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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to continue on do not take any breaks from school, it's not worth it. You might get side tracked but that's ok, stay focused and continue on, the best is yet to come. the bigest advice I would have given myself would have been to buckle down,it might seem hard but it;s not, and to remember that this is YOUR future, not anybody elses.


JaNaya you are now a senior in high school and are at a crucial time in your life where you are about to enter into young adulthood and embark on brand new journeys. Before you embark on your new journey of entering college, there are some things that I want to leave with you that will help you make a smooth transition and help you survive throughout your college career. I first advise you to learn how to properly manage your time. You will quickly find yourself having multiple task and assignments with deadlines in close proximity of one another. If you learn to give yourself enough time to complete each task thoroughly, you will save yourself from facing uneccessary situations. In addition to this, remember to network and stay academically strong. Keeping a strong GPA and networking with a variety of individuals will afford you excellent opportunities during and after your college career. Also be sure to get a mentor and get involved in community and extracurricular activities. Finally, remember the values you have been taught, have a positive outlet for stress, embrace and appreciate new experiences, and never let anything stop you from achieving your dreams.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself is do not be afraid of life and new challenges. I would teach myself to know that life is going to give you obstacles but it is up to you to make yourself strong enough to get through them. Growing up without a father and an extremely sick mother taught me to be kind to people no matter what. Considering someone can have a much tougher time than you. I did not realize this as a high school student. I didn't understand why my life had to be so hard. Now, I can look back and see that they were tests to make me a stronger person. I am a very strong woman because of the tough times I have had. The changes that I would make as a high school senior would be to embrace the changes that were forthcoming, not be afraid of them.


Important advice I would give to myself is to apply for as many scholarships as I can. The reason why is because I know that as a senior in high school I'm going to become the first person ever to audition and get accepted into Millersville's Music program as a Hip-Hop Artist. Also I know that without those scholarships I won't be able to go because I won't be able to find a creditworthy cosigner. As a result, it will lead to days of depression, tears of failure and feelings of letting myself down. And eventhough I'll end up attneding Community College of Philadelphia until I gain the money to go back; it will be much harder and mentally difficult to continue moving forward. So if I could give myself any advice, it would most definitely be to fill out as many scholarships as I can. So that I won't have to worry about any set-backs or crying because I feel lost without any solution since I can't afford to go to Millersville University. And I'll be able to go when I'm supposed to without worries.


I would tell myself to explore all career options to discover where my true passion lie. Do not be afraid of math or science but go find a mentor for advice and discover which path to choose.


If I could go back and time and give myself advice, the first thing i will tell myself be prepared mentally and physically for college. Why ? because in college sometimes it may become so overwelming due to stress of exam's and studying the right information. which can make you be pretty hard on yourself. Another advice i will give myself is to get involved in the clubs/organization 's or sports or a greek life that best interest you. These thing's will help you make long time new friends and so you wont feel alone or home sick. I'm a food lover and another advice I will give myself is to watch what I eat. Because the freshmen 15 is no joke and yes it's actually true, however still enjoy the food and workout everyday to keep your body healthy to fight off any colo that co7uold be going around. The last advice is if your going to have sex, use protection because in college a lot of sexually transmitted di3ease's going around. Be smart and choose wisely of your sex partner and get to know them first,. MJost of all enjoy college.


If I could go back to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would wouldn't tell myself much because I did everything that I was supposed to do. I would just tell myself to be more social and made more memories with school trips, dances, and etc.


I attended highschool all the way to the 12th grade and did not graduate. I ended up persuing a GED. The advice that i would have given myself would have been to stay motivated and finish. Achieve the highest grades I could achieve because it will pay off once I get to college. All the hard work will pay off in the long run. If I had a chance to do it all over I would have definitely taken that advice. I would have told myself to stay focus and I believe today I would have been farther in my education than I am now.


Do not skip class, as you skip class as a freshman and pass, you start thinking that you can skip everything and pass. Your grades will suffer, and it will take you longer to complete your AA degree. Thus making it longer before you can complete your major. Also constantly study, in high school you are able to study at the last minute and pass the test, but when you get to college, the test are ten times harder. You are not able to study the night before and expect to get an A or B. By doing these things, you dont have to worry about retaking a class or withdrawing from a class. It makes life much easier and less stressful for you if you do these things.


the only advice i would give myself is to study very hard to get a very high GPA , and go to the best university to study medecine, theni would advice myself to only focus on my school and study hard to be a doctor as soon as possible then go further to be a specialiste. in my free time i would only exercie and hang out with the family or some smart guys. i would also read all kind of books and make interesting search instead waste my time playing video game or chatting on internet. After i will graduate i will have the time to chill and play around, but honestly high school is the most important time to take the right way for a better futur by studying and buliding a good career.


