Community College of Aurora Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


What i like best about CCA is they make it possible for a person that must work full time able to attend. They have night classes and online classes. CCA is not like a typical college. it is full of adults that have been out of school for at least a few years. the school makes it really easy to go back. i dont feel out of place because of this.


The best thing about Community College of Aurora is the option to take online or night classes. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the option to take night classes or online classes makes this school wonderfully accessible for me as a working parent. My son and I are both going to the same college at the same time and the instructors are very nice and helpful with any type of assistance they can offer. The education is affordable with smaller classes and individual attention from the enthusiastic and instructors, most of which have impressive credentials.