Columbus College of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Simultaneously laid back and strung out. We want to relax and take things slow but we can't we have to work work work until we're dead our bones are showing through the skin of our hands we're just skeletal remains of our former selves -


Columbus College of Art and Design has helped me gain a wealth of knowledge in the Commercial At Industry. Instructors at the college are motivate and inpire to all their students to push their creativity and thoughts to the limit. I feel that the best years of my life were spent during my four years at CCAD. I would recommend to incoming students who are persuing a degree in the arts to not just focus on their major area of study. They should diversify there education keeping an open mind to learn as much as they can.


The clasmmates I have at the Columbus College of Art and Design are all very unique. During an orientation program I was able to see all of the incoming freshman and all of them were so different from one another from their looks, dress, and their plans for college. I know that each of the students in my incoming class are highly talented because it was a challenge getting accepted into the Columbus College of Art and Design. I have seen the work of some students and already some of their work is on a professional level.


My classmates are extremely professioanl, highly creative, and take their art seriously


There are ALL KINDS of people on CCAD campus. I recommend living in the dorms freshman year b/c that makes it easy to make friends. But also, small class sizes and lots of class interactivity make it completely possible to be a part of the community, even if you are a transfer student or live off-campus. Students are from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, and they're mostly liberal.


Talented, though without purpose.


Artistic, talented and inspiring young artist who every day engage in healthy competitions against each other to strive and become better artists.


My classmates are amazing, they help each others, notetaking, studying for the test together, discussed about the ideas to use for team projects, making either disagree or agreement each others, and it really amazing to have to communicate with classmates.


Classmates are rad!


Everyone is unique and extremely talented, and almost everyone would be happy to show you a few artistic tricks.


Classmates are very diverse. There are people of different ages, backgrounds and cultures. People are all friendly and willing to help. Students are very driven and work hard to acheieve their goals.


Each of them are creative and unique in thier own special way.


My classmated are typically liberal, artistic, varied, and talented.


Everyone is very extreme in their work load, and mainly concerned about themselves.


Classmates were diverse culturally, economically, and skill-level wise.


very fun and artistically gifted, although some can be quiet and reserved, we all seem to be going for the same thing in life.


arts students are crazy :P