Community College of Denver Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst aspect of my school is the fact that the classroom atmosphere has been hindered ever since Donald Trumps election. Not because of who voted for him or whatever else, but because of the constant fear hovering within the atmosphere among our latino/latina and muslim and brothers and sisters.Especially in classes such as Humanities, Sociology, and Womens studies. Where naturally a lot of very personal topics come up and are to be discussed. However, now students are more hesitant with the information they share and the separation can be felt.




the worst thing about my college there is not enough vending machines. In the Confluence building it has 4 floors and the only machines are one the first floor and do not work all the time. Also the school uses higher one to send our student loans to and there is no actual bank. It is all online and such a hassle to use and pay for ATM fees all the time.


I feel like I have to take several classes that are not necassary to the career that I am pursueing.


The classrooms need some work in them as they are a bit old. Some renovations on the floors and walls are in order to give it a nice and warm inviting feeling.


The worst thing about the school is actually not that bad. It's the enrollment proccess. You spend quite a bit pf time scrambling for personal information.


that many students, and some teachers, do not take the academics seriously because the classes are through a community college.


What I condider the worst thing about my School is that when we can register early for the next semester, most of the instructors name does not come up to the assigned class, I personaly would like to chose my instructor, and before the classes start closing.