Columbus State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would critique my time management. I would also study harder for the betterment of my grades. I would be more involved in organizations and giving back in the community. I would of planned for college earlier in the years then waiting until my senior year.


Going back to high school graduation 2013 would bring about a myriad of feelings, particularly excitement, and impatientness. I never anticipated that at the end of my Senior year and the beginning of my Freshman year at the University of Georgia that I would ever end up wanting to go back home, only to want nothing more than to return back to one of the most diverse and quite frankly exciting colleges to exist in the state of Georgia. To my old self; stop. Think through your decisions and weigh out the consequences against the instant gratification of doing what you 'think' would be your best option at the time. Take a step back and fully assess the situation that you're in before making a cold and seemingly calculated decision that WILL alter the course of your future. You never know what you have until it's gone and making bold decisions on little grounds to do so will ultimately result in being unhappy from what you THOUGHT was non-happiness.


i would keep my head more in the books and continued to do track and field. I would also want to take tours of colleges and ask people that went there how is college. if i could give myself some advice it would be to never precrastinate on work and make sure that if you need tutoring you get it and never be ashamed that you need help because i know that about everyone need help on something.


If i were to be a high-school senior again i would have multiple things to tell myself that would hav never come to my mind until i expericened them. First, I would like to start by saying if you plan to attend college start taking SAT and ACT test as early as possible to get your scores high. Second start planning earlier on the different colleges you want too go to and put your application in. Once you get accepted into the school you need to start a finacial plan. I would tell myself that i should i have continuosly put in scolarships, espeacially since my father is the only one working for our family. There are so many payments to pay for in additional to college expenses. My advice to my self to making a transition is to visit the schools and interact with upperclassmen so they can ease your worries and help you with any concerns. I do suggest to live in the dorms because you become a better student and stay focused. I would also strive to do your best and never give up.


If I could go back in time, I would convince my high school self to sitck to business management as my major instead of switiching to education. My reasons for this include increased job opportunities and more stable employment with a business degree than with an education degree, especially since I planned on staying in Columbus after college to find employment. I would love to go back and tell myself that I need not doubt my abilities. I spent a lot of time in college worried if I was going to make it through a class or not, but the self-doubt was holding me back instead of propelling me forward. I definietly learned that I am capable of more than I could have ever imagined as a new high school graduate.


I would tell myself not to procrastinate and apply for as many scholarships as possible.Figuring out how to pay for school is always stressful.I would tell myself not to let myself slip up just because i made it to college.This only caused me long term damage to by GPA and now I cannot apply for certain scholarships.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would first tell myself to get the emotional help you need now because depression is going to hit you in a few years from the lifetime of issues you've had. Academically, the transition was not very difficult (though I would say to study hard for tests because there is no more classwork to help keep an A+ in your classes), but because I wasn't aware of the crippling anxiety and depression, I made very little friends and couldn't push myself to work on audition pieces. I know for a fact that my college career could have been amazing if it wasn't for that. I would also tell myself it's okay to mess up, to keep working as hard as you do, and you are going to have an amazing next four years!


If i could go back to high school I would simply tell myself one thing. Never give up and never quit, you are too strong and too talented to give up on your dreams. The future is so bright for you and you wont regret one thing. In high school i was a loner and wondered from social group to social group to fit in. Now that I am older and wiser I can honestly say that i wasted too much time worring about what others think and not enough on making sure i was happy with myself. I feel as tho wasted way to much time focusing on my social status that now it seems stupid. I acted different then myself and ultimately lost my own self worth just to fit in. So in essence I would simply say "act yourself, be yourself, and never give up on you."


Dear Younger Erin, Greetings from your 2014 self! As a graduate student, wife, and mother, I've gained some wisdom I'd like to share with you before you embark on your adventures in college. My first piece of advice is to stop worrying so much about what other people think. Don't let the opinions of others make your decisions for you. Do what you want - and trust me, what you want is not to follow your friends to the University of Tennessee. This is a decision you will regret. Instead, go to the University of Florida and join the marching band, which is really what you want to do. When you get to school, GO TO CLASS! Don't major in pre-med science. Major in education. It's really okay to follow in Mom's footsteps and become a teacher, especially when you've wanted to for so long. Trust me, you're going to be awesome! Outside of class, take advantage of all the opportunities presented to you! Pledge ZTA! Travel! Join clubs! Be brave! Step outside your comfort zone! You can thank me in 2014. Love, Older and Wiser Erin (older, but not OLD)


