Columbus State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before I came to this school I wish I would have prepared for classes and practiced with time management more. I wish the school spirit would have been more amped up. I wish I would have known that their school did not have a big football team. I also wish the campuses on downtown and uotown were combined.


I wish I had known more than the basic common facts about college in general before I started, because then I wouldn't have been so confused, but I made great friends who helped me.


I wish I had known about summer spectacular that would have allowed me to graduate a full year sooner than I did.


The school is very divided between two campuses, Main Campus and the Riverpark Campus. I lived and studied mainly on the Riverpark campus because I am a Theatre major. I love the Riverpark campus but I hate the Main campus. The Main campus has a lot of organizational issues and they do not support the arts very much. Most of the students from Main campus are local and grew up in Columbus as well so they are not as much a part of the college life.


That you need to meet new people and really get involved with all of the on campus activities that are offered.


I wish I would have known that there was no more spoon feeding and I wish high school would have better prepared me for college.


I wish I knew more about the area before I came down here. The university itself is not too bad, i've seen worse but it's not also the greatest either. There are not enough learning resources also. They have a tutoring center for math, science, and english and no other classes. I can't remember how many classes I could have gotten a better grade in had there been a tutoring center i could have gone to for that subject. The academic advisors in my opinion dont really do any actual advising as well. Just pitiful.


I wish I would have know more about the area and things to do. I also wish I would have secured a job in the downtown area.


I wish I had of known how empty the city was. I wish I had of known that it was nothing to do in Columbus woithout a car.


The major thing that I wish I would have known before coming to this school was knowing that all of my credits from my previous college would have transfered over with no problems. It has been a little difficult having to retake classes, but it has been worth in the long run.