Community College of Denver Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


What you do in high school really does matter when you get into college. I wish I had applied myself more in high school and taken more classes that could have helped me once I got to college. I felt if I would have taken more challenging classes in high school, I would be better prepared for college.


You're worried about what girl you'll be dating next, what's going on this weekend, or what you’re going to do for summer break. I have some advice for you. It's not work hard, get good grades, or stay active. I’m not going to tell you to only focus on school, or to go to the army and learn discipline. I want to tell you to take time. Take time for the here and now. Take time to understand what you've learned each day. Take time to go over your notes from each class. Take time to reflect on what it is that's important to you. Take time out of your day to become more spiritual. Take time to empathize and become more in tune with the people around you. Take time for yourself. Breathe. Spend a few minutes each day looking at nature’s beauty around you. Spend time each day thanking god for what you have and be thankful for what you don't. Take time to tell your family you love them. When some wants to talk, turn off the TV, put down the book, TAKE THE TIME, and listen.


Hey you, Margie. What are you up to today? Ooh, going to a party tonight. But it’s a school night. Well I just hope you studied harder than you party. Can’t wait to graduate, can you? Being able to do what you want all the time. No parents to nag at you all the time and treat you like a child. Well, you know that college isn’t all fun and games. You can’t take off anytime you want or turn in late work. This is serious stuff here, no lame excuses for anything. Don’t forget to pack your manners along with your alarm clock. Study, study, study. Show everyone how smart you are and how great your parents raised you. College can be pretty overwhelming at first. Don’t worry try to take advantage of all the activities and clubs you could join. You’ll make plenty of new friends. You’ll meet all kinds of people. It will help make you a more rounded person. Make every one proud of you. Study hard, participate and graduate! Oh, one more thing, drinking and drugging could end you up in the hospital or worse. Dead.


Give yourself a break and live your life to the fullest. Don't take anything for granted and enjoy the little things. The next few years of your life are going to throw you in complete chaos. Be prepared for the ride, but remember it's not about getting through this gift of life... it is all about living through the ups and downs and living life with gratitude and humility.


I would say to stay in school and if you do not have to take as many classes as you can all at once. You have time, and it is better to focus on 2 classes fully than 4 partly. It honestly makes a difference in your grades and stress level. Also get all the help you can, especially if it is free! They are there to help you and want to see you succeed, so definantly ask for help when you need it.


Stay the course and don't listen to the guidance councilor, because his horrible life advice will lead you down the wrong career path which will negatively affect your life. Lastly, invest in Apple products.


My advice would be to explore more options for colleges and pick something that would fit perfectly instead of something could work. I had only applied to colleges in Colorado until a college in Wisconsin recruited me to go to they're school. I was so in love with the idea that they recruited me that I fell blind to the fact that no matter how hard I tried, the school didn't fit my needs for academics. I transferred to Community College of Denver last minute because of this (as well as financial reasons) and am planning on transferring Colorado State University in the Spring of 2012. I wish I had made the decision based off the overall package instead of the molding my needs to fit a college that would not work for me.


To chose which school I go into wisely. And to not belittle myself becuase I did not think I was good enough to pursue my passion, I would tell myself I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to. And to not let past experiences blur my mind and get in the way of me pursuing my passion.


Moving from your comfort zone to a new town with new people can be very exciting, but can also be a stressful and emotional journey. Being prepared for your new surroundings will be very important! If you live far from campus, it will be wise to get a reliable bicycle. Even if you have a car, a bicycle in a college town is a staple item! Even if you are almost certain what your major will be, make sure to keep your general education classes as general as possible; if you have to take a psychology course, take Intro to Psychology! Try to avoid taking too highly specified of a course as you may run into problems if you change your major or continue your education (i.e. Masters degree, second Bachelors degree, etc.)! The most important advice I would give is to study hard ESPECIALLY when you are a freshman and sophomore. Do not blow off your "easy courses," getting an "A" in these classes will really boost your overall GPA and give you a little cushion room when you have courses that are extremely difficult. Have fun! Make friendships that will last a lifetime!


Having the chance to go back into my senior year and talking to myself I would definately tell myself to get better at multi-tasking with things like work, school, socializing and, sports. I would also tell myself to work on my shot for soccer (these older guys are amazing). The final thing I would tell myself is to enjoy my final year and slow down. I've been prepared and there isn't a need to stress over the little things in life that you have no control over.


