Community College of Philadelphia Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst thing about my school if the lack of information they provide about financial aid. I find it very important to know about financial aid timelines.


Too many young people during the day. LOL.


The worst thing about th school would probably be lack of multiple locations.


Community College is a great school to attend. The only bad thing that I would say about this school is t hat there is no parking if you decide to drive. There is a garage but it fills up very quickly. Academically the school is a great school to attend.


the worse thing about my school is the enrollement service and the fianancial aid service. i think some people over there are not able to do their jib correctly and the prove is that they charged me to pay because my financial aid didn't cover all my tution but at the end of the semester they sent me a check ad a refund. i was wondering why they charged me then if there is money right there ?


My school is not bad school however, i would like to see an increse in the science classes offered.


I am honestly having a problem answering this question. The reason is, I am not experiencing a 'worst thing' at the school in which I am attending. I am impressed with my professors and my classmates are generating an atmosphere of committment. Therefore, I do not have anything that I can consider as 'a worst thing' regarding my school.


That I am not close to the main campus and the satellite campus do not offer all the classes that are needed for my major.


Some of my professors have been sub-par teachers, misplaced in their classes probably to fill spots where teachers were needed. I would say about half of my classes so far have been very helpful and the other half have been good for a grade but a waste of time academically.


The counselors have no clue how to help you. You have to ask like 5 different people the same question only for them to tell you to ask the same person before. Also they don't know what you need to graduate they tell you to go by the catalog even though it doesn't tell you the right information.


Due to the abundance of resources Community College offers, I believe it negatively impacts the organization of the institutions adminstration. For example, in order to began taking classes as a second degree student there were several loops I had to jump through before finally getting enrolled. I was sent from office to office, place to place before someone could actually assist me in my transition. So although they offer many resources for the non-traditional student, they have not yet developed an organized system to facilitate their services.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the neighborhood. I would not want to be there alone after dark.

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