I would tell myself that waiting until the last minute is absolutely not the way to do things because if something can go wrong it will. Also I'd tell myself that time management is very important. In college you have a lot of free time and it is up to you what you do in that time. Studying and doing homework is mandatory, no one is going to make you study or constantly check your homework so it is up to you if it gets done. If you choose not to study your grades will reflect that. Also it is ok to ask for help if you do not understand, professors perfer you to ask instead of sitting there lost. Since no one is going to make you get up for class you have to set alarms and get to class on time. I would tell myself to have fun, meet new people, get involved on campus, but most of all accomplish your goals and remember the purpose of you coming to college.


As a high school senior at a small private school, I was easily affected by the peer pressure of picking a big name college. Many of my peers were only applying to schools that everyone thought sounded prestigious, or large universities with a famous football team and party reputation. I was so worried about what others would think about me if I chose a lesser known, cheaper state school. However, I do not regret my choice at all. I picked the university with an incredible Theatre Education program that has done a great deal to prepare me for my career. I have also made excellent connections with my professors and fellow students. Today I would tell my high school self to stop worrying what others think and just be me! Also, my only major regret was having a serious boyfriend for my first three years in college. I wish I could tell myself that it is better to spend some time alone and take advantage of all the opportunities college has to offer instead.


In all seriousness, I would make sure that I knew the experiences that were to come. I would tell myself that college is a completely new experience that is definitely ulike high school. The former me would then know that he cannot skate with decent grades but must instead strive to make the grades he gets better. I'm not sure that as a high school senior, especially with only graduation on my mind, I fully understood the severity of the upcoming life changes I would soon endure. I would overall just make sure that I was ready for what was to come. Looking back now, I'm not sure I was completely ready for the responsibilities, and I wish someone would have made it clearer to me then.


If I had to give my former high school self any advice before attending college, I would have to say to start making good study habits NOW, because whenever you are off on your own away from your parents it’ll be harder to stay on track whenever it’s optional. Study hard and make good grades because your financial aid/future relies on it. Find a good stress reliever for whenever schoolwork gets too hectic, if not then homework might seem like an excessive burden. Know that bad grades are not the end of the world; you can always take the class over again and do better in it to get your GPA back to where it needs to be. Make new friends, that is a great way to network and get to know more stuff about what is going on around campus. Get involved with campus activities; the more you get involved with the more connections you will make that will better your chances of getting to where you need to be for graduation. Above everything else have fun! These will be some of the best years of your life so enjoy them while you can.


If I could give any advice to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to stop listening to other people telling me what I should do with my life. For most of my life, people told me that I should study music or that I was going to be a famous singer one day. I love singing and although I know that I am talented vocally, I am so much more than that. I have so many other interests that I did not take time to develop in high school because I thought singing was my destiny. I would tell myself that I can do anything that I want. I am the only person who can hold myself back. I wish I had taken more advantage of the opportunities to pursue other interests and to figure out what I am passionate. Throughout college I changed my major three times before I finally figured out that Art was my passion and settled on an Art Education degree. I graduated in May 2013 and am now working as a Textile Designer, despite the fact that many people told me I would not find a job in the art field.


When I was in high school, it was honestly the last thing I was interested in. I made a horrible mistake and dropped out, figuring an education wasnt really important to obtain, and if i could talk to that girl now, I would have to much to say to her in one breath. After dropping out I traveled the country and did minimum wage entry level jobs. Last year after serving at an Italian restaurant 60 hours a week, it hit me. I needed more from life and deserve more from life. After that I enrolled in classes to obtain my GED because I needed some brushing up. In May I recieved the GED diploma and now I am enrolled in HCC as a pre-vet major. That is a dream I had since i was a little girl. I went threw a lot of hardship that wasn't nessasary. If i could go back, I would tell myself to stick it out. It hurts much more in the end. I would tell myself that Im better than all the pain I would go threw, I would tell myself to read the poem "The Road Less Traveled" by Robert Frost.


If i could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to be afraid to ask for help.One of my main problems then and now is that i always want to do things on my own. This cause my not to get tutoring,even when i thought i needed it.I did not even ask for help when i was applying for colleges or scholarships . This almost caused me not to get accepted.This is something I still struggle with today.Although i know that everybody needs help sometimes my pride can still get in the way.