If i could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, the advise i would give myself is simply "realise that life is full of struggle and those that are continuing their education are some of the bravest people out there". Coming from a small town where origionality is very difficult to master; i have found that going to college has opened up my eyes to the fact that there are thousands of different people out there that are just trying to make it in this world. Meeting a single mom, with a full time job, and who is a full time student makes me realise that bravery comes in many different forms. The college campus is filled with pure struggle and unstoppable will to go on.


If I could go back to just before I started college and give my little self some advice, I could talk for hours on which teachers are nice and what classes are going to be easy and so forth. However, if I had to pick just one topic to talk about while I was there, I'd tell myself to not stress out so much. I would say 'Hey, just give the teachers the respect they deserve by listening to them and paying them due attention; you'll get by just fine. As long as you're putting forth the effort that your future deserves, the classes will be easy as pie. So just don't stress out over your assignments. Just listen and give it your very best. You'll do fine. '


i've been out of school nearly ten years, so the first thing i would tell myself if i could go back in time would b not to wait so long. to go to college, no matter what u are going through. college is a great life experence.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that I shouldn't wait for my kids to get older to go to school. I should have started right out of high school. I would have been done by now if I had started then, and I would have gotten better scores on my placements tests, so I would have needed less classes. I also would have told myself that transitioning into college isn't as bad as I though.


If I could go back in time I would first tell myself to not worry about the transition from high school to college that everything will be good you get to meet more people and experience new things. Second I would tell myself to study more that when teachers tell you that college is not easy they are not lying but as long as you pay attention and do all your work you can make it. I would also tell myself to try harder and make sure not to give up on anything because you can make it. Good luck with everything.


I would have started off by reminding myself that education is the best tool necessary in success. To be a successful person, a successful member of the community, and a successful family member. I would have also told my high school self that change is good and that transitions happen reguarly in life, to take it as the next step and to roll with the punches. Everyone can attend college and transitioning straight into it would be easier than doing it ten years down the road. All lessons are learned through life, but armed with the proper education we can take and learn those lessons the first time. Another good word of advice to my high school self would be to stand up for what I believe in and take the road less traveled. To reach for my goals and not listen to the "nay-sayers," and surround myself with people who are also following their dreams. With the support of them it will make the road a little less bumpy. And most of all, Be Yourself. There is no one else in the world who is you....Be proud of that.


I would tell myself to actually think about what I was doing, because I didn't decide to go to college until about a week before I actually had a class. The process is a lot more difficult then it is and you could be done sooner than you think. Talk to adviser's and pick a path to stay on as far as major's go. As of now I'm still in Community College about to complete my third year with no degree. I could probably get whatever Associate's that I wanted but the thing is I didn't know what. So I gues in short I would tell myself to find what makes me happy and find how to make a career about it, and stop wasting so much time. Get involved with college, because believe it or not people are there to help you, not just because they're getting paid.


Hey Angie, you are on the right track. The Air Force is a great option for you at this point in your life. Anyone who volunteers to fight for this country should be commended and your four years of service is remarkable. As far as your dream to be a Dental Hygienist, go for it! Don't worry about the financials. Apply for as many grants and scholarships as you can, and use federal student loans for the remainder. Money should never be a barrier for anyone to pursue further education. Your desire to work in the dental field and help people is awesome, and every student should be motivated by your desire to serve the public, especially those in financial need. Definitely participate in "Colorado Mission of Mercy" - you will be amazed at the outpouring of love and support that flows through the people who organize and work this incredible mission for those in extreme need. Every bit of caring work is volunteered by local Dentists, Assistants, and Hygienists, as well as non-medical volunteers. This past year, when I first participated, was so moving for me, I can't describe in words the feelings I experienced. Do it!


My advice to my highschool-senior self would be to focus on my post college life. I would try to convince my self to set attainable longterm goals and begin to work toward them from that point. Also explaining that simply going through the academic proccess and completing school won't be enough in the future. I would explain that planning and excelling beyond standard expectation is key in ensuring success, educationally and later financially.


The first advice i would give myself would be to relax! When i was a senior teachers and other students made college seem like one of the most stressfull times in ones life. The experience has been all the contrary to me. I would also tell myself to not plan out the next four to five years of my life. College is a time to make many different choices about life which will most likely change your plans more than twice. Another piece of advice i would give myself would be to learn to take as many learning or working opportunities as possible. Internships and volunteering is always a great way to get your mind away from school and stress, and also serves as a way to network or even make friends with different people in your community. Finally i would tell myself that college life is what you make of it and to really enjoy it you have to remember that you must make school a priority before anything else. When school related tasks are finished everything else seems alot easier and enjoyable.


