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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time to give some advice to myself it would be to take as many classes that are focused towards my carrer I want. I would tell myself to look into what collage I wanted to go ahead of time so that the transition can go smoothly. I would advice myself to look at my pre-recs so that I could start getting a head advantage so that we can start focusing on classes for my specific carrer. I would tell myself to take as many helpful classes that I could so that in the long run it is a lot better for me although it might not seem like it. I would advice myself to advance my education as much as I could. I would advice myself to take classes and learn from them. Learn from them so that my senior self could use that in life ad try to become a better person. I would tell myself that classes that I take during my senior year I would not need to take later. Those classes that took I would not need to take after highschool.


I am currently a high school senior and I am proud of the decisions I have made in regards to my college choice and participation.


the first thing i would of told myself would of been to go stright to college instead of waiting two years. i wish i could of experienced actual college life, living in a dorm, joining clubs, ect. i went straight to the work force. i just couldnt wait to make money and pay bills. As a senior i didnt realize that i would get to work the rest of my life. i was such in a rush to jump into the real life. Once i got a little older i realized that i would only have a job without a college degree, not a career. i wish i could tell that to the senior in high school. i could of took avdantage of living at home. i would of been eligable for more scholarships. i also could of taken advantage of going to a bigger university like the university of florida ,where i plan on transfering to.


Self, You are in college to make new memories and develop into a better you. Leave the past in the past and be ready for a whole new set of experiences and memories. Don’t be afraid to try anything once and don’t be afraid to fail. Do your best and pay attention to your teachers and the syllabus. The transition from high school to college is not about parties or social life. College is continuous learning and what you learn now will help you obtain your dreams in the future. Take it seriously and don’t waste time on anything that you are not absolutely passionate about! Follow your dreams and your passion for the best and brightest outcome you could possibly want out of life. High school was fun and college should be too. Be prepared to really dedicate yourself to your future and take all of the study skills you have learned and apply them to your new experiences. Listen to your own instincts and trust yourself. Do things because they feel right to you and at the end of the day, it’s your life and you should be proud of making this transition!


If i could go back in time to tell myself what to do for college, I would say keep your head on straight, because you're unbelievably smart and strong. The road has been hard, but you're almost there. College is only a stepping stone that causes a bigger ripple throughout the pond of life. What you strive to achieve in the now and present can impact your future, so live life fully and with no regrets.


I would tell myself to try hard in school and go to college when you graduate. Don't give up even if it gets hard at times. Put your kids in daycare as they won't remember it anyway. Keep persuing your dream.


Quincey? Hey, Quincey? Are you listening? You know that feeling of having a nice full pocket of change, weighing you down as you walk? Neither do I, but college is like that, except suddenly there is a hole in that pocket and all the money falls out. What were you thinking not applying for scholarships and waiting till the last minute? College is so expensive and you deceived yourself into thinking that your daycare job of $8.21 an hour could suffice. Absolutely not! Think again and start applying for anything and everything you can! It will be worth it! All those trips to yogurt land and seeing movies with your friends, bad choices! You should have been home looking for financial aid and scholarship deadlines! Fun? No, think again you need money! Nursing school is not cheap!!! Some deadlines were as early as January and here you are in July frantically filling out the remaining scholarships in the hopes that a little change will come your way!


College life is far more challenge for us all. I know many teenagers like you think it is stressful year for us to think about college after graduation. It is normal for us to have that kind of pressure because the career is around the corner. In this dark time, the economy is getting worse. That means the tution will arise the costs for undergraduate students and post graduate students who are planning to attend to a college. I strongly encourage you to apply for those scholarships early as possible when you have the opportunity to do it. It will help you advoid relying on the loans from the federal state which you will have to pay it later after college. I recommend you to take a couple of college classes during your senior year so it will prepare you well for college as a full time student. U should practice the test on ACT to have some chance to increase your score test. It will boarden your selection based on which college you want to go. College is not easy as you think it is. It has higher standard level way beyond your expectation. Think way ahead of things.


