Columbia College-Columbia, SC Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


You have to be academically focused to attend Columbia College. Artistic people love this school. But we also have a strong science program.


a very liberal person, especially education majors


Well, if you are a girl, this would be the best college to attend since this is an all girls school. Boys can attend here too, but only during the evening classes. There are not many courses to take here, but if you do want to go to this college, business, economics, law, and others around that field are predominate at this school. I'll have to admit to you however, that this was not my first choice in finding a college, but I am very glad that I did come to this school.


Any female who wants to pursue her education with professors who give one on one help. Also a woman who does better with small classroom sizes and knowing that your professor knows you by name.


A female who is interested in growing and becoming a strong leader. At Columbia College we focus on the characteristics we will need for life rather than learning things we may never need.


If you want to attend Columbia College you don't have to be one particular race, religion, sexual orientation, Democrat, Republican, or whatever stereotype the world seems to try to catogorize people by. You just have to be a young person who desperately wants to utilize their talents and abililies and become the best possible member of society you can. Columbia College will challenge you, and if you are ready to rise to the occasion with the support of nurturing and caring faculty members, then Columbia College is absolutely the place to help you realize and attain your dreams.


Well, this school is an all girl college, however it is open to males during its evening college. It is consider a methodist college, so you shoudl at least be a christian.