I would tell myself to enjoy school; not think of it as a chore. School is just as much about learning, studying, and graduating as it is about having a social life, participating in campus activities and making lasting friendships. There is so much to learn and do in college. Yes you can try and finish as soon as possible but don't wait until you are burned out to take a rest.


Going into college is going to be great and fun. However, I would really push myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible! I would tell myself to work on studying habits and not to be afraid to ask for help. I would remind myself of how important it is to gain my own sense of responsibility for daily use now that I am going to college. There is no one to tell me to get up for school; no teacher is going to ask me to come to class prepared. The consequences are much great in college and it all falls on my shoulder whether or not I do well. The last thing I would do is give myself a pep talk and pump myself up for some of the hardest yet rewarding years of my life. Learning new things, losing friends, changing my outlook on life, and studying to the point of exhaustion are the things that will eventually shape who I am for the rest of my life. I would encourage myself to live life to the fullest and give it my


If I had a chance to sit down with myself as a Senior in high school, I honestly think the one bit of advice I would give would be to stay away from parties. I've had many nights where I had to get little to no sleep in the beginning because the idea of a college party with new friends sounded like such a great idea. I told myself that it was all part of the college experience. In reality, the college experience is not about parties and late night binge drinking with friends you just met. It is about learning to grow up and say no to the parties because you have a ten page paper due in a week and there is no way you can hash it out in one night. The college experience is about learning who you are as an adult, and becoming a mature member of society.


I would tell myself to calm down! College is a big step from high school but it is not night and day. It is still school. The biggest difference is the independence but independence is a great thing. So just be calm and embrace change because once begins you will not want to leave. I would also tell myself to stop stressing about getting into a big school. In actuallity any degree you get is equal to the next. Besides class sizes and campus activities, the education recieved at any school is primarily the same. So in conclusion, yes, college is a big change from high school life but it is not a bad change. And, anything is better than staying in high school. College was a great decision for me.


I would tell myself to take a year off. Go out into the world and work for a year. College is wasted on those who don't really want to be there. Gain some perspective, get some real world experience, then come back and really invest in your education. College can be great fun, but it is so much more than parties and socializing. That's important too-- so give yourself permission to blow off some steam every now and then, but don't make it a daily ritual. Get a high-speed internet connection, but don't get cable. Make a point to spend two hours outside every day. Cook a meal every now and then, instead of living only on fast food. Don't smoke. Do as much homework in between classes as possible so that your evenings belong to you. Keep up with your creative outlets. Read at least one book a semester that is NOT assigned. Stay single through your sophomore year, at least. If you're not excited by your major, change it. Learning doesn't stop because school is over. The only reason to be in college is because you want to be there.


The adivice I would give myself is that it is okay if you struggle because all it does is make you stronger. I would definitely tell myself that asking questions does not hurt it just helps you understand the material a lot better than you knew it before. I would also say that it is your responsiblity to take care of yourself not your mom. There is no more crying to get what you want or calling for some money because you are at school it is pretty much up to you. Yes the teachers in high school talk about they are preparing you for college, but the reality is everyone has a different experience in college no one has the same experience. All that is left to say is that college is what you make it. If you slack off you will get the grades you deserve and if you study hard you will get the grades you want. There is no more babying it is all depended on you and what you want to pursue in your life.


Two important things: 1) Get involved! There are so many activities to get involved with on campus: sports, faith-based, political, community service, major-related, language, arts-related, Greek, and honor societies. It's easier if you live on campus, since you're there 24/7, to get involved. Once you start making friends, you'll meet people through them, too. 2) Know how to study! Learn to make note cards, highlight notes, etc. Also, write everything down in a calendar or use the calendar on your phone, iPod, tablet, or in your email. Be willing to join a study group, too. Get to know a few people in your class and when a test rolls around, set up a time and place.


If I could go back in time and talk to Gabrielle as a senior in high school I would tell myself that transitioning to the college life won't be as hard as I expected and I shouldn't stress over the little things as long as I stay focused. Because I was so stressed out trying to second guess myself when I was applying for financial aid, I would explain to my past self that as long as you answer everything truthfully and to the best of your ability then the rest is left up to the distributer, there's nothing more to do other than wait and apply to other sources. The biggest thing that I'd make sure I told myself was to STAY ORGANIZED, because I've found that the key to success in college is not only doing the work and showing up, but being organized. Organization makes everything a lot easier!


