Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


To save my money! I know, you'd think that would be obvious and I'm sure that my parents may have encouraged me to do so once or twice. I never realized the cost of living on my own until I actually had to do it. All of the sudden shampoo and coffee became luxury necessities that I realized--WHOA--mom can't pick that up for me from the store! Save. Your. Money. PS. you don't need to eat Qdoba everyday. I know it's delicious but control your queso addiction.


I wish freshman were required to take a class that helped them figure out what interess them. Most people I know have changed their majors at least once. I also wish it was a requirement for all majors to meet with their advisors, and that advisors were actually helpful. Mine just goes with whatever I say and is of no help.


Don't stress about community bathrooms, you may just meet your best friend in there. Get ready for your life to be completely based on a tight schedule Naps take time away from your day - go to bed early College students are so much more accepting of who you are than high school people. Get ready to find your real self. Unlike high school, people hate the ones that come to class and DON'T pay attention Introduce yourself to everyone you sit by in lectures -- don't just be friends with hall mates. Celebrate diversity


I wish I had known the on campus job opportunities, that reflected my major while they were available.


I wish I had known that partying is fun, but it is not what college socials are all about. There is plently more to do.


Just to trust who I am as a person. Not to hold anything back that would make me say I am not truly being myself. The school and community in Fort Collins is easily one of the most accepting environments I have ever even visited. There is a place and purpose for everyone here, despite background, hobbies, interests, you name it!


This is a great school. I can fully appreciate what it means to attend a great university now and all of the benefits of doing so.


I wish that I would have better understood just how much this would cost. I really got on the bandwagon and believed that school would be worth every dime because a good education would be imensely valuable, but now it feels like I'm digging a hole too deep to get out of. I'm trying to convince myself that I'll be able to get out of this debt when I have my degree and a job.


Before coming to Colorado State University I wish I would have known what I was missing out on. As a commuter/transfer student at my previous college I lost a lot of community and relationships because I was not around to tend to those friendships. At Colorado State University the community is everywhere and there are endless opportunities to be involved.


I would have liked to have know more about housing opportunities.


I struggled with depression and severe anxiety when I first entered college as a teen, all of which were a result of perfectionism. College courses are difficult, and learning to manage classes, a work-schedule, finances, and a social life can become over-whelming. Instead of withdrawing into myself and dropping out of school, I wish I had learned to reach out and ask for help. There is no shame in seeking support when needed, and I wish I had known how supportive professors and counsellors would be if I had chosen to express these issues to them.


I wish I had known more people who went to CSU and I wish I had known to be a better saver with money. College is so expensive and the rumors are true when they say that college students are broke students. I advise anyone to start working on their saving habits and learning the value of money before they leave to go to college.


How different college academics are compared to high school academics.

Jessie Mae

I wish I had known all the great resources available to me to help me if I was struggling in class. I wish I had known what a bad idea it was to take out student loans to go to school. I am still $39,000 in debt and I have been paying on them for 10 years!


I wish I would have known about all of the available resources at my disposal. I went through my first semestor kind of on my own when it came to schoolwork. By the time the second semester rolled around, I started to find out about all of the tutoring options throughout campus. This definitely got me through my second semester a lot better than my first.


The professors really don't baby you like teachers did in high school. There is no easy way out, you need to do your work and earn your grades because the professors really don't care if you don't make the effort.


I wish that I had known how hard it would be to keep up my relationships from my hometown. I have met so many amazing people here and consider most of them to be some of my best friends. However, I have lost touch with a lot of my best friends from high school. I wish I had realized that even though I only live an hour away from my home town it would still be very hard to keep in contact with those friends and how hard it would be to connect on a deep leavel with them.


I wish I had known about all the construction they were going to do on campus. I live in one of the towers and I cant eat at our dining hall because it is currently being renovated. Other placed such as, Corbette's lot is closed, the Lory Student Center is in the midst of renovation too, behind Braiden Hall, The Behavioral Science Building, and a few other areas. Getting to class in inconvienent.


Before being sent off into the unknown world of adulthood, there are a few pieces of advice I would give to my high school self. Though, college seems to be a time in everyone's life where everything happens all too fast and simultaneously- the education, meeting new people, having too much fun, becoming an adult- the main piece of advice is to experience all this, just in moderate amounts. This means not staying up until 4am just because you can! There's so much to learn and experience; don't get caught up in just one thing!


The real learning environment. Faculty are unreachable and TAs are rude, plus scheduling is nearly impossible and class sizes are too big. This campus and its true values do not support academic achievement.


Honestly, their is nothing that I wish I hadn't known before coming to CSU. Everything I find out that is new to me is a good suprise.


Don't be afraid to use what's available on campus! I never stepped foot in our school gym my freshman year and always wished I had! But seriously, everything from the health center to the library - everything is there for YOU to USE! So use it!!!


One thing I wish someone would have told me about freshman year is that advanced placement courses in high school make freshman year a cake walk. While my classes this year were still intellectually stimulating and time consuming, they were nothing to worry about coming in. The summer after my senior year in high school, I worried that things were going to get harder right away. I feared that I wasn't prepared for the challenge of college. When I got here and started classes I realized that all the hard work I had put into high school with honors and advanced placement courses significantly paid off. Most of the topics we covered in my classes this year, I had already learned my junior and senior year of high school, which made the classes a whole lot easier.


