Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?




Not that I know of.


Yes the stereotype about hicks and rednecks is true, but CSU is a great school


I believe so.




The farm buff's stereotype is false there are a couple cowboys but very few. generally people are very nice and considerate.


For the most part.


To a degree, it mostly depends on your major.


Not at all




I think these stereotypes are accurate to a certain degree, but being here first hand shows me that there are very open minded individuals who love meeting new people and really focus on school as well as having fun!


I'd say so.


No, this is not accurate. I know a lot of students and all of them are focused on school and they are very nice.


yes for some people




For the most part they are.


they could be accurate im not sure




Hells no, the students living in the academic village are smart, yes good job, that's how they got into the academic village but that doesnt mean there ALL geeks. Also the kids that live in summit, including me, arn't all snoby and arnt all rich, cool if they are but, not everyone is. Fashion majors, ARE NOT STUPID! people honestly, just because some one is involved with fashion doesnt mean they failed out of highschool and are completely ignorant so they couldnt do anything else, yeah, not the reason maybe they like it? huh..wierd. Concerning the whole Boulder issue, most people I meet out here so hate Boulder, but it's more of a rival issue not a personal issue personally, I love Boulder and I go there every weekend.


It does.




While there is a lot of money at CSU. I find that there is a large percentage of students that don't come from rich families. Although, I have run into my fair share of the "daddy bought me a lexus for my birthday" types. I guess everyone is entitled to an education.


Very accurate, I saw concert in Boulder and a dancing hippie section blocked my view the entire show.


I believe all are true.


The ag-major one is not true, but the other one I think is true. I came here because I heard the culture was so great and accepting. So far so good.


Not really. While the school does need to work on a lot of asspects, it still is improving, Slowly.


Although there are some, I do not think there are a lot.


I don't think these are completely accurate. I do think that we have a larger representation of students who dress more casual, "natural" or neutral. But I don't think we really classify the typical person from the 60's or 70's. Our football team does suck, so they're fans aren't going to be so gung-ho into attending a football game and showing support. To a football game or really to any sporting event, CSU isn't big on athletics any more. But I think the most inaccurate stereotype is the comparison between CU and CSU. My stereotype of them is they are more hippie-ish and don't know how to tie their shoes on their own because their spoiled rich kids who bought their way into school or are drinking it away while having rich daddy just buy him sandals.


these stereotypes are somewhat accurate


The first stereotype could not be more incorrect. Even though CSU started out as a agriculture school, the majortiy of students today are open to a wide variety of subjects. The second stereotype is true, however, there are ways around this. The diversity on campus is lacking; as well as the community around CSU. This sounds bad but actually it is a great way for minorities to be heard on campus. Since minorities lack in numbers, programs that focus on these groups get large attention around the community and bring awareness to campus.


While I believe some of the students at CSU are CU rejects, I believe the students at CSU collectively are some incredibly bright and intelligent individuals. I mean, there is the small batch that sat in the back of the class and tried to cheat on each test, but those are only a small percentage and usually dont last long. Rams do know how to party. This is a fact. We love good beer, good parties, and our beautiful CSU ladies. Our brew tours made the Sports Illustrated list of 100 things to do before you graduate college! Put that in your pipe and smoke it CU.


The one about the football team is. The rest are not. Fort Collins is one of the best places to go to school.


The stereotype that CSU students party too hard is absolutley rediculous... There is obviously no way to party too hard/much.


maybe everything except for the viewing of family guy.


While we do have a large population of students from small towns, we are cultured and respectful of all diversities. Ever since Sam Spady's death in late 2004, CSU has really tried to overcome the stereotype that we are irresponsible drinkers. Don't get me wrong, CSU loves to party, but ever since Sam's death we are extremely responsible now. When it comes to funding and poor financial aid, that stereotype fits the profile.




Definitely, most people love to be active and there is always something to do. People here are really friendly and it's easy to make friends


these stereotypes are mostly accurate. I thought all girls were evil and back-stabbing, like they are in CA, and I ended up loving the girls and even joining a sorority!!!


These stereotypes are accurate yet does not encompass the pride that the students have for their CSU affiliation.


Are they right? Some are. My only advice would be youll have to see for your self. I loved the campus when I came to look at it out in the spring. Just dont base you decision on that, because once it hits october its extremly brown.


Yes, the lack of one stereotype allows for a lot of individuality within and on our campus.


I don't think this is accurate at all. There are so many different types of people that come to CSU from all over the country.


Some. CSU has great programs for Veterinary Medicine, Infectious Disease, Engineering, Arts, and education, as well as many others. CSU is predominantly white, non-hispanics, however, we do have students from over 80 countries and from every state. The majority is made up of white students, but Colorado is predominantly white as well and many students are from in-state so it makes sense that there is a correlation. But because there are so many students from so many places there are more diversity and advocacy offices then you can imagine, it makes up more culturally rich even though the majority is white.