I could go back in time and talk to the me, i would say apply your self. I would let my self know that its not hard, as long as you find something that intrest you. I would communicate the fact that having an education will qualify you for more jobs, that have benifits and allow you to vacation. I would ask myself if having a cashier job with crapy pay, and crazy hours is what I want. Going to college and get my degree will allow me to have the life I did'nt have growing up. I would empasize the happiness that comes fromdoung something productive that will change your life forever. I would let myself know that there are ways to pay for college, not to think that just because i come from a low income single parent home means I can't sucseed in life. Finally I would tell myself to believe in your ability to changes for the better, and the possibilitys that come with knowledge. You are your own# one fan. Don't let anyone or anything discourage you, because no matter what you do there will always be haters! Go Be Awsome You!


If I could go back and give my self advice, I would emphasize the importance of finding scholarships. I wish I had taken it more seriously then, because I didn't realize how much school is even with HOPE. I would also tell myself to apply for student housing, because living at home is not worth the trouble; parents don't want you there anyway! College is great, and jumping into student organizations like ChiAlpha really help you become a part of the school and are very fun.


IT IS NOT AS EASY AS HIGH SCHOOL. Just because you have a three point nine in high school doesn't mean that it will translate into college. It gets much harder. So for your first semester don't think that you're superman and you can nineteen hours. Give yourself a little bit of time to acclamate and get to know yourself now that you are living on your own. It's okay to make mistakes just take something from all of them. It will be hard at first but you're the kind of guy that can adapt, so just have faith in yourself and you'll start to find your groove. Also be very nice to ALL of your teachers. They can give you whatever grade they like without really explaining it. Just accapt that they have more power and you will be a very happy freashman.


When I first attended college in my twenties, I was not yet aware of the impact that the experience would have on my future; not only my economic future, but the invaluable friendships and bonds that were formed not only with my classmates, but with my professors as well. Even though I attained my degree 11 years ago, I still regard that time in college as a life changing event that helped shape my future, and who I am now, as a grown man with a family of my own. During these tough economic times, these memories have made it easier for me to return to college and persue the next step in my education. After serving as an infantryman in Iraq, I found my true calling as a healer. I have decided to return to college and further my degree in Physical Therapy, there, I can help my fellow veterans who were not as lucky as I.


It has been valuable to attend Columbus State University because it was a learning and growning experience. I came to college not knowing anyone and I am leaving with some of the best friends that I could have ever made. I learned how to manage my time and also how to ask for help when it is neccesary. I really love the cultural diversity that we have and I have been well educated about the different cultures through the cultural events sponsored by the college. I have maintained a 3.3 GPA throughout my 4 years while working part time, and I am very pleased with the education that I have recieved here. I am positive that I will complete my career goals because of my learning experience Columbus State University.


I have gotten lots of life experience thus far. College has not only helped me learn things for my future career, but it has helped me with real life lessons... things like budgeting, and time management. My freshman year I joined a Sorority, Delta Zeta, as well. Having sisters throughout this experience, going through the same things as i am and taking the same classes, has really taken the stress off of being new to all of this.


I have gotten a lot of peace from my college experience and its valuable to attend because it shows a different side of how things run.


If I am completely honest in answering this question, I have gotten nothing out of this institution I am currently attending that I would rightly label as a college epxerience. The only thing I think that I might have as a college experience from this institution is the experience of being a college freshmen living in the dorms. It was rather interesting to meet all kinds of people like I did when I lived in the dorms. However, as far academics go, I am still yet to get my college experience. The institution I currently attend does not offer resources outside of the bare minimum to help students achieve their full potential. My first 2 years at this school were spent taking classes that are supposedly core classes but yet cannot be transferred to other colleges. By the time, I realized that I needed to make to leave if I truly intended to graduate college, I was well already into my junior year but i still followed through. I've visited a few other colleges where I've seen both school spirit/pride, as well resources such as 24-7 libraries that show the school wants their students to succeed.


I have learned a lot since High School . College has given me direction to know what career I desire to pursue. Without an education I won't go far in life. Some of my friends choose to go to work right out of High School and their working for minimun wage. I think college is going to give me a better start in life. My professors are knowledgable in the subjects their teaching and I'm learning lots of new things.