If I knew what I knew now about making the transition from high school to college life, I would have only one piece of advice for myself. That is: LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS! Although a lot of times what they say may sound crazy 99.9% of the time when it comes to making a decision about your well being a lot of times their right. All throughout high school my parents were big on me ?acting like a adult?. Telling me that being adult doesn?t mean staying up all night because you can. That school, is my number one priority and to learn and know my boundaries. When you get to college you realize just then what your parents mean. You realize that staying up all night is not an option when you have finals. That even though you may live on campus and ? what daddy doesn?t know won?t hurt him?, you don?t go to that frat party with the guy from your chemistry class or take that joint that?s being passed around. You start to realize that mom and dads constant nagging in your ear is why I can write this essay today.


Life, defined by all of its unexpected ups and downs, will never pause to give you a break. Nor will it stop to give you a chance to catch up. All the outside factors that complicate or enrich your life might seem out of your control for the time being. If however you can find the confidence in yourself to believe that you are capable of achieving something, you are more likely to readily face life with enthusiasm rather than doubt. You have to be willing to believe that you're a capable person. Lean on the people that believe in you and you will have an easier time believing in yourself. Its alright to ask for help when you most need it. Chances are if you do, you'll be strong enough to return it someday.


You know what you want. Yeah, there are so many things you're interested in but you know that there is one thing that you're really determined to do. You know there is one college you're most interested in. Go see it! Being in the creative atmosphere will make you finally realize what you want! Just because your college application may not be as great as the other kids doesn't mean you don't have what it takes to be accepted. So don't give up and go to Community. It'll be a good decision if you do, but you're only wasting time to get where you want to be. Not only can you be accepted, but you are strong enough and ready for Philadelphia University. Don't waste time!


i wouldn't change anything. In high school, my mind was set on the career path i wanted.


If I could go back in time to my senior year of high school to speak with myself regarding the college life and making the transition. I would first tell myself of the importance of structure. Secondly, I would advise myself that it is necessary to maintain or develop a disciplined study pattern. Thirdly, I would tell myself that college is a necessary vehicle to career opportunities, however, I would also tell myself that the college life is saturated with varies cultures with rivers of knowledge, and numerous life changing experiences. Lastly, I would tell myself of the benefits of engaging in the culture of college life, applying myself with a focused mindset of openness which will result in multiple and not limited to, career opportunities.


I would tell myself not to wait to go to college. Having a college degree is very important and that you should experience college life when you are young and not when you are older, married and have children to take care of


Since I am returning to school after an absense I can say with confidence that it is much better to just buckle down and do your work dilligently. You will learn much more, feel better about your progress, and actually make things easier on yourself in the longrun. Slacking off on homework and studying is the surest way to confuse and frustrate yourself. A little commitment will go a long way in helping you understand your subjects and will save you time and energy when tests come and papers are due. You will have confidence handing in work and not have things weighing on your mind when you leave the classroom.


Hello, self, it's me, you, well this first sememster of school just went by and I must say, that it wasn't easy, not one bit. There are a lot of things thar should've been done, that weren't, but I'm gad that I've explored and conquered that hardship, and left with knowledge. I know what not to do, and most of the things that I was doind, are examples of what not to do. It is a relief that, that is out of my way because now I have the oppurtunity to really shine and excell. All in all, having fun is ok, but what's really important is going to school for the real reason that you came, to learn, and there are so many lessons to learn, I've learned mine and I am now ready to travel further into the new found land, that I've should've been exploring in the first place.


I would tell myself to wait a little longer before going to a 4 year college. I went to a major University and flunked out the first semester because I was more interested in boys. I would tell myself to take college serious and stay away from boys and parties. Students now days don't realize how much money they are spending. I wasted $15,000 for nothing. I am now more mature and know that college is extremely important. I would remind myself that I will be on my own and that I must take responsibility of what I do in school. I would also tell myself to take all my required classes at a Community College first to save money and time. Also to pick a major that I could experience many different classes to figure out what I want to do as a career instead of a set career.


I would tell myself to study more and try to focus a little more on the subject that is being taught. I will also tell myself to never settle myself short and to always have a positive attitude.


To go back in time and talk to my former high school self would take little time but much patience. I would like to think that I would sound somewhat like this: It is of the utmost importance to stay on top of all paper work, from typed essays, to financial aid forms, to quiz grades, to those little post-it notes that are placed into your books to reinforce studying. Another important idea that is especially hard for high school students (ie. my former self) to grasp is the fact that people in college care about your college success almost as much as that paper work you have to keep track of. Students have different goals to achieve and different ways of pursuing said goals. Most of them are going to make the most of their money and do it their own way as should you. Faculty and staff get paid whether you pass your courses or not so although it is healthy to have a good relationship with your teachers and peers, ultimately, you make your own academic achievements and failures in school.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senoir I would certainly have a lot to say. I was not a traditional high school student; half way through my junior year I decided to finsh through a correspondance school. By doing so, I was able to devote half my time to school and the other half to working. At the time I thought this was the most practical thing to do, however, looking back I think a little differently. Also, entering into a college career was something I had hardly ever considered, I knew from the start that my parents would not be paying for it and it just seemed finacially unatainable. If I could go back I would tell myself to focus more on school than work, I would tell myself to start applying for grants and scholarships, and that you are the very best thing to invest your money in. I would instill strong values of self worth and independence in my younger self . All in all I would tell myself that you will eventually come to understand the tremendous advantages in attending college and to look at the big picture.


