuaded. The best approach is to have a good idea what you want before you dive in and face the many decisions, insecurities, and distractions that make college so exciting.


I would tell students to make sure that they like to work hard to be able to get something rewarding in the end. If you are not ready to work hard do not expect the school name to get you any where. I would find the college that has the major you want, it is the highest percentage of why students change schools. Try and go to a school where you can have fun and still work hard.


Make sure you visit the college and attend some classes before choosing. Talk to the administration, some faculty, and students. Do the research to know exactly what kind of college it is. Don't be afraid to choose because if it doesn't work out, you can transfer to another school. If you can, shadow a student a couple of times. To make the most of the college eperience, be active. Get involved in school activities and clubs. That way you can make friends. Chances are, there is some club that interests you. Make sure you balance school with your social life. You don't want to fail out of school but you also don't want to be stick in your room all the time. Make sure your have some kind of outlet to the stresses of school and have fun. Your college experience will be much better for it.


visit many colleges before your decision. afer the first year, you aren't happy then transfer to a place where you will be


Students, it's ok to not have the right choice right away. Its ok to change your major. Do what you want to do, after all it' your life now, not your parents. Parents, this is your childs future. Let them come to you if they have questions or if they want advice. This is their choice, not yours, let them chose; not you.


Find a college where you can really imagine yourself finding friends and enjoying yourself. But if after the first year it doesn't work out, no stress, you can just transfer.


Make sure that you visit the campus before you commit go attending, and go around campus on your own, not on a tour, to get a feel for what the students are like. If you have no idea what you want to major in, go to a bigger school rather then a more specalized school so you can find out what you reall want to do with your life.


Visit the college that you're looking at and be rather sure in what field you want to go in, not specifically but as an example: Business, Engineering, Pre-med etc. so that you can choose the school that can best fit your needs. An all around school is okay if you don't know what you want to do, but it is much better to go to a specialized school and get the most out of your education.


Talk to the current students and alumni before making a definite decision.


Every student need to find their own way through school and what works best for them. There is no set path for students to follow and each sudent will eventually. Also if you struggle at first do not become frustrated you would be surprised to find how many other students are in your exact same posiition. So if you are struggling try changing up your routine until you find what works best for you because when it is all said and done if you want to succeed you will find a way to do it.


More then anything focus upon your classwork and enjoy the experience. If your not sure of your major choose a school that is diverse in degrees.


Go with your gut. Figure out what makes you feel most comfortable and after seeking out schools with those qualities choose which one feels right or you gravitate toward.


Go with your gut feeling


Make sure to visit the college and walk around campus both with a guide and without to see how students there look. Are they happy? Sad? Are they the kind of people you think you would get along with? The most important thing is to have a good base of friends to get you through the year.


When you are looking for a college, the most important thing is to find a place where you can feel at home. You have to be able to find a group of friends that not only accept your specific piece of geekdom, but embrace it. Never go somewhere that changes who you are.


Depending on what you wnat to do with your life makes a big impact on what college you should go to. In my experience Colorado School of Mines is a school for people who know exactly what they want and are willing to work extremely hard until they graduate. If you are unsure what you want to do i suggest community college for a couple of years until you can figure it out. Otherwise check out the colleges you think are right for you and do the tours ask around, just don't jump to a conclusion unless you are sure.


When looking at colleges, keep in mind that the field of study that you might be thinking is "the one" for you might not end up being the one you actually study. Also be sure to consider a school's general education requirements, class size, location and accessibility, flexibility in the number of years of study (ie: will you be kicked out after 4 years, with or without a degree?), and availability of merit-based scholarships. Once you're attending a school, don't be afraid to transfer if you are not enjoying yourself. It's not necessary to put yourself through four (or more) years of hell because of a mistake you made in high school.