Although I only started my very first year here at Columbus State University in August, I have acquired and grown a considerable amount since then. With having to get up on my own and catching the early morning bus to making sure I do my homework on the weekends and not spend all of my time out and about with friends downtown, I always feel like I have made a home. The education that I have been given in my major has been exceptional and keeps me on my toes. Even when those stress moments sneak up on me, theres always the RiverWalk by the Chattahoochee river which is a few minutes walking distance from my apartment to calm me down as I watch the water flowing. Though it has only been two months, it feels like I have gained a years worth of experience to prepare for an even greater future.


Something that catches your eye, it excites you, it makes you want to learn more, a desire to do all you can do, is a passion. Life is full of passions, mine is cars. My name is Irma Garcia and I am 18 years old and currently attending Universal Technical Institute. I am taking an auto body collision and repair program. As I began my program I was face with a challenge; To compete with guys in their industry. I believe this is a very though industry for women because we get stereotyped as being unknowledgablein this trade. To this date I have been academically successful and I have put up a challenge against other students. This has been a life changing experience and in doing this I hope to change people’s perspective on women as auto body technicians into demonstrating how women can be intelligent in the automotive business. With the knowledge I gain from this profession I propose to assist people in properly repairing their vehicles. I believe my opportunities are endless with the vocation I am selecting. I am looking forward to my future and I am confident I will have security in this occupation.


College for me has been a learning expirience inside and outside of the classroom. You learn how to learn because you want to learn, as opposed to learning just for the sake of learning. The teachers give you as much help as you need, but let you be free enough to make you own decisions and learn from your mistakes. It has made me learn that I am in college not because I am expected to be or because I am supposed to be, but because I want to be and choose to be.


Out of my college experince so far I have learned so much about myself and I became a better person overall. I have learned better study habits and better spending habits. I have become a lot more responsible since I went to college. I went to college so I would change but in a good way. I am enjoying college so far; it has been a great thing for me. I know in the end, it will really pay off, and turn me into that someone that I have always wanted to be since the fifth grade, which is a pediatrican. To me, college has been valuable to attend , because it has made me more independent and has helped me learn what it is like to live in the real world without my mom. Attending college was the smartest thing I have ever done and I would never regret that decison.


To be completely honest, there is no perfect advise about college that can be given to a high school senior. Even knowing what I know now about college, nothing could've fully prepared me for the transition from home to on my own. If I could've told the high school senior version of myself anything about college life, I would've emphasized three things. 1. Apply for scholarships everyday. You don't fully understand the cost of college until you're flat broke and still have books to buy. 2. Choose your school early on and apply early on. Last-minute decisions mean missing out on scholarships and fun events for prospective students where you could get a jump start on making friends. 3. Don't be in a rush to graduate. Have a blast! Use senior year to truly appreciate the friends and teachers you know and love. After graduation, you won't see many of them again. We always wish we knew then what we know now. However, there will always be some things that I don't know. It's when things go wrong that we learn how to get it right the next time.


Don't give up. It is so much easier to push someone down then to help them up and I think that anyone who tried to help me took the easy way out. I'd say don't give up because the best is yet to come and you have to have paitience. When its hard, just pull through and you'll see he benefits of pulling someone up, its one thing to help someone else but it is something entirely different to feel self accomplishment when it has never been present in your life. College is a fresh start to show everyone including yourself that you can do it and if my old self had this gift of advice I think he'd be a great kid.


I would tell myself to relaxe and try not to get frustrated when I do not understand something the very first time. I would also tell myself that it would be best to not try to be a friend to everyone because not everyone will be a true friend to you. I would tell myself that college is a lot of hard work, but at the same time it is also a lot of fun. I would just need to be able to find the balance of work and fun. I would tell myself to not let anyone tell you what you are unable to do. The only person that can me back is myself. As long as I believe in myself and work hard, then I can achieve anything I put my mind to.


Cynthia your are doing well with winning art scholarships to put your self in college, but keep applying even after you have settled in school. Learn how to study better for history classes and when your boyfriend starts giving you problems leave him because staying with him will make school to hard. Boyfriend troubles and math dont mix well at all. Your advisor wont clearly explain things so if you dont get a class you wanted, go speak with that professor and ask if they can override you in. That way you can take you art courses in the order you need them too be. Dont be so home sick you will make many long term close friends who care about you. Worry less because time fixes many problems and your life isnt short, so takes tihngs as they come dont rush. Its not the end of the world if you didnt do well in a class just do better the next time. be happy because you have a loving family and friends [Shaneka Jordan, Holly miller, Jai Evan Brown, and Indya Chapuis]


