Columbia College-Columbia, SC Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Columbia College-Columbia, SC?


This school is made for people who want to work hard to attain success. The insitution pushes students to become the best person possible.


People who are not prepare to have an open mind, who are have not consider a small college versus a university setting. Also students who are not prepare for a college workload.


The kind of person that is not serios about their education or does not have the time to put forth the effort to work hard. The work load is alot but i enjoy doing it, because I am interested in most of my classes.


I have noticed that Columbia College really puts an emphasis on working in groups and taking initiative in one's life and becoming a leader and making a change in the community. If anyone is not comfortable with group work and leadership, this is not the college for them.


Someone who likes big schools. Someone who like partying. Someone who wants to have a lot of on campus activities. Someone who enjoys sports and attending sports activities.