Columbus College of Art and Design Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My outstanding debt. Hurray. On the bright side, I like color theory.


The one thing that I brag about when speaking of the Columbus College of Art and Design are the high levels of education offered. Each student, no matter what major has the oppurtunity to learn from any field offered within the university. I belive that this is incredible because I have a large variety of resources, education, and talent to take from. As an artist, connections are what detrmines how succesful one is in their career, by understanding the multiple levels within the art community I could open doors for my career outside of college into adulthood.


I brag about all the things that I am learning at CCAD. I wasn't your "normal" art student, as I had never taken a studio class before and could barely draw, but now I am getting better and better at creating beautiful things via paper and pencil.


I brag most about not having to take many courses outside my major field of study. I've been able to focus almost solely on illustration with out being distracted by math or science classes. I was taking courses relevant to my major my freshman year. This allowed me to see if it was a good fit for me and to start improvement early on in my college career.


I am always excited to talk about the types of projects we work on at ccad, and the diverse types of classes. Many students that I hear from complain about most of their classes being essentially just lectures. One of my classes is lecture based, while others tend to be more activity based. Some classes emphasize discussion, some consist of mostly work-days for larger projects, and most classes try to integrate these various aspects and methods of education to at least some degree.


I brag about how it is one of the best in the nation.


Excellent learning experience, Quality programs, focused,teachers,campus location,opportunities


Whenever I speak to other individuals about the Columbus College of Art and Design, I usually tend to bring up how expensive the school is, but at the same time, I also add that the education I am receiving is well worth the money spent. I also add that attending this college is a great way to find a career in the field that I am interested in after my schooling is over.


I often brag about the unity and strong sense of community that is achieved at CCAD. After attending the schools, students realize that having strong ties to the community based around a chosen industry helps in discovering personal views and styles. Though it is frustrating at the time, it is hard not to brag about the tough coursework of CCAD. Students can see noticable improvements in skill and style after going through the Foundations Program. The hard work that is required during the school year, greatly pays off in the end through the wonderful variety of art work produced.


The people are very cool and I feel like I am going to have a great future.


The Columbus College of Art and Design is a school that pushes students to achieve their dreams, and push themselves to the limits. Without a doubt I believe that I have the job I have today, because of the great education I recieved at this school.


The maerials, tools, and softwear that i have experimented and used


That this school has a good student to teacher ratio so all questions are always answered. We have good credibility and people are always doing well once they have graduated.


That when I take a studio class I feel like I really accomplish something because they're all so challenging. We work harder than any other students I know.


I feel thatI tend to brag about how awesome and diverse this schools courses and the campus atmosphere is for being so small, it has a lot of choices of what you'd like to do.


Mostly how hard it is and how many projects we have. We put so many hours into class and projects, it's a lot of work. I also explain to them that all of my classes are 3 hours except for one which is a 6 hour class. Sometimes it is difficult to sit through the duration of the class. So I basically tell them how hard we have to work to get through this school.


I tell them how i get to have fun doing my homework because i go to an art school and enjoy doing my projects


The one thing I really pride myself on whenever it comes to my school is the relationship I have with my teachers, dean of my division and even the president of the school. The president of my school even remembers who I am and we can have a normal conversation together. This is the same for the dean of my division as well. There are many times where I can just sit and have an everyday conversation with him and this goes for my teachers as well.