Concord University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Concord University better know as the "Campus Beautiful" is set back in the hills of West Virginia.


Concord University is small enough were you get a family oriented feel from both other students and faculty.


Concord University is a well-rounded school but its best quality is undoubtfully the diversity of the students and faculty.


Our school is small and unless you are Greek and in the edcation or one of our pre- courses you will not gain live long friends or a good job fomr this school, most likely.


It is a very small and great school.


Concord University is a great school with friendly faculty, many opportunities, and people who just want to help you in any way they can.


Concord University is known as "campus beautiful," and really it is, and the classes are quite small as well, however the professors are not the greatest.


Concord University is small place that offers a multitude of opportunities for the future as well as the present with friendly, helpful, and well educated faculty and friendships with students that will last a lifetime.


A small university with top-notch professors, most of whom have had real world experience in their fields, a scenic background and quiet neighbors where people of every race, religion, and viewpoint can find friends for life, plenty of shoulders to cry on when life seems to be going in the wrong direction, and even more people ready to celebrate life's little wonders.


Concord University is a small town West Virginian college with great potential.


My school demnads your attention and time, offers you the help you need, teaches you what yu must know for the future, and also supplies fun and entertainment for you and your new/old friends attending.


Research-based facility that caters to many ethnic backgrounds.


The political science department has an excellent staff with knowledgable professors. The art department (visual arts) is pretty good as well. There isn't really a theater department, when I went there it consisted of a single professor who counted as your academic advisor and the only teacher for any theater classes. It was a very stressful and psychologically trying environment. If you want to make it in performance art absolutely go somewhere else. Made lots of good friends, small campus environment sort of dead on the weekends. North and South towers are the best dorms.


Concord University is a top rated academic university.




Concord features a variety of people from different cultures, places, and backgrounds.