I wish I knew the typical year-round weather conditions. It can get extremely cold or extremely windy some days.


I wish I had known a little more about the athletics here at CSU. I wish I had the knowledge of the team as well as who the top players were. I also wish I knew that taking AP classes in high school would actually pay off in college! I took two AP classes and that knocked out two classes I don't have to take because I already have credit for them! I wish I would have taken more so I could make college cheaper on myself by taking less credits.


I wish I would have known to be more open and get involved in much more, there are so many great opportunities and if there was anyhting that I could have known, it would have been to know to get involved with as much as possible without stretching myself too thin.


How hard it is to be a commuter student there as a freshmen, especially adjusting to the lack of convenient parking.


Before coming to Colorado State University I wish I would've known all the academic resources and help centers available to me. Coming into such an enormous college as a lonely freshman, I was scared, overwhelmed, and sometimes frustrated. My year became much easier when I discovered all the free resources on campus that are specially designed to help students with whatever issues they may be facing. Anything from free student counseling to free tutoring, Colorado State University has pretty much anything a student needs to help them get through the tough times of college.


Make friends from all areas; dorms, clubs, and class.


The only thing I can think of that I wish I had known is in regards to the college composition exam for admittance. I didn't realize that they would give you the topic for which you had to write about. I did my own research and basically memorized my essay only to find out that they give you the topic. I still passed, but there was a moment of extreme panic!


How hard the sciences are! I love science and love my school, but CSU is very difficult. I'm happy with 3.6 GPA in college though compared to my 3.0 in high school.


How my financial aid worked. I did not really understand the system until junior year, when I realized how much money I was racking up.


I wish I would of known how much time I was going to have to devote to my studies outside of class. coming from high school and then a junior college I didn't really have to study all that much, but at CSU studying outside of class is a big part of you success.


Before I came to CSU I wish I knew what the dorm I was going to be living in looked like. I live in Edwards and if I knew about the bathrooms and how it looks like a dungeon I would have picked to like elsewhere.


Job opportunities for the first year.


That it is a lot harder than I thought it would be, but worth it. To try hard and not give up, but also not to worry too much.


I wish that I would have known about the Greek life at Colorado State University before I came to school. Although Greek life on the campus is relatively small compared to schools in the south, it is still a strong organization. The sororities are small enough that you can really get to know your sisters as well as most of the other Greeks, which makes events more fun. We can all get together on campus for a guest speaker and all get along and have fun together without the ?sibling? rivalry.


Before I came to Colorado State Universtiy I would have probably liked to know just how energetic and lively the campus and the whole Fort Collins area was. Instead I was in a new place expecting a whole different situation and wasn't expecting to be able to adapt as well as I have. If I would have known how great the community here was I probably would have been more calm and prepared to start classes, meet new people, and find really cool places to hang out at and study with friends.


Coming to college one has the chance for a fresh start and a chance to reinvent oneself. I wish I had known how important it is to stay true to yourself and what you believe. I wish I had known how important a good nights sleep is and the folly of procrastination. Mostly, I wish I had memorized the dining hall open hours.


I wish I had known all of the different majors offered at CSU, as I changed majors sophomore year to better suit my goals. If I had known that a Family and Consumer Sciences Education concentration major was offerend at the time that I applied to CSU, I would have saved thousands of dollars. Take some time to look at each different college within Colorado State, and at each major offered within that college - it could save thousands.


I wish I was aware of the difficulty of the schools engineering program. The program is very difficult and professors provide little assistance.


That it really doesn't matter what college you go to for your undergraduate degree.


I wish I knew more clearly how important it is to get involved in some type of student organization or club. Being involved not only helps you get over the hard shock of being out and on your own more than you ever have been, it also boosts your grades and helps form you into the well-rounded person you want to be. On a big campus like CSU, being involved in some student org is really the best and quickest way to find and make friends interested in similar things as you, which is really priceless.


I wish that I would have known how to apply for financial aid and grants, I am trying in the last few weeks and I am crossing my fingers, but it would have been nice to know before hand.


I feel I knew a lot about CSU before deciding to attend here and there is nothing I regret or feel like I didn't know something.


Education is the gateway to growing, so take it seriously. Don't let the glamour of the social life take you away from the commitment of time, money, and resources deprive you of your education. On average, most students change their major four times, take career tests while still in your senior year. Learn tolerance for all people and all cultures, regardless if you agree with their way of life. Understand that you have been given a privilege, don't take it for granted.


I wish I had known how much fun I would have on campus. I was unsure about living on campus for the first year, but soon became comfortable in the environment. However, I also wish I had known how to deal with a roommate. I would advise anyone to be prepared to face some frustrations when it comes to a roommate, especially as the semester progresses. As my Psychology teacher once said, "If you want to drive yourself crazy, live with someone else for a year!"


I wish I had known about all of the opportunities that would be available to me. If I would have known that, I would have been able to apply for many more things.


Although a Professor might not take attendance and this might sound cliche... but going to class absolutely determines your grade. You cannot skip classes and expect to do well. GO TO CLASS!!!


The geographical and student body size.