Columbia College-Columbia, SC Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That i could use My IEP


I wish I had known how to search for and secure more scholarships. Had I known more, I would have left college with less debt.


I think I knew all that i needed to know before coming to this school. But I guess I wish that I knew i would need more scholarships so that I can afford to come here all 4 years.


I wish I had known its location. The school is in the middle of the bad part of town; someone was shot across the street from us the other week. I also wish I had known how annoying the cafeteria hours were (very limiting) and how few options we have as far as food goes. Also, the police here don't really patrol the area at night, and most people feel uneasy walking around campus.


I wish I had known how beautiful and welcoming the campus was, it would have made my decision much easier had I come and visit the school a few times before deciding.


the way that some classes are not only not offered every semester, but not every year.also, my own capacity for academic success. in high school, i didn't try at all, but once i got to college i was so grateful to be there that i was determined not to mess it up. i'm doing well in college, and i beleive my high school track record would be much better and i would have gotten more out of high school had i tried.