Concordia University-Wisconsin Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Concordia University is a private Luthern liberal arts college. They are know for their Athletic Training Program and their Business Programs. They are also know for their religion based education. They are one of two college in Wisconsin that offer degrees in pramacy.


My school is best known for its teaching education field as well as a strong field in nursing. It is also well known for its beautiful campus and intertwining of religion and teaching.


Concordia is known well for its high concentration of servant leader graduates, especially in nursing and primary/secondary education.


Concordia University-Wisconsin is best known for its stong Lutherin Teachings. Its also known for having great academic standards.


They are known as a Lutheran liberal arts college... degrees in education, arts, sciences.


Christian Ministry Education Nursing


Concordia University Wisconsin has a beautiful campus on Lake Michigan.


Our school has a great nursing and pre-seminary degree.


Our school is probably best known for our location. We are located right on the shores of Lake Michigan and have views of the lake from not only the newly built bluff, but from several dorm rooms.


We have one of the best athletic training programs in the state, and possibly even the country. We also have other strong academic programs such as nursing, business, education, and pre-seminary. Aside from the strong academic programs offered here at Concordia University Wisconsin, there are a number of strong athletic teams with a long reputation of success.


My school is best known for its religiously-based atmosphere and programs in the theology and health science fields.


The athletic training program here and the location right next to Lake Michigan.


Our beautiful lake front property.


My university is well known for its close-knit environment. We are a small campus next to Lake Michigan, which attracts many visitors. The class sizes are very small which makes for great student/professor relationships. These relationships with professors, faculty, and especially other students are what keeps Concordia strong. Our university remains very focused academically, as well as spiritually, giving students the sense of comfort and well-being while attending this great school to learn and grow!