Columbus State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Columbus State University know before they start?


I would critique my time management. I would also study harder for the betterment of my grades. I would be more involved in organizations and giving back in the community. I would of planned for college earlier in the years then waiting until my senior year.


Going back to high school graduation 2013 would bring about a myriad of feelings, particularly excitement, and impatientness. I never anticipated that at the end of my Senior year and the beginning of my Freshman year at the University of Georgia that I would ever end up wanting to go back home, only to want nothing more than to return back to one of the most diverse and quite frankly exciting colleges to exist in the state of Georgia. To my old self; stop. Think through your decisions and weigh out the consequences against the instant gratification of doing what you 'think' would be your best option at the time. Take a step back and fully assess the situation that you're in before making a cold and seemingly calculated decision that WILL alter the course of your future. You never know what you have until it's gone and making bold decisions on little grounds to do so will ultimately result in being unhappy from what you THOUGHT was non-happiness.


i would keep my head more in the books and continued to do track and field. I would also want to take tours of colleges and ask people that went there how is college. if i could give myself some advice it would be to never precrastinate on work and make sure that if you need tutoring you get it and never be ashamed that you need help because i know that about everyone need help on something.


If i were to be a high-school senior again i would have multiple things to tell myself that would hav never come to my mind until i expericened them. First, I would like to start by saying if you plan to attend college start taking SAT and ACT test as early as possible to get your scores high. Second start planning earlier on the different colleges you want too go to and put your application in. Once you get accepted into the school you need to start a finacial plan. I would tell myself that i should i have continuosly put in scolarships, espeacially since my father is the only one working for our family. There are so many payments to pay for in additional to college expenses. My advice to my self to making a transition is to visit the schools and interact with upperclassmen so they can ease your worries and help you with any concerns. I do suggest to live in the dorms because you become a better student and stay focused. I would also strive to do your best and never give up.


If I could go back in time, I would convince my high school self to sitck to business management as my major instead of switiching to education. My reasons for this include increased job opportunities and more stable employment with a business degree than with an education degree, especially since I planned on staying in Columbus after college to find employment. I would love to go back and tell myself that I need not doubt my abilities. I spent a lot of time in college worried if I was going to make it through a class or not, but the self-doubt was holding me back instead of propelling me forward. I definietly learned that I am capable of more than I could have ever imagined as a new high school graduate.


I would tell myself not to procrastinate and apply for as many scholarships as possible.Figuring out how to pay for school is always stressful.I would tell myself not to let myself slip up just because i made it to college.This only caused me long term damage to by GPA and now I cannot apply for certain scholarships.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would first tell myself to get the emotional help you need now because depression is going to hit you in a few years from the lifetime of issues you've had. Academically, the transition was not very difficult (though I would say to study hard for tests because there is no more classwork to help keep an A+ in your classes), but because I wasn't aware of the crippling anxiety and depression, I made very little friends and couldn't push myself to work on audition pieces. I know for a fact that my college career could have been amazing if it wasn't for that. I would also tell myself it's okay to mess up, to keep working as hard as you do, and you are going to have an amazing next four years!


If i could go back to high school I would simply tell myself one thing. Never give up and never quit, you are too strong and too talented to give up on your dreams. The future is so bright for you and you wont regret one thing. In high school i was a loner and wondered from social group to social group to fit in. Now that I am older and wiser I can honestly say that i wasted too much time worring about what others think and not enough on making sure i was happy with myself. I feel as tho wasted way to much time focusing on my social status that now it seems stupid. I acted different then myself and ultimately lost my own self worth just to fit in. So in essence I would simply say "act yourself, be yourself, and never give up on you."


Dear Younger Erin, Greetings from your 2014 self! As a graduate student, wife, and mother, I've gained some wisdom I'd like to share with you before you embark on your adventures in college. My first piece of advice is to stop worrying so much about what other people think. Don't let the opinions of others make your decisions for you. Do what you want - and trust me, what you want is not to follow your friends to the University of Tennessee. This is a decision you will regret. Instead, go to the University of Florida and join the marching band, which is really what you want to do. When you get to school, GO TO CLASS! Don't major in pre-med science. Major in education. It's really okay to follow in Mom's footsteps and become a teacher, especially when you've wanted to for so long. Trust me, you're going to be awesome! Outside of class, take advantage of all the opportunities presented to you! Pledge ZTA! Travel! Join clubs! Be brave! Step outside your comfort zone! You can thank me in 2014. Love, Older and Wiser Erin (older, but not OLD)


I would tell myself that waiting until the last minute is absolutely not the way to do things because if something can go wrong it will. Also I'd tell myself that time management is very important. In college you have a lot of free time and it is up to you what you do in that time. Studying and doing homework is mandatory, no one is going to make you study or constantly check your homework so it is up to you if it gets done. If you choose not to study your grades will reflect that. Also it is ok to ask for help if you do not understand, professors perfer you to ask instead of sitting there lost. Since no one is going to make you get up for class you have to set alarms and get to class on time. I would tell myself to have fun, meet new people, get involved on campus, but most of all accomplish your goals and remember the purpose of you coming to college.