Community College of Denver Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is motivated, dedicated, but most importantly enjoys a personal educational experience. The class sizes are smaller and there is more one on one tutoring with your professors.


Anyone who wants to be the best they can be should go to this school. If you have a certain goal you want to reach and you want to recieve a higher education, this school is perfect for you. No one should be denied a higher education.


This college is for anyone looking to get their feet wet or just haven?t decided on what they want to do yet. I believe a community college is a great way to start for anyone that has been away from schooling for so long and would like the tools to get back in the school setting.


Anyone who is ready to advance their education and take the next step towards finding a satisfying and fullfiling career. There is no standard, typical student at CCD, just people willing to follow there dreams and pursue their goals.