Columbus State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The rigor of my classes is perfect to allow me to work 15-20 hours each week at a job off-campus. If my classes were any harder, I wouldn't be able to work, study efficiently, and still be able to get enough sleep and talk to my friends.


I would consider all the student resources on campus the best things because what ever you need help with, resume building, applying to jobs, tutoring, writing help, counseling,etc. Anything you need is available. The staff of these programs are understanding, nice, and very helpful.


The Riverpark campus is by far the best thing about the school because it has top arts facilities and faculty.


The small classes are definitely a great advantage, especially for new students. The teachers are able to more personally connect with each individual student and it is so much easier to get an appointment to see the teachers and advisors. I've been able to adjust easily to the college life due to such small classes.


The professors are fully engaged in student learning, if the students are engaged in their learning. You really do reap the benefits of what you sow-- the more effort you put into your schoolwork here, the more opportunities open to you. Some students do nothing, they get little in return. But for those who are willing to put the work in, CSU offers many opportunities. Study abroad, internships, travel, conferences-- many, many excellent opportunities.


The classes are pretty easy, and residence life is amazing. also the cafeteria food is really good, and the campus is pretty.


The best thing about my school is that they give you so many opertunities to learn well in but have fun with it too. like study abroad courses. and the school gives out so many scholarships to students planing to study abroad. its kind rare not to afford to go.


The class sizes aren't too big. When you get a large group together it's hard to give everyone the time and attention they truly need. The classes are just the right size, where you don't have to beg for extra help.


The best thing about Columbus State is the student body. Every one at Csu is Friendly and will always help you


The best thing I would consider there is about my school is the atmosphere. At Columbus State University, there is always an event going on. From a athletic event to a student held event, the atmosphere is inviting and it allows everyone to show their individuality and not be scared to show who there are.


it is not that far away from my home. School is not small, not big. I can easily make good friends and meet new people.


The atmosphere at CSU is friendly, you will never meet a stranger. The teachers are excellent, and everyone is encouraged to do their best. This school is a home away from home.


The best thing is the the teachers. This is becasue they make time to help students when they do not understand. They also try to ensure that we students are learning to our full ability.


The best thing is the teacher and student bond. They love to help the students out when they see that they are trying to succeed in their course.


The freedom one has and the avaliabilty of staff and administrators, and their willingness to help students. It is obvious that they love what they do and they really care about their students.


The best thing about my school, hands down, is the faculty in my department. They are so invested in students' learning and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure their students' success.


Our fine arts programs (Theatre, Music, Art) are known nationally. I love that Dr. Mescon attends performances and supports our departments.


The best thing about my school is that is not too big and not too small. It is a close-knit and comfortable community of students.


The best thing about CSU is the learning environment that the staff has created for students to receive a better education and learning atmosphere. I consider this the best thing because it allows students to concentrate more on their work and gives them an atmosphere where they can better learn and process the new information they are learning in the classrooms. Also, one of the main contributing factors to achieveing this learning atmosphere is the effort professors and students are willing to put forth to achieve a better learning environment. This is what makes it possible to have this atmosphere.


My school is just the right size, and as far as the criminal justice department goes, the instructors care for their students


my opinion should be completly bias because i run cross country, i started off as an art student so made tons of friends with the music, art, and theater majors, while teammates and roommates are in business, biology, engineering, and education. i have seen so much of all the concentrations that i feel they are all excellent programs. they athletic programs and student athletes are great people. I am friends with several fraternatity and soroity members as well as regular students who play on some of my intramural teams. They are all excellent making this the best school ever!


The campus dorms are apartment style housing, so most people have their own bedroom where they don't have to share with anyone.


The best thing about my school is the classroom environment. The classes are a reasonable size for a university. The teachers are involved with the students. I also enjoy the fraternities and soroties involvement in giving back to the community by sponsoring events weekly.


My professors


small and personal