I would probably tell myself to seriously think about my career choice before I graduate. In H. S I did not know what I wanted to be and I was very confused. In my senior year I stopped caring and stopped coming to school ever since I was diagnosed with scoliosis and started getting intense migraine headaces 4x a week. I did not graduate with my class but I did graduate from summer school 2 months later. Then when I graduated I just started to work for a year and wasted a year just figuring out a career choice. If I could do it all over I would take senior year more seriously and apply for more scholaships, colleges, and come to school and deal with pain. I still have the same pain but I have determination and I am a great student in college with a 3.39 GPA. The main thing I would really tell myself is to study hard, follow the path to nursing and aim higher. That is something my mom always told me was to aim for the sky and I keep that good advice with me always.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, the most important advice I would give myself is to never take school education for granted. First of all, I would tell myself to really work hard in school, because every grade I receive is important. I remember a time during senior year, where I failed a vocabulary test and I thought to myself, it doesn't matter, because it's only the begining of the school year. Second, I would tell myself to ask my counselor more questions about colleges, scholarships and grants. I was really clueless during high school, of how much help and resources I could have gotten during my senior year. If only knew back then about all the different kinds of grants and scholarships that I qaulified for, I wouldn't have to worry about money for school like I do now. Finally, I would tell myself that I shouldn't feel like I wasn't good enough to get into a good college, because I graduated from a high school in a low income, urban area.


Kevin, I'm glad that you decided that a college education is an investment in ones future. Truth of the matter son, college is just the beginning. The technology of tomorrow will be a force to be reckoned with. The computer age has opened up the window to new possibilities. It will speed up time and man will frantically race to keep up with it . Kevin, stay the course. Stay focused, becaused only the well prepared shall be able to withstand the tsunami that will be the computer industry. The World is changing rapidly ,don't get left behind.


If going back into time and I had to tell young LaTasha one thing I would tell her to slow down. Looking back I can know see myself running and getting no where fast. I had no clear direction, wasn't getting good advice, but I knew I wanted to be successful, great. If I would have just stopped, slowed down, and listened to my heart I would've found out I knew the anwser all along.


My first year of college was not the best year of my school life. I missed classes and not for the best reasons. I did not put any effort into any school work and study time. In the Fall of 2009 i applied 100% of myself to school and felt great. If I were a high school senior and I could advise myself on my future eduational adventure, I would say that education is not a joke. It is a very important factor in life and it is not someting to play around with. I also would have said that working hard and timing everything is a big part of school. Studying is a key factor, especially for the career I want to take up. I would say never be too proud to ask for help or advice.


You're stressed, I know. You feel that you should've prepared more for the SATs. You wish you had joined more clubs, done more volunteer work, and maybe handed in that one really important project in on time. You still don't know what school you want to get into , how you're going to pay for it, or, heck, what you want to do for the rest of your life. I want to tell you something. It's ok. So many students are going through the same struggle you are! Sure, there are some students who deserve Olympic medals and Nobel prizes for being so awesome and doing so much, but YOU have so much potential too! DO NOT underestimate yourself! We are all unique. Seek out the schools that value you for YOU. Do not let financial concerns prevent you from seeking out the best for YOU. Search for as many scholarships as you can! Don't worry, you'd be surprised by how many you qualify for. I know this process is so new and scary! But I guarantee you, you'll soon meet so many incredible people that will change your life forever!


As a second-degree nursing student if I had the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have re-evaluated my career choices. Reflecting on my most recent experience in the legal field, I know for a fact that I needed to be paired with something as fresh, demanding, and limitless as the person that entered into college. College life goes so quickly, so although I excelled academically and socially, I wish I would have thought long and hard about my career goals after college. What was I looking for in a career, and was my current path going to help me to accomplish that? Now that I have found nursing, I believe that I have found the career that best reflects who I am. I am able to help others, continue to learn new things, and able to work in an array of settings. But you learn from your mistakes, therefore I have no regrets. Unfortunately, I just had to figure out what I disliked before I found my like! But if I could turn back the hands of time, I would have saved time and went straight into my dream career.... Nursing!


I would say to myself Denise stop being lazy and leave the things that aren't helping you to get closer to your goal. don't let your friends change your mind for the goals you have.


Stay focused on studying and don't party too much. Keep your goals posted on your wall and don't let anyone tell your it's corny or even unacheiveable. Always finish what you start and stay postive through the tough times. Don't let work consume you and do not study with friends. Finally, IT'S OK TO BE A NERD!


I would give myself lots of advice, the first piece being don't go to an expensive school to start. Community colleges offer the same introductory classes for a much better price. Second - look for scholarships. You don't want to be in a position where you can't pay loans. Third - study. Commuting makes this easier, since you can work at home and not have the distractions of campus life all around you. Before you choose a major, find out what the demand will be long-term. It's great that the job market is open while you're in school, but that doesn't help, because you can't get a job in your field until you have that degree. If you can't find a job in your field, then get another degree in another, different but related field. It will be difficult, but it can be done.

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