If I could go back to first semester of my senior year of high school I would tell myself to start preparing then and there. I would tell myself that not having to spend hours studying would no longer be an option with classes that thing are on a different level. I would tell myself to use rate my professor and other student inputs when it came to selecting professors, don?t take too many classes that required lots of writing especially an English and Social science in the same semester. I would also say learn stress managing techniques, because the transition is bumpy and there is not as much guidance from instructors as there is in high school. I would tell myself that you do need to search and apply for scholarships don?t believe that one will simply get you by. Apply to as many colleges as possible and don?t. Lastly I would tell myself to stay focused and disciplined you have to be your own motivator, coach, discipliner and council the ?you better do your work? speeches will end with high school.


READ! Learn to read more effectively! A great deal of college is involved with reading on your own. In high school you are being told what to read and what to study and when that graduation day comes that will be the last of that! Being open-minded is another big thing. College brings many different people with different backgrounds to this one little focus point called a "university"! If you were to make that transition to college with the same mind-frame from high school it would be very hard for you to adjust and socialize; not just with other students, but with your professors as well. Also, learn to prioritize. I'm sure when you get to college it will be your first time without parental advision so balancing school-work and social activities would be a must! I know you like to sing and dance but remember, you are going to college to get an education; not to mention you are paying for it this time!


My dear Em, College is not as easy as you think. There are going to be twists and turns that even you cannot predict, no matter how much you calculate. You are going to grow up faster than you have ever experienced. You are going to feel reality sink in, and it may not seem exciting at first. You are in for the toughest trip of your life, so fasten your seat belt and buckle down for a bumpy and exhausting ride. Do not be afraid; the one tool you will need is drive. Stressing yourself out and waiting for catastrophe is only going to crush you. When you come to the time of physical and mental overload, look up, pray, and believe when that voice in your head tells you everything is going to work out. You can do it. It is alright to fail sometimes; it may help you in the long run even if it does not make sense now. Now if I have scared you, let that push you more. Believe in yourself; do not fear the unknown. The trip will never end, but when you allow yourself, that road can take you anywhere. Luck, Yourself


I would have been more prepared and I also would of taken things a little bit more seriously, well actually a lot more seriously. I always thought that when the teacher said they were "preparing" us for college that they were only trying to get us to settle down, the truth is, they really were. I would sit myself down and say " Ryan it's time to that brain to work and grow up."


I would tell myself to be more focus on school and to learn more study skills. I would also have chosen to look for colleges sooner than i did. I Would tell myself to look fir more scholarship offer too.


Get your license and car, take a year off between high-school and college, don't go out with the guy that drives the Jeep, make sure you stay really close with your first roomate, and start reading 2 plays a week right now (it will help when it comes to your directing class). Beyond that, do not be afraid, for it profits you nothing, and start learning how to cope with failure, because you will need to reach for the stars and you won't always make it. Still, you have the same chance as anyone and, just because you don't always grasp the dream does not mean you can't succeed later.


I will advise myself to feel free to be myself and have fun. College life is a great experience that is filled with a lot of excitement and new ideas. Be open to meeting new people and hanging out with people who share similar goals and ideas as me.There will be some down falls that accompany the college life, but I will have to continue to think positive and know that God is greater than anything. I will also advise myself to be more organized. Being organize will allow you to have better academic success. Last and not least, I will advise myself to get affiliated with many clubs and organizations, so that I can have something to place on my resume`s.


When I was in high school, I thought college was going to be all fun and games. I thought it was going to be exactly like high school only no curfew and no rules. If i was able to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to work hard, buckle down, and take it seriously. I wish I would have worked harder instead of just getting by. If I would have actually taken the time to study, I would have been a straight A student. If I made B's slacking off, I know I could have done so much better if I would have actually put as much effort into my studies as I did my friends and extracurricular activities. I can't go back and change the things I did then, but I can make a difference by applying what I would have done in high school to what I can do in college.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would most definately tell myself to immediately take an active role in campus activities. That joining clubs and taking part in student events is what makes college life easier and more enjoyable. Becoming an active student will shape my university and myself to become a leader and participant in my community. I would also tell my younger self to start college immediately after graduation. For I was foolish and decided to focus on my job and live on my own after high school, doing so has made it difficult to go to college after four years and now I must maintain a full-time academic life whilst balancing my home/work life. I think those words would help my younger self make an shorter path to the successful college career that I and fortunate enough to have today.