I know, I know, you've been in school for years,you're tired of studying and now you feel it's time for something else. Perhaps you intend to just pause your education for one or two years to see what's out there. I mean, after all, you can always start college whenever you want, right? Or, perhaps you want to work full time to save money for your education? Possibly, you're being offered a job making good money (for not having an education), so who needs school? Please, will ya listen to me? I postponed college. Think about the big picture. Fast forward twenty years, and compare your life with an education to one without. Please search online for the statistical differences in income and happiness. Talk to older adults about this. Please reconsider! College is for you to build yourself and your future. Live at home if you possibly can. Learn about handling your finances: plan, save and spend, and beware the allure of the credit card trap! Cut expenses and eliminate time wasters, apply for scholarships, and take care of your health. Study smart and have some fun when you can; build lifelong relationships.


This would be a life changing conversation... or at least I would hope that it would be. I dropped out of HS during my senior year to prove to my parent's that I was an independent being and could make decisions for myself. If I would have known that by dropping out of school the only person I was hurting was myself... I would have never done it. I would tell the SR me about the embarrassment I feel everytime I am asked "What year did you graduate?". I know that if I could have that moment, I would be able to have made better decisions and probably be a college graduate at this time instead of blindly going through the motions of my life now. An education is the most important thing you can get in a person's young life. I wish I would have realized this before I made some of the biggest mistakes of my life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would try to emphasize how important education is. Although I am in school now, and it's never too late to go back, I feel that I wasted time trying to figure life out instead of learning what life had to offer through education. I have had many life experiences that I probably would not have had the chance to experience otherwise, but now that I am a mother, wife, student, and Reservist, it is so much more clear to me how important education is.


I know what you're thinking kid. Why waste the money. ..and the time. So, you don't want to be a doctor or a lawyer and burn four years or more of your life trying to figure out what you want to do with it...hey that's fine. But let me tell you something. I've been where you're going and yea, I have to admit, I made a good run, but the times have changed and they always will and opportunities will present themselves and they will pass you by and you'll always wonder "What if?" What if I listened to my counselors and family and just tried it for two years? What if I swallowed my pride just a little and pursued my dreams? What if I gave a hundred percent to my studies like I did everything else? Think about that kid. Because let me tell you something I have learned for certain in the thirty years I've been out of high school...that no matter how well I did in life, both the ups and downs, I was always pondering that question. And what a waste of time that's been.


If, knowing what I know now as a college student-athlete, I was given the opportunity to go back to high school and give myself advice, I would reiterate the importance of seizing all opportunities. I was a varsity womens basketball player, whom had just signed a letter of intent to Washington State University to play college Pac-10 basketball. All that was expected of me was to pass all of my classes for the last semester with a 2.0 GPA. I ended senior year with a 1.9. If I were capable of going back and motivating myself I would, I would demonstrate the importance of going to class everyday rather than hanging out in the hall with those friends that you wouldn't remember 2 years later. Nothing is worth jeopardizing your dreams. I would advise myself to study until the sun rose if I needed to, sleep will always be there but opportunity won't. I don't encourage regret, but I do believe in learning from your mistakes, and if it wasn't for me missing out on that opportunity I wouldn't have taken the initiative to write this today.


I would tell the student to think long and hard about what field they want to go into. Although it is possible to change majors part way through school it will only lengthen the time you are in school. Don't get a degree in what is easiest at the time. Learn from my mistake, someone that is going to school for a second time to get the degree in the field that I should have just done from the start. I would also tell students to become as involved as possible in campus life and get to know the other studens, join student orginizations, and have fun. Going to college is not just about getting an education; it is about growing as a person and finding out who you are. Take full advantage of every opportunity given to you. Finally, get to know your teachers. In a class of 500 students you may feel lost, so make a point to introduce yourself to each teacher. They will remember who you are and it may even have a bareing on gradeing when they can put a face to a name. It will make you experience more enjoyable.