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Most schools focus on general education but Columbia focuses on career when you first start the school.


I am a film major at columbia and I believe this school approaches the craft of filmmaking like no other film school I researched. From the very beginning, Columbia has been getting me ready for life after college by providing a number of opportunities for on-set experience. A big part of their eductation is geared to hands on experience and understanding how to promote ones self after college. I believe whole heartedly, once I graduate from Columbia College Chicago, I will have the knowledge and experience to handle myself in any proffessional scenario.


Columbia College is one of the recommended colleges told by my former English professor, and I'm glad it was recommended because I adored with the art classes and it shows that they care for art students as much as any other art colleges.


Columbia is all about building talent rather than taking the most talented and stamping the schools name on top of the students talent. The teachers are much more encouraging about building your basic skills where as in other schools when the students weren't perfect they told by teachers to give up or even get cut from the program by the school itself. Columbia is a place for a new start for people who have been rejected by typical education systems.


Columbia College Chicago is unique due to it's "campus" within the city as well as through its opportunites offered to students. By not having a traditional campus and by making the city of Chicago our playing field/ campus, it gives students real world experience and teaches how to make it in the real world while maintaining an education within a field you love. It also has major interships open for all students and gives each student an open and equal chance for success.


It is in the heart of Chicago and we gain experience not only from the classes, but also from the city itself.


My school was quite the surprise, because it considers students based more on their background and creative abilities, and less on test scores and GPA. It was convenient, but also promising for me, because I am quite creative, yet had many bumps in the road while going through high school. I am happy to say that my ACT was a solid 25.


Columbia College is totally unique from any other art school because of the diversty of the student body and professional staff. Students from Columbia cover all of the arts. Everything from film and dance, instrumental performance and visual arts, to creative writing and game design can be found at Columbia. The collaboration between the individual disciplines is where Columbia shines. Everyone interacts with one another. Artists, writers, and performers all come together to fuel one another and create spectacular works of art. All of the staff are still working in their fields so students get real world advice from professionals.


This school is specificly targetting to art students. Many different programs, but all art related, I love it!


What sold me to Columbia College Chicago was their willingness to help me make connections quickly as a Freshman. It also is in downtown Chicago, which helps tremendously when finding different job opportunities and employment while attending school. I enjoyed their ten major guidelines and the fact that one of those was to live what you love. Creating art is my passion. It's what I live for.


Columbia is one of the most diverse colleges in the country. Columbia currently has a little less than 12,000 undergraduates from all over the world, but still maintains class sizes of around 25 with absolutely no more than 40. What makes the college different is the sense of community with not only Columbia students, but with students from the many colleges in the wonderful city of Chicago.


The location of the school makes the experience of going there very unique. Since there is no specific campus, and the school is based in downton Chicago, students have the opportunity to not only experience going to college, but also just living life in general. Living in a city on your own requires a great deal of responsibility, and students get the opportunity to prove themselves as adults at Columbia.


Sketchy administration, sketchy facilities, rare instances of genuineness, and high tuition. If you're lucky, get a scholarship and maybe experience it here for a while. Shoot high with your academics, and make the best of it. I'm sure it wont be so bad once I'm out of here.


Columbia definitely falls within the art school category, so obviously you should know what you're getting in to. It's pretty diverse both ethnically and ideologically, so you'll have plenty of experience meeting new people and being exposed to new ways of thinking. As art is the school's purpose, most of the facilities in regard to this are pretty advanced, especially the new media production center. There are lots of quality resources at your disposal.


My school is strictly for art. My school is located in a very urbanized environment that allows its' students to explore , meet new people, and learn about different ethnicities. Next, my school prepares its' artists by creating programs or events that permits them to showcase their skills in front of a large crowd, this helps serious artists build a fan base for themselves, locally.


Columbia College Chicago is very unique compared to other schools I looked at. It is a school that is dedicated to helping make artistic people successful, while still providing them the basic education that liberal art schools provide. It is in the heart of downtown Chicago, which has been a great positive to me personally because it is such a great city. The faculty and staff have all seemed to be extremely helpful and friendly. Essentially the artsy side of the school is what appealed to me because it is somewhat of a unique quality among colleges.


Columbia is very diverse. People from all walks of life go here. It is located in the heart of downtown Chicago. So With that being, said you have all over chicago as your play ground and you have the freedom to explore it. Here at Columbia they let you be very free and they encourage you to be creative. So, they have classes here that pertain to your major. For example, instead of regular Physic cloumbia has the physics of sound. Which in my case this helps alot because i can pay attention more because i am a musican.


My school has a very diverse student body and its also a art school. I love that there;s alot of oppurtuinity for ar t lovers at my school.


The reasons why I picked this school is because it is in the heart of Chicago and the Fashion Design Program is great here. Classes at other schools I considered had atleast 200 student lectures for each class and I wanted more one on one classes. At Columbia college in Chicago the classes are small enoughfor the teachers to get to know your personal strengths and weaknesses. The teachers are always there for your when you need extra help.


I feel as if my school is more open-minded and just "open" in general. Freedom of expression and creativity are emphasized and encouraged. My school is also extremely diverse, housing students of many races with different passions, ideas, and talents from all backgrounds and walks of life.


I have a learning disabilite and I feel I dont have to hide it when I go too school. The professor shows they care about the student. And when I ask anybody that works there a question they would answer them and with my learning disabilite, I dont understand thing as well and it might take me time or ask a lot of question to start to understand. and they would take there time and explain to me and not get an attitude with me or get frustrated with me. So I really find that unique about my school.


Every teacher is a current working professional in the field they are teaching in.


