Columbia College Chicago Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our professors are all very experienced in their fields.


Creating arts and to live what you love!


Columbia College Chicago is best known for the arts . This school reminds you of Victorious from Nickelodeon. It focuses on theatre , dance, music, business, fashion,film , and even has an Education department. Education soundes like it doesnt really fit in but it does, teaching children about the arts is what Columbia is all about.


Columbia College Chicago is best known for studies within the arts; such as film, dance, writing, business, etc. It is aso known for having industry professors as instructors and for its interships avaliable to studnets.


Columbia mostly lacks tradition and eschews it in favor of quirkiness. But the one major, longstanding event is Manifest. It's what your whole four years are about, and you're encouraged to explore it every year. It's basically a showcase of the work of graduating seniors at the end of each year, and there's a lot of great fun activities going on all around the South Loop too. It's really a worthwhile event.


Columbia mostly lacks tradition and eschews it in favor of quirkiness. But the one major, longstanding event is Manifest. It's what your whole four years are about, and you're encouraged to explore it every year. It's basically a showcase of the work of graduating seniors at the end of each year, and there's a lot of great fun activities going on all around the South Loop too. It's really a worthwhile event.


Columbia is known for the arts; although this school is academically challenging and they want students to be book smart, they also want students to show their creative side.


My favorite campus tradition is ManiFest because it gives the students a chance to network with each other and showcase their creative work and talents,


Manifest is an awesome experience. It happens at the end of each year and consists of graduating students' work. There are student galleries, performances, shows, and much more. Columbia also typically brings in a musical guest to perform a small concert. (Previous artists included Lupe Fiasco and OK Go) Overall manifest is a fun experience and you are able to witness what the graduating students have created.


It's Art programs


My school is known for all sorts of art. weather it is dancing , photography, fashion, drawing etc.


Columbia College is known for being DIFFERENT. Columbia College is one of the largest and most diverse art schools in the entire country. The college always finds a way to stand out , and always manages to excite and surprise me. No matter where you are at Columbia College, you know that the person sitting next to you has the same strong passion for what they're studying, as you do with what you're studying. Columbia College is anything but conventional, and always accepts and encourages everyone to be who they really are.


Columbia College Chicago is best known for their multimedia arts, fine arts, performing arts, fashion design, marketing, and video game design programs.


The school is best known for the arts, particularly film, however it is all advertising and marketing so you're better off going to a better known school to receive better education.


Art School


Columbia college is known for their unique individuals that can only be defined as artists. Columbia is one of the best art schools in the nation and students from all over keep that reputation.


Its diversity, creativity and hope for change.


Columbia College Chicago is deffinatly known for its Arts. The school is completly dedicated to fields in all types of arts music, writting, fashion, and more. We have some of the most creative students and Faculty. Many of the teachers here are still working in the field, which gives our teachers first hand and current knowledge of the field they are in. It is mostly known for helping prepare its students the best.When the students graduate here many of them find jobs easily because of the training and knowledge learned at Columbia.


Columbia College is best knows for being an art school. It is open to people with imaginations and who would like to lead very creativ lives. Most of the students here are majoring in some form of art.




Our school is best known for it's unique character. Students at Columbia are unique and oftentimes express their uniqueness on campus through art-related activities (performance, visual, etc.). At Columbia, no one is considered "odd" or "different." Friendships made outside the classroom oftentimes include people from various socio-economic statuses and social groups. Conversations can easily be started while standing outside of Columbia during class break or while just walking the street. The overrall friendly and unique environment of Columbia seperates it from surrounding schools. At Columbia, you are encouraged to feel comfortable in your own skin.


Art, Performing arts fashion and music


My school is known for being the best school in chicago to study film.


Columbia is quickly becoming one of the nation's most talked about art schools, and is currently one of the top five best film schools in the country. As the world's largest art school, it has a reputation for practical artistic application, helping students understand the realities of working in their respective artistic fields, while maintaining a healthy mix of rigorous artistic training and enjoyable, laid back, and often hilarious creative expression, from the freshman undergrads all the way up through the administrative hierarchy.


My school or in other words the school that I will be attending, Columbia College Chicago is the largest and most diverse private arts and media college in the nation. The school takes much pride in its location where they can use the city of Chicago to their advantage. Columbia College Chicago is also known for its relatively small class ratios and its working professional teachers.


Columbia College is best known for innovation, which is a new creation from an experiment. It's a visual and performing arts college and is the largest liberal arts college in the country. I have always heard good things about Columbia College and the staff are always willing to go the extra mile for the students. I will be attending this school this semester to achieve my master's degree in theater and a minor in film. I believe I have chosen the right college and really look forward to accomplishing my goal at Columbia College.


I have a couple friend who are in Nursing. Memorial Herman is the larget hospital chain in Houston. Working together the school creates a rigorous progam only have I heard of students with perfect gpa recieving admission.


Arts and Media Education


Being very interactive in the arts and multimedia, and for having an open admission policy.


It is best know for being artistic.


Artsy kids who drop out.


For being the biggest art school in America, best school for dance, fashion, music, and movie industry. For being a Chicago landmark college.


Columbia College Chicago is best know for the Arts, it is a very creative and artsy school. Most of the programs here relate to: theater, dance, music, film, photography, and other arts.


The education of the arts to its students. Its writing, performing, multimedia, and film programs are among the top in the country. People are friendly and the supplies and facilities are up to date.


Columbia College Chicago is known for being the largest private arts school in the country. Although this is measured technically by the number of students attending, I would rather it be measured in the sense of the numerous amount of artistic majors offered by the school and vast amount of different types of people whether it be faculty or fellow students that you come into contact with.


Liberal arts programs that are rated highly around the world. Great faculty and staff that work in their fields and teach, sharing their knowledge freely with students to make them better. And the city of Chicago, downtown especially, is an amazing campus!


I would say the diversity of the people that go there.


For their photography program and many other artistic majors.


This school is best known for it's great integration with professionals and students. Staff works in the industry and educates students how everything works in a real world sense, not an academia sense. Students learn REAL WORLD knowledge and are told how cut throat the industry is. Also known for it's film and video department and focus on sending students to hollywood and numerous film festivals around the world. Very diverse, very different, very real, and very informative. Great networking oppotunities.


Preparing students for succssesful careers in creative and artistic fields that can otherwise be difficult to break into. The teachers are all professionals in thier field and introduce you to other industry professionls. There are great oppourtunities for internships and students are strongly encouraged to take one before they graduate.


It is an art school, fine art and all. We are known for Photography, Film, Dance, and all.




its an art school. They don't have regular classes, so our art programs are pretty decent. Being a dance major i can say i am getting a pretty decenet ance education