Everyone says to make the most of your senior year of high school and live life to the fullest. I don?t disagree with this but I do think there is more to it than that. Having taken a difficult load of classes my senior year, I felt like I was more prepared for the expectations that college held compared to some of my friends that chose to take fewer, easier classes. After finishing three years of college now, I have learned that college is a lot more difficult than high school because no one makes you try; it?s up to you to have the desire to succeed. Maintaining focus and discipline throughout your senior year will help develop good habits that will make it easier to achieve your goals in college without worrying about having to relearn things you would have learned by putting more into your last year of high school. My advice is to take advantage of high school, not just because it?s easier, but because it?s your last chance to have someone to help push you through the difficulties of learning that will make you a better student and person in the end.


If I could go back in time and talk to my self in my senior year of college I would tell myself "you made the right choice." I am an early graduate from high school. I never truly had a senior year of high school. One of my biggest worries after graduating was that I made the wrong choice and should have stayed for that final year. I would have also said that " In order to succeed you need to just simply believe in the facts and knowledge that you have." I have a huge problem with low confidence issues. This fact leads me to face a lot of hardships and failures in school. If I could go back and talk to my senior self this is exactly what I would have said to help me succeed in my first semester in college.


Walking into that classroom of twenty-five plus students is overwhelming. But, as long as your head is held high and you keep telling yourself? How will what I do in 10 minutes, 10 months, or even 10 years? affect my life, you will be fine. I believe what I know now would have helped a little. If I could go back in time, I would have changed just a little bit; like setting short and long term goals in advance. You need to set these goals so you can watch your progress and keep yourself on track. College is an expense that needs to be planned out. I would tell myself to use any extra money I have toward the goals. I would suggest opening a saving account just for college; having this account started before I felt home will benefit me in the long run. I would inform myself the process in which I should take to mentally prepare myself for this exciting journey. But, changing too much would have changed how I have turned out, and who I am now. The creative, upbeat, loving, smart person I am only comes from the mistakes I have learned from.


Don't give up or in to, the negative entities in your life. You can achieve all things through Christ that strengthens you. When challenge as to why you are doing something don't take it as negative feedback, look at it as a challenge to succeed. Don't let life happenings steer you away from achieving your goal of a higher education but it is never too late to learn.


Dear James, College life will embrace and validate you in every way you can imagine. College is the place where you will establish a solid foundation in music and understand and answer all the questions that music has to offer. However, the relationship you have with drugs and alcohol will not support a successful academic career. You will waste more time and money if you do not embrace a course of life that will support great achievement in college and in life. Therefore, I am strongly suggesting that you begin to develop a relationships with the people in Alcoholics Anonymous. They are people just like you in the way they feel and think. You will be able to relate to the people in AA in an intimate way. Trust me in this advice. You will excel in the academic environment, that will actually be the easy part for you. You need the people that I have suggested to you because your brain is fine. It is the emotional and spiritual support that you will find in AA that will make your higher education experience a real success.


I would tell my self to not to make any mistakes. I would tell myself that I should wait to have kids till after college. I would not change my life but I would change having my son to a later time.


"You can be anything you want to be, as long as you set your MIND to it.? College is the transition, the assist, to making what you want as a career become a reality. It is your time to develop your skills and evolve into the person you want to become. Considerations when pursuing a career through college include, how long will it take me to finish? Will it be worth the money? Is there a future in my chosen career? All of these questions are important, but I think the best piece of advice I could have given my high school self would have been, ?Be passionate about your career choice!? The last piece of advice I could offer my former self refers to the same quote as above. Putting your MIND to something means giving one hundred and ten percent of your effort, even when it means cutting into your free time, changing habits, honing in on study skills, and managing your time wisely. If you want to be that man you envision, put in more than you could ever get out, then you will have truly set your MIND to it.


Vanessa, I know High school can be tough at times, and there are times when you just feel like giving up, but look, you are in your senior year, you are almost done with high school and you shoud be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished . Life can be hard but if you just manage to get through it, anything is possible. College life is another challenge for you just like high school was before you started, upset it will be harder, and in college no one will tell you that you have to go to class, that you have to be on time, that you have to do your homework, college is about you, you have to be your own teacher, you have to learn how to learn. College will also be a great experience in your life, it will help you become a succsefull person later on in life, and if you accomplish your goal of finishing college, you will become one of the first in you geneartion to ever finish high school and finish college! The best feeling in the world.