Columbia College-Columbia, MO Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There is nothing frustrating about my school. I absuolutely love it.


The most frustrating thing about this school, is that the faculty members try to preach to the students how good of a school this is and how they will help with anything that we need, but once they are put in a situation where something needs to be done, they dont respond to emails or phone calls or they just don't help at all. I'm not speaking about all the faculty members, just in my expierence, one too many faculty members have left me to deal with these school issues alone or they go unsolved.


Getting ahold of your advisor.


The five hour classes and that they dont offer all classes every semester.


the proctor testing site. because I am taking online classes I have to set up proctors to take my mid term and final exams sometimes and they are not always at the most convienent times.


Have not encountered anything frustrating