My school is located in one of the best cities in the world. The other colleges I considered could not give me the excitement that living in a city can give me. More than that it offers me so many opportunities to actually prepare me for what I want to do in the future.


Its in a city where a can start imediatly in my feild. They help you open doors and really get involved with the artistic comunity around there. The enviroment is very welcoming also, and you can explore whatever your heart desires!


My school has a workout room and a self defense class on campus, inwich i particepate in.


I think that because Columbia college is so big and diverse, it is considered unique. Many schools, that are diverse ,usually break up into groups that only associate with their own ethnicity. But Columbia actually support diversity with the many different organizations that it posesses. Every since i have enrolled into Columbia, i have noticed that every one is supportive and I think that this is one of the many reasons why columbia is unique.


The school is very diverse in a city setting, Chicago. there is plenty of public transportation and activities to do outside of school. The classes are small and the teachers do what they teach.


It is very diverse, culterally and ethnically. It is located in downtown Chicago, amongst a huge theatre community. Most of the faculty is adjunt; they are practicing in the field they are teaching. I love that! I am pushed to artistically express myself in ways that severely benefit me.


Columbia College is unique because of both its location and its culture. Not only is it set in one of the most exciting cities in the world with access to food, shows, festivals, and American life. But, it is also a school geared to creative people who want to live creative lives. Despite its artsy focus, the education is still top level. The school itself is the best of both worlds, and its set in the of ours.


Columbia College Chicago offers a unique community of differing majors and practices that often times allows for collaboration. Many projects throughout Columbia use students from almost all the departments at Columbia , specifically: Film, Acting, Music, Dance, and Animation/Graphic Design. These projects allow students to gain a real sense of the industry, as often times, the massive projects are organized and run as they would at a professional level. More so, the projects are being constructed from a collaborating group of experts, each with his or her own knowledge and artistic value that is brought together to the same goal.


The location of our institution is unique because of the culture of Chicago that you intake. Being born and raised in Chicago its easy for me to appreicate the atmosphere of Columbia College's campus. It doesnt take long for students from all over the country to appreciate the Chicago culture. I believe that students get overwhelmed with the environment of the college's campus because there is so much to take interest too. The location also provide's many career and learning opportunities.


The city, the working teachers and the fact that I could do as much as I wanted. I like to try many different things: photography, theater, writing and Columbia allows me to explore.


Columbia is a thriving community which facilitates success for its students. There is endless support in every aspect a student could desire. The instructors are active in their field and full of excited energy. Students are able to do so much learning outside of the classroom through feild trips, studying abroad, student organizations ect. Integration between majors is encouraged and there is so much activity on campus that is the basis for very importnt networking; connecting the student to significant allies and resources. Its a fulfilling experience that grows to passions rather than having to search for them in isolation.


My school is unique compaired to others i considered in various ways. The most important of which being that my school is the larges arts school in the united states because of the fact that they let so many people in. this is good some times because it gives people a change to experiance art in a large community that can really help you at times.


This school offers my degree, jobs in my field for after graduation as well as a high employment rate, a great selection in internships, and a very good program. It is also close to my house, and has many opportunities for growth in learning and fine-tuning my skills.


Columbia allows artistic students to realize that they're dreams can become a lucritive carreer field. This is a school that really emphasizes creativity and the way the academics are structured it makes it easier for "creative" types to succeed. Also, most if not all of the teachers are professionals in their fields which is something that really helps to inspire students as well as opens up networking connections for them after college.


It's an art school that doesn't abide by the normal college system, it has its own that works best for the students to be themselves and do what they do best.


Other art school I was interested in, did not seem to be as involved with each student. Every professor tries their hardest to get to know and understand every student they have. Everyone wnats the best for everyone else. Students are all involved in each others work and try to help one another by collaborating.


"DIVERSITY" was what I saw at Columbia, and in just about every catagory you can place people in. Race, culture, religion, background, for me personally, it was a breath of fresh air to meet other people and learn more about diferent backgrounds.


I attend an all Arts college which that alone seperates itself from the rest. Our school focuses on grades of course but also as well as networking with others that are in studying the same major you are and also those who are not. This is so you can get a chance to collaberate with others and possibly work on unique projects together. There are no fraternities or sororities and hardly any sports as well. Columbia is uniquely diversed in race/ethnicites, gender, religion and sexual orientation. Everyone gets a chance to learn different things from one another.


The professors know what they are talking about because they are currently in the field.


My school is very, very, very, liberal and artistic- there are soooo many talented and artistic students and teachers at my school.


Columbia College is all about the students and accessing their creativity. Everyone treats each other equal. There are no fraternities or sports teams. Columbia focuses on the artist and utulizing the resources the school has to offer. My school is very flexible in scheduling, and you can learn about anything you want.


I didn't really consider too many other schools. So...probably not the best person to ask on that one.


It has very diverse teachers and class work


Columbia College is incredibly diverse. As far as most art schools that I have experienced, you really get a chance to explore not only your field, but everything surrounding your field and more. Every class is tailored to better teach artistically-oriented students.


teachers are there and willing to help you because they want you to succeed in life


I enjoy Columbia College because i really feel like I am learning what i need to learn by professionals who are currently working on the field or have recently retired. The professors give a lot of insight into the degree you are planning to pursue, which makes it easier to attend classes and listen to what the teacher has to say.


Our teachers are mostly made up of working professionals in your area of interest. This is great because the give you real life experiences on your sought after profession. There are no fraternities or sororities which i think help kids stay focused ( I was in a frat at my previous school and it hurt me academically) There are no school sports, but there are endless amounts of intermurals!


Columbia's campus is intertwined with 4 other college campuses in the up and coming South Loop neighborhood of Chicago; therefor you meet people not only from Columbia, but from other schools, too.