Columbia College Chicago Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Even my physics (ok, science of acoustics professor) is in a band. Everyone is laid back, and we are surrounded by bright colors. People don't judge, they just help and accept who you are no matter how different, I learn more from my peers than my classes.

Hafeezah Muhammad

The location of the campus because Columbia is stationed all around the South Loop of Downtown Chicago and not a stuffy campus area. In addition, I brag about the fact that my college life is a little more customizable compared to high-school.


I am a member of an artistic society, spread out across downtown Chicago, enriching the city with color and life.


Living on campus and the studios here. The reason why is because living on campus is really fun and it teaches you responsiblilty. For example we get flex money on our key cards when you live in the UC ( University Center ) and you can by stuff down starts in the Cafe like chips, soda, candy , juice etc. Once your flex money is gone you have to use real money . It is best to use your flex wisely. The dance studios here is like being in New York if feels like your getting ready to be on Broadway.


It's an amazing school for any type of art or creative profession. The curriculum is rigorous and well designed, and the faculty is almost entirely comprised of professionals who are active in their respective fields. Hands-on learning is emphasized, as well as opportunities for networking and starting a career as an artist. This is a great place for anyone serious about having a career in any creative medium.


Almost every classroom has a plasma television.


When telling my friends about my school I tend to brag a lot about the fact that many of our teachers are or have been in the industry we are studying in.


I brag that we have the best housing options available. I live in an amazing, new apartment -style dorm tower with a floor-to-ceiling view of the Sears Tower and the rest of the city. We are provided a full kitchen and plasma TV in the living room which makes it very comfortable. There is also a sky lounge and graffiti rooom. This is not a typical college living experience and I am absolutely okay with that!


Usually when Im bragging to my friends about my school, its mostly about the extra curricular activities. There are alot of activies set in place to allow students to show off their artistic abilities. There is a event referred to as manifest and it allows performers in the urban arts to showcase their artistic talents. I love this becasue it shows the school really supports its students.


The available classes and teachers who care that you learn and get ahead.


I brag most about how my school has created the opportunity for me to combine the two things that I am most passionate about: my art and my family. I have always lived thousands of miles away from my older sister and father in California. However Columbia College has allowed me to become closer to my family and my goals.


Small classrooms, instructors are very accessible.


If I talk my school up to other peers I talk about how diverse this school is. There are students who come from all over, nationally and internationally to attend Columbia and it brings a great aspect to the community. Because there is so much diversity, the students can learn new ways of life that are beyond the classroom. Simply by interacting with other students, people here gain a better overall experience to take with them in the future.


I love how open students are with each other. I enjoy critiques of others work and my own, and the teachers all work in the field and can assist with real-world problems.


That it has such an open, welcoming, artistic enviroment! I feel free to explore my talent and my intrests and see where i end up! And its filled with people who are just as passionate about their art as i am about mine! And the professiors are still working artists so they can help you get a foot in the door of your carrer!


I brag to my friends about the curriculum at Columbia College. The teachers are all still working in their fields of interest while they are teaching. Here at Columbia College 3 years of Math,foreign language and science is not needed.


I love this question. I always tell my friends that my school gets an extra week for Winter Break which I find to be pretty cool. However, the one thing I always brag about is the diversity that Columbia College has. It feels so good to meet new people from around the world and it disappoints me that some of my friends do not get that opportunity.


I usually talk about the dorms and social scene. The new dorms are very spacious and comfortable. They are located in downtown Chicago so there is usually always something fun to do. In certain rooms you can see Lake Michigan and the view is very pretty in the morning. Even if you don't want to leave the building to have fun there is always something going on on the inside.


I mostly brag about the fact that since i'm a music major, there isn't much focus on the general education classes like most other universities. Also living in the city is another cool aspect to going to school, because you have many more opportunites to see and do things


There are two features that I make a point to brag about, the first being that fact that I live in a city like Chicago. There is every kind of person you can imagine and more walking through its streets. It is so much fun living in the city, coming from a suburb, because it makes you realize just how big and amazing our world is. The second special aspect of Columbia, is that you get to actually study your passion. Film has and always will be a huge part of my life, and homework for me is fun.


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I would tell others about our art exhibits and diverse events.


I love the hands on classes. Everything that i am going to be doing in my field i am doing in my classes, which is excellent practice for the future.


When telling friends about Columbia I brag most about the teachers. All of the teachers are professionals who are currently working in their field. They bring so much insight to the class room as well as industry connections.


The energy in the city of chicago is perfect for me, the city is my campus. They don't keep us in a little campus bubble we're thrown into real life and that experiance is so different than a regular "university campus". I love the way it's shapped me and it's cool to see how much I've grown since living in the city. People are serious about their work here. Columbia is a place where we can finally turn our passions into reality!


In the City of Chicago.


I usually brag about how open-minded everyone is at Columbia. It's a very accepting community and I learn so much because of the freedom to express oneself. I love that I'm in the city of Chicago and I always brag how I get to be downtown every day. The teachers are really knowledgeable and most have jobs in the field they teach. There's a wonderful display of student work all the time and it's a great, artistic place to be.


I brag that I get to learn art every day and that I love the teachers. All the teachers here are very helpful and experts in their field. The food on-campus is great and the city is beautiful and clean. There is a lot to do and everyone is very environmentally mindful.




I always enjoy talking about how amazing my teachers are as well as the fact that they are all working professionals in the fields that they are teaching so that they are always up to date in that profession. Also, Columbia's focus and on encouraging you to gain experience in subjects outside of your major is fantastic.


Columbia is amazing in the arts. Our staff is made up of well known artists, writers, ect. They are experienced and knowledgable. Columbia produces great artwork in all different forms.


It is a deceptively easy school to get in to, but you have to work very hard to stay. Everyone is very goal oriented. The students are largely dependent upon eachother to complete projects . I also enjoy the facilities at this school. I believe we have the best photography department in the country. Columbia is a special school which draws from the city in which it exists. We are so fortunate to have the City of Chicago as our back yard and our inspiration. Chicago is also rich with cultural and academic resources.


Columbia College Chicago emphasizes the importance of networking and embraces diversity. Here you meet a kaleidoscope of people who are able to help you in opening doors to your intended career path.


Being able to live as an artist in a community of artists. Sure, there are those who are all about themselves and not much else, but the majority just want you to be a muse as much as they want to be your muse. It's such an awesome thing to just walk outside while they are shooting a film, to walking into a lobby to someone rocking out on a guitar, passing rooms where people are rehearsing lines or giving a reading, someone painting/drawing, or avoiding the dancing feet of people in the elevator. I love it.


The City. I grew up in a very small town with everyone knowing everyone, here in Chicago there is so much to see and learn there is Arts and History. You dont ever have to walk anyplace, Trains, Buses, Cabs, So many places to go so much to see, So many people to meet.


Being in Chicago


how amazing my teachers are.


I usually tend to talk about the surrounding city more. Our "campus" isn't much to brag about as it is only a series of buildings spread out around the city. I guess you could say the city is our campus.