Columbia College-Columbia, SC Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Columbia College is focused on their students. We are treated as individuals and not as numbers. The teachers and staff build a rapport and know you by name.


The thing I most brag about when I tell people about my school is how awesome my professors are! They actually care how we do and listen/are there when we have questions. To go along with that, I also brag about how small the classes are and how much one on one time we can get with the professors.


I tell them how great the enrollment process was, how my advisor keep me informed on all that was going on with getting into school, I tell them about how great the instructors are and how they are really there for us to learn.


The people I have met are the most supportive group of women I have ever met. I am a member of the Columbia College soccer team. Each one of us have come together for a purpose. We have come from all over the world and yet we have one goal. The goal to be the very best at what we do as well as what we will become. My classmates also have that same mentality. Each one of us is supportive of the next. I tell my friends - my teammates and classmates at Columbia College are awesome!


The scholarships are fantastic. I was able to obtain a full ride by earning a 1300 or higher SAT. All I have to pay for is room and board, books, and things like that. Also, the workload in any given class is considerably low. The most time I spend on homework every night would be around two hours. Some of the classes have e-books, which cuts down on how much I have to carry to class.


My Christian club.


My school develops girls into women with courage, commitment, confidence, competience, and the maturity to fuction sucessifully in society without a boyfriend or husband.


The availibility of academic opportunities such as studying abroad, attending conferences, being involved in leadership positions, and being involved in your department.


I like the small class sizes. It makes it very easy to get to know your professors, and gives you a chance to become comfortable in class discussions. I also like how friendly and helpful my teachers are.


What I brag about the most when I tell my friends about my school is that no matter what each student is interested in Columbia College is willing to try to meet the needs of the very diverse Columbia College student body. Here at Columbia College I feel most welcomed because an artistic mind and creative nature is never rejected, yet widely accepted by the falcuty and